Update: Phelps exits start with elbow inflammation, ligament intact

Yankees rally back twice, hang on for 8-7 win over Red Sox
Masahiro Tanaka will play catch on Monday

12:06am: Joe Girardi told reporters Phelps has been dealing with the inflammation for three or four starts now. He had an MRI and his elbow ligament is intact, but he will likely miss some time.

10:37pm: David Phelps left tonight’s start after two innings with elbow inflammation, the team announced. It appeared he was lifted for ineffectiveness at the time. The Yankees say Phelps will be re-evaluated in New York in the coming days. The last thing this team can afford is another starting pitcher getting hurt.

Yankees rally back twice, hang on for 8-7 win over Red Sox
Masahiro Tanaka will play catch on Monday
  • Charles


    • ajra21

      What the hell is going on?

      Forget CC – when you give (big) contracts to older starters, you’re asking for trouble. But the rest? An entire rotation has gone down – five guys! How are we still in the race?

  • mike_h

    they’ll either bring up Pineda after his next rehab start or call up Mitchell….pray its not Tommy John

    • Need Pitching & Hitting & Defense

      I doubt it would be Tommy John. I’m pretty sure they’d give Mitchell a shot first. I don’t think they are THAT in love with veteran presents.

      • tom

        If not used in between today’s game and scheduled spot start, Whitley will get the nod.

        • Tom K

          Whitely has only so many bullets left this season. They would rather not use him as a starter again this year.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        With all those extra ligaments, Tommy John may be able to get the job done.

        • Chip Whitley

          Get the Jobe done?

  • forensic

    That really sucks.

  • Djan

    Wtf is wrong with yankees pitchers????

  • MTU

    What’s next ?

    An effin’ plague of locusts.


  • AndrewYF

    Honestly, is the difference between David Phelps and Bryan Mitchell really that large? This is hardly the worst thing that’s happened this year.

    • nycsportzfan

      I’d say its about as different as can be. First off Phelps breezed through the minor league ranks and has alot more expierence and results then Mitchell, and Mitchell was a raw HS draft pick who hasen’t shown alot of results in the minors at any point, its all been projection on him. Hes doing well now but hes by far, a bigger question mark then David Phelps.

    • Go Win

      Call me intrigued to see what Mitchell can offer to the big league club. But seriously, when is the starting pitchers injury bug going to end?

      • Y’s Guy

        yes there really is that much difference. Phelps made 16 starts with a sub 4.00 era in the American League as a rotation replacement. There are teams all around baseball that would kill to have a guy step into the rotation and put up those kinds of numbers.
        Phelps isn’t sexy but he’s been an outstanding rotation stand-in and much needed on this team.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Yes, the difference could be large.

    • AndrewYF

      Or hell, Esmil Rogers.

  • Thurman Munster

    DL next. Surgery?
    When the Steinbrenners finally get around to firing Cashman and Newman, give the medical and training staff the boot too! Pathetic.

    • Old Man Time

      They fired the training coach last October.

      • thurman munster

        And Cashman hired the new guy who had Phelps pitching with a sore elbow for three weeks.

        • Old Man Time

          I guess it was the first time in MLB history a pitcher pitched through elbow soreness.

          • Pete22

            It depends on how valuable the pitcher is. Phelps is a disposable asset, Tanaka is not.

            • n0exit

              Yes, that’s exactly it. Medicle professionals make their decisions based on major league rosters and the perceived value of an employee to their employer. Please stop insulting my intelligence and for that matter the highly qualified and respected doctors that make these calls.

              • Jorge Steinbrenner

                I fear for Chris Leroux’s safety, then.


                It’s too late.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Hal should fire the Braves’ training staff while he’s at it.

      • thurman munster

        Hey JS,
        Tanaka never had a major arm problem in Japan.
        Darvish still going strong post Japan.
        To have Phelps pitch with elbow pain for three weeks is asking for trouble.
        Lower the Cashman/medical staff pom poms.

        • Yanks

          It’s almost like the medical staff has no actual bearing on the stress Tanaka’s UCL can handle.

        • Old Man Time

          So if someone has a differing opinion they have to be a cheerleader?

          • thurman munster

            Hey Oldie but Goodie,
            I just spoke with my cousin who is an orthopedic doctor (and a Yankee fan).
            He treats a lot of sports injuries in local schools and colleges.
            He didn’t think it was smart to allow a pitcher to pitch with elbow pain, no matter what an MRI shows.
            He’s seen MRI’s miss injuries. And the inflammation is a sign something is wrong.
            The pitcher should rest until there is no pain and all inflammation is gone.
            In fact, I think the Yanks did that with Pineda’s back/shoulder the last month.
            They made him rest.

            • n0exit

              Your cousin is a miracle worker, he can diagnose patients without seeing them. I would ask that he help the WHO with the current Ebola crisis in east Africa.

            • Jorge Steinbrenner

              Someone told me they saw something once, so it must apply here.

              People didn’t call you out on stuff like this at the House that Pete Abe Built?

            • Mr. Roth

              There probably isn’t a single pitcher in the majors who hasn’t pitched while they were experiencing some inflammation.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Let me guess.

          Your cousin, the doctor, would have known better.

          Even on “Orphan Black,” some of the clones get sick, while the others don’t.

  • Carlos Beddardtran

    This might be the straw that breaks the camels back. If they lose Phelpsie they lose their best big game pitcher. And we’re getting into the inter-divisional games down the stretch that are oh so important. Big loss.

    • Algernon blackwooff

      If phelps is your best big game pitcher you aren’t going anywhere anyway

  • nycsportzfan

    God Damn it!! Waiver move time? Or just tell Leroux and Mitchell to be ready?

    • nycsportzfan

      I recant. I think we’d put Whitley back in the rotation for a spot start and see from there.

  • Thurman Munster

    Know what?
    If Severino did not injure his oblique, would have been fun to push him up and give him a shot.
    Get him in the show before Yankees coaching and training staff ruins him in minors.

    • Yanks

      Because pushing a 20 year old from Low-A to the majors in one year isn’t potentially ruining him? Do people think before they post or?

      • thurman munster

        Joining the Yankees system is potentially ruining the longer a pitcher is in their minors.
        Pitchers have skipped through other systems and were fine.

        • Old Man Time

          Just go ahead and make up more facts to push your narrative.

          • thurman munster

            Pushing narratives can cause injury. Be sure to clear it with a non-Yankee medical specialist.

            • Joba the Lohud

              LOL! Funny stuff.

  • Nolte Doc

    If Phelps is out, that’s a huge blow for the Yankees. Phelps has never been a great pitcher, but he’s always been a good pitcher. He knows how to throw the strikes in the big innings and big games, a knowledge a lot of bigger star Yankee pitchers have conspicuously lacked. He is a better pitcher than Phil Hughes ever was.

  • nycsportzfan

    My guess would be Chase Whitley back to the rotation actually..

    • Go Win

      Agree sportsfan – the most probable scenario would be Whitley with the sport start and Pineda brought back for the one after that. I gues that the yankees will be carrying an 8 men bullpen for a while. . .

      • nycsportzfan

        Thats what I think. Whitley or Rodgers spot start and then we hopefully Pinedas back.

    • forensic

      I’d be beyond shocked if it wasn’t Rogers starting next time through. He’s clearly the most stretched out and Girardi made a point of saying that in his postgame. This goes even moreso if they don’t put Phelps on the DL giving them a roster spot for someone like Mitchell.

  • Y’s Guy


  • W.B. Mason Williams

    Let’s get Lee off waivers and make him pitch right-handed.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Obviously you amputate.

    Let’s see where this goes. Fingers crossed.

    Get well BGDP.

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/roadgeek Roadgeek Adam

      This site already knows it was amputated in the clubhouse.

  • Y’s Guy

    a much needed win!

  • lightSABR

    Tanaka, Pineda, Nova, Sabathia, and Phelps. That’s an entire rotation on the DL, and not a bad one either.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      And they’ve still got a fighting chance. And we still complain.

      • nycsportzfan

        Well said

      • overly verbose

        Complain? I think we are all allowed to be upset when the results don’t meet expectation. Its called being a human being. It comes with the territory. Granted, some complaining is more prevalent and obnoxious than other complaining. Cashman failed, anyone? But to be in pretty much the exact same position in the standings, suffer through another string of injuries, and have a sharp negative run differential after spending big and adding “impact” bats like McCann and Beltran isn’t really what I signed up for after last year. I expected more. I expected more from a team that outspends the majority of the other teams in baseball. I don’t really enjoy the “can they get the 2nd wildcard” drama that is the new Yankee reality. I’m tired of the litany of thritysomething players shuffled around the field in favor of homegrown and potential young talents who continue to languish in AAA. I don’t think I am in the minority in this regard. The math pretty much dictates a very slim chance of success and the reality of the situation heavily favors Detroit or Oakland to represent the AL in the WS. I mean even if there were zero injuries in the pitching staff, this still isn’t the best team in the AL. And simply put, when you’re a Yankee fan the expectation is to be the best. What separates us as fans is how we deal with this reality. Some complain, play the blame game, think they know better, and demand immediate change. Some just enjoy the ride. It’s probably better to be in the latter in the long run (and kudos to you, sunshine steinbrenner for being among the most vociferous of that group), as most of us have no say in the day-to-day business of NYY and/or know next to nothing about the business of baseball — but sometimes you just gotta call it like you see it. Cashman failed. :)

        • BigDavey88

          Relevant username is relevant.

  • Y’s Guy

    2 hits, 4 ribbies for Drew. and no problems at 2b. well done so far!

  • trisha

    Inflammation doesn’t have to be season ending…

    As my dad would always say, don’t borrow problems. Wait until you find out what’s going on before you decide he needs surgery!

    • Pete22

      Pitching through inflammation can be season ending, even career ending. Guys like Phelps have no say though since they Are always fighting for a job. Hopefully they do another MRI and don’t rely on the 3 week old MRI that was taken before his performance was affected

      Hopefully it’s nothing much. Most pitchers have some issues with their arm and are able to resume pitching after some rest if there is no significant tear.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Pitching through inflammation may also be just fine. If there was zero chance of it getting better, he wouldn’t be out there at all.

  • Real Siskel

    At this rate, I figure Kuroda’s head will blow off, or his ulnar collateral ligament will burst out of his elbow, Alien like, and demand a contract of its own.

  • Evan3457

    My guess would be Rogers, as he was starting in the minors before the Jays called him up and then waived him. His last start was on July 18th.

    • Yanks

      I think it’ll be Mitchell or Rogers. Mitchell doesn’t really line up well with the start since he pitched 3 days ago, so they’d have to push the rotation back or just skip his next start to make Phelps’s. I could see Mitchell with Rogers getting mop up work if it doesn’t go well. Don’t know how stretched Rogers is, so that could be the issue.

      • acx

        This would explain why Rogers went 3 innings in a one run game last night. They wanted to try to stretch him out a bit knowing Phelps was hurt.

  • TheRealGreg

    So no TJ for Phelps.

    Perfect time for Pineda to reenter the fray

  • bbb51

    Undoubtedly this was caused by all those splitters he threw.

    Oh, wait…

    • Pete22

      Change is a pitchers enemy. Going from 15% splits to 30% is bad. For phelps, he went from being a bullpen arm to throwing 100 pitches every 5 days in a matter of 2 weeks. Maybe that had something to do with it.

      • n0exit

        please stop, every comment I read by you makes me cringe. I’m embarrassed for you. Please just stick to objectively verifiable facts instead of imaginary armchair MD diagnosis and prognosis.

  • Pete22

    Many a small UCL tear is missed on MRI, so I would not be too confident about Joes assertion that the ligament is intact. It may very well be, but it’s not as slam dunk a case as Joe makes it.

    • thurman munster

      You are so right. I agree.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        The somewhat more likely possibility is that something was aggravated since, not that something was missed the first time out that the two doctors above me would have found.

  • rbp

    Rogers looks good tonite…stunk for Blue Jays. Is there any chance he might be ok with change of scenery?

    • acx

      Worked for McCarthy, so it’s definitely possible.

  • Dalek Jeter

    I’m not saying they should or shouldn’t…but maybe they bring Pineda back early…I mean the world will know he’ll be on a tight 80-85 pitch count…but the bullpen is the strength of this team right now, and depending on future usage there are a few guys who can go multiple innings.

    • Hankflorida

      You are right as this starting staff without Tanaka is ready for an early curtain call. Pineda only went a few innings on his first start and may need some more preparation to blow off the rust. Whitley and Rogers could be a the duet when Phelps turn comes up again. Our offense has to carry the load against Detroit as our arms may be outgunned by the dimensions of our home base and not give Betances and company the time to do its magic.

  • n0exit

    Also mike, I think the MRI was a few weeks ago which was clear so he kept pitching, he’s going to be reexamined and have another MRI tomorrow by the sound of it.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Seattle knew.

  • http://Riveraveblues Austinmac

    Phelps injury may well speed up Pineda’s rehab. Does he need a third game? No doubt it would be nice, but he is needed sooner rather than later. If all goes well, I am betting he is up after his next game.

  • pc

    phelps has been dealing with inflammation for three or four starts, sounds like ny has no clue about protecting their assets no surprise considering the recent history.