Update: Brian McCann leaves game with mild concussion

Yankees take series opener with unnecessarily close 10-6 win over Indians
King: Yankees like Rusney Castillo at second base, want to talk contract

11:31pm: Joe Girardi told reporters McCann will be re-evaluated tomorrow, which will determine if he needs to be placed on the disabled list.

10:18pm: McCann has been diagnosed with a mild concussion, though there really is no such thing as a mild brain injury. It’s unclear if he will be placed on the 7-day concussion disabled list.

9:49pm: Brian McCann left tonight’s game for an unknown reason in the sixth inning. He took a hard foul tip to the face mask earlier in the game, but did stay in for another few innings. I supposed the Yankees could be playing it safe with him after taking a big lead. They do have catching depth in the minors, but losing McCann for any length of time would be pretty bad. Stay tuned for updates.

Yankees take series opener with unnecessarily close 10-6 win over Indians
King: Yankees like Rusney Castillo at second base, want to talk contract
  • AskMeAboutMyCandyBars

    Eddard text messaged Girardi to get Cervelli an at-bat or two.

  • meow

    Mild concussion according to reports.. Sucks.

  • TWTR

    Waldman thinks all concussions are the same, which is the kind of nonsense listeners usually have to tolerate from her.

    • bringbackthebullpencar


    • http://www.google.com Tanuki Tanaka

      Waldman’s logic:
      McCann’s concussion = concussion
      x’s concussion = concussion
      Therefore McCann’s concussion = x’s concussion

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Had to listen to about an hour of her, John, and New York Post guy talk about the concept of “winning” players. It was insane.

  • Cuso

    They’re going to have to DL Teix. Can’t keep playing short-handed

    • forensic

      I think it’s MUCH more likely that they just DL McCann than DL Tex. We all know how much they love to have Tex just sitting there making sure the bench doesn’t blow away.

      • BKamm

        Isn’t that the truth? Oh gosh.

      • BKamm

        Tonight, when McCann went out the bench was Ryan.

    • BKamm

      DL them both. Play with a 25 man roster and a 4 man bench.

      • forensic

        That’s crazy talk.

  • Game 3

    That sucks

  • Colossal

    This ain’t really that bad of news. McCann has played like hot garbage this whole season. Cervelli is more than capable to hold the catcher spot with Murphy as the backup.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Nah. Really. Who cares about brain injury. Brains are overrated.

      • BKamm

        I don’t think he meant anything personal. Not really.

        • mustang

          Still doesn’t make it read any smarter

    • BKamm

      Hot garbage. What does that smell like?

      • http://www.google.com Tanuki Tanaka

        Imagine cold garbage, except thrice as strong.

  • Livingston Abreu

    has to go on the DL or send down a pitcher cant be without a backup catcher and mark out too, we need to bring up JR

    • BKamm

      Oh no. Can’t send down a pitcher. They have to have an 8 man pen. Even if it means a 1 man bench.

  • nycsportzfan

    Bummer. I wonder if the Yanks will bring up Romine or Murphy if McCann is in fact put on the DL?

    • BKamm

      I will guess Murphy.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      They’d have to, unless you’re asking whether they’d bring up one or the other. I’d guess Murphy, but it almost feels like a toss-up there to me if we’re talking seven days and Cervelli starts most games.

  • Austinmac

    I expect he will get a seven day DL stint. He is a valuable part of the team and will be missed. So says every pitcher, and he has been hitting.

  • Tar

    Cervelli has had issues with concussions as well. I am betting JR is at the game tomorrow.

  • just_add_bacon7

    Now’s when I regret not paying a little more attention to how Murphy’s been doing DotF lately.

    • forensic

      .200/.273/.350 in 20 AB’s over 5 August games, FWIW.
      He was hitting fine over the last half of July though.

      • bernbabybern

        No matter what Murphy is hitting, he is probably better defensively than Romine, and Cervelli would probably start all of the games since they have a day off coming on Thursday.

  • Giuseppe Franco

    This just in….concussions suck.

    I remember as a teenager slipping on the wet floor in our garage and cracking my head hard on the concrete.

    Then I recall having an egg-sized knot on my head and suffering from a terrible headache with the room spinning around me and puking my guts out.

    Sure can’t beat fun like that anymore.

    • Deep Thoughts

      See reference to Tullamore Dew in the last thread (Game 3 maybe?)

    • http://www.google.com Tanuki Tanaka

      Back when I was a pre-teen I just loved rolling down hills. Yes, literally just lie down side ways on a hill and let gravity do the job.

      Sure glad I didn’t hit my head on a rock.

    • 86w183

      I probably had one as a kid. Just remember staggering home after getting hit on the head with a pipe. Glad he only hit me once.

      Murphy had two hits last night in a largely punchless effort by the Scranton boyz. I’m sure someone picked him up late last night and drove him to NYC.

      Looks like Pineda is ready. Can they send Kelly down? That was a wretched effort last night?

  • Pkyankfan69

    Is Brian McCann really just Mike Myers dressed up as Dr Evil?

    The resemblance is scary

  • http://batman-news.com Barbara

    Is Chip a lohud poster? Seems to be a real jerk to people.

    We had someone named Chip over there, but he quieted down after a while.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Thank you for pointing that out. I’m sure that doesn’t fan the flames in the least.

  • MTU

    We seem to be seeing a better version of McCann these days.
    Hope he makes it back soon.

  • Austinmac

    Good morning. I sure don’t want McCann out for long. He is starting to hit.