Because Bex asked nicely, let’s get the fifth big thread for all of your off-topic needs ready to go. We’ll load up a new one when this one starts to get too long. Relive the madness, the tears, the good times in the archives:


  1. I worked hard on this post, so I’m going to link it here. http://youcantpredictbaseball......-ever-had/

    Also, ’twas Bex that asked for this. Give credit where it’s due and all that.

  2. Accent Shallow says:

    A certain poster’s defense of Melky brought me here to comment on blogger accountability — no, Ben/Joe/Mike aren’t going to be fired or ostracized by their subjects (such as sportswriters would be) if they get something wrong/outright lie (not that I think they do), but unlike certain sportswriters, they haven’t deleted posts where they were incorrect. As such, this tends to lend itself to accountability — all their old positions are available for perusal, which means any backtracking has to be reasoned.

    And too many ridiculous/unreasoned positions, and they’ll lose readers/blogger credibility — the same is true of all blogs.

    • The best way to avoid deleting posts where you’re incorrect: don’t say flat-out stupid, batshit insane things.

      And I agree on the last line. There are dozens of Yankees blogs out there. We wouldn’t be where we are if we spouted stupid shit every day.

      • Well, there are plenty of blogs that spout stupid shit every day.

        The difference is when you take yourself too seriously and when you’re willing to say, hey, maybe I was wrong about that.

      • Accent Shallow says:

        I think there’s something to be said for saying batshit insane things — Ken Rosenthal floated the idea of a Mariners/Phillies/Blue Jays trade involving Lee and Halladay before it happened as “this makes sense for everyone involved”, rather than “this is what I heard”, and boom, it happened.

        (Of course, he probably had heard some things)

    • Steve H says:

      Not only that, but if Melky did win an MVP, I’m sure anyone here who ripped him (both authors and commenters) would admit they/we were wrong. As you said, they don’t delete anything, so the next time they are wrong about anything and don’t live up to it will be the first.

      In the same vein, I got into a twitter war with PeteAbe a few weeks back because he was essentially backing away from a ridiculous A-Rod bashing post and said “well it’s 14 months ago” as if because it was 14 months ago (not that long BTW) it didn’t matter that he wrote it.

    • And too many ridiculous/unreasoned positions, and they’ll lose readers/blogger credibility — the same is true of all blogs.

      Blogging: A True Meritocracy.

  3. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    It’s DSL Eve. I’m so excited. Melvin will dominate again (shocking, I know).

  4. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Shaeffer Hall got promoted to Tampa today. I wonder if someone will be promote to Trenton……ahem…..cough, cough ….Adam Warren.

  5. wilcymoore27 says:

    How about a post on Joe West, the only MLB umpire with his own publicist?

    My take on West is that he should be fired. Major League baseball doesn’t need NBA-style officials/umpires whose egos get in the way of their job performance (think Joey Crawford of the NBA). A good umpire is anonymous – not noticed in the game action. West wants to be seen and noticed – a sure prescription for problems. Get rid of him!

    • Zack says:

      Umpires have a strong union, they can’t just fire him. What they need to do is use whatever progessive punishment system they have to fire him. That’s even if their contract has such language, and specify what they can be punished for, etc.

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

        The umpires do not have a strong union. Their rebellion was crushed several years ago by Seelig’s Imperial Army.

      • H.W. Plainview says:

        If the umpires had a strong union, I’d welcome each of them to walk out on MLB and their awesome jobs. I’d surely be willing to replace one and blow on average 3 calls a game. No loss, really.

  6. H.W. Plainview says:

    JMO, but sitting Granderson the day after he comes back is extreme, even for Girardi. If you’re going to activate him, he should be ready to go no questions asked. I understand sitting him vs a tough lefty, but David Huff? Really?

    • Stryker says:

      the cliche is tired but still applies: the regular season is a marathon, not a sprint. you want your guys to be healthy for the course of the season and rather not rush a guy.

      granderson, in all likelihood, could have played today but had he re-injured himself we all would have been crying out that girardi should have sat him. works both ways.

  7. ultimate913 says:

    Am I late with this?

    Ozzie Guillen signed that ball. Pretty funny.

  8. Alex S says:

    Anyone catch that ass-bag who caught Rickie Weeks’ homer in Miller Park? The guy was going nuts, he had no shirt on and his buddy threw beer on him

  9. Salty Buggah says:

    Hey Andy in Sunny Daytona,

    @BenBadler: Oh, and that Miguel Sano guy the #Twins signed? Played third base & went 2-for-4 with a HR and a 3B in his DSL debut

  10. rbizzler says:

    From ESPN-NY d-bag Wally Matthews’ live blog of today’s game:

    3:19: DiMag, er, Cervelli strikes out and once again, it’s up to Jeter

    3:15: Gardner’s infield hit gives Yankees first and third with one out, and fans greeting PH Cervelli as if he’s DiMaggio

    I mean, really? People jut love to rip Yankee fans for anything. I find it hilarious that the guy is ripping people for cheering for the team.

  11. Tom Zig says:

    Hey Bex, what’s the link to DSIRONYYF?

  12. Tom Zig says:

    Where does it say in the scouting report that intentionally walking Teixeira to get to A-Rod is a good idea?

  13. Tom Zig says:

    So if the Mets cut Ollie Perez, should the Yankees offer him a minor league deal?

  14. Carlosologist says:

    Ubaldo Jimenez is wrapping up a complete game shutout of the Giants, and has lowered his ERA to 0.79. Holy shit.

  15. Templeton "Brendog" Peck says:

    kanekoa texeira dfa’d by seattle…..maybe we take him back if no one else claims him….who knows he might be of use in the bp this yr

  16. Cnight_UP says:

    Robbie Cano has an OPS+ of 177 right now….yikes…

  17. bexarama says:

    Pettitte’s on MLB Tonight at 6 PM. If anyone cares like I do.

  18. Carlosologist says:

    Remember when A-Rod was Mr. Unclutch? Yeah good times.

  19. Steve H says:

    Good read over at ESPN. Interesting to wonder how life would have been different for Prior and Bo had they signed with the Yankees.

    • Rick in Boston says:

      Bo would’ve been traded for an over the hill slugger or broken down pitcher. Prior would have been traded for David Justice and then gone onto an average career.

      I have no idea if I believe anything I just wrote, but looking at the eras they would have come up through the farm system, I have to think that their careers in pinstripes would’ve been fleeting.

  20. Steve H says:

    Buster Olney’s column today:Javier Vazquez threw well.

    That’s it.

    If Vazquez hadn’t throw well (much better than well, BTW) Olney would have led with it and had 5 paragraphs on it.

  21. E Street Shuffle says:

    20 bucks to whoever wants to write my essay for me.

    Its about Kafka’s Gregor Samsa and Tolstoys Ivan Ilyich being looked at through a Blaise Pascal lens. Only five pages…..someone, please.

    I just cant do it

    • Thomas says:

      In Blaise Pascal’s least renown work, “The Spoony Experiment” (which has become best known as the original script to the film “ET: The Porno”), he proved “The only type of person that would would not give an A+ to any paper mentioning a man’s transformation into a cockroach is a Nazi.” So, are you a Nazi?

    • That’s a pittance. $4 a page? You must have known not a soul would jump at that.

      • Thomas says:

        Yeah, but if you put that money in the bank and let it set for say 20 years, then you can have like $18.57.

    • Tom Zig says:

      I don’t even know what any of this means. So much for 4 years of undergrad.

    • JGS says:

      Can’t imagine why

      It’s times like these that I am most glad I went into science

  22. ultimate913 says:

    According to the Francesa show, Tex wont miss time and is in the lineup playing 1B today. Yay!

  23. Carlosologist says:

    Edwin Jackson: The Arizona version of Javy Vazquez. Can be really good or terrible at any given time; ace-like when they have command.

  24. 16 runs over the past 11 games by the Phil’s offense. That’s just abysmal. No major injuries either. It’s just a lot of slumps at the same time.

  25. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    Gotta at least tip your hat to Jim Joyce for owning up to his mistake and answereing questions. he said, “I just cost that kid a perfect game”.

    • nesto says:

      Still, it’s a pretty bad call he made, and a shame Galarraga didn’t get the game. Loved how classy he was though, just smiled and finished the game. Before today I’d never heard of him, but now I’ll never forget him.

      Also, it was great to see Cabrera and Leyland helping out a teammate. Gotta love that.

  26. Ribbie reclaims the major league lead in average!!!!!!!!

  27. ARX says:

    After tonight’s events, the next RAB “instant replay now!” article kinda writes itself, huh? :-(

  28. poster says:

    I cannot believe what happened in that Tigers game.

    I’m just flabbergasted. One of the most amazing things, positive or negative, I’ve ever seen happen on a baseball field.

  29. wilcymoore27 says:

    How many people out there think Commissioner Bud Selig needs to make a “Commissioner’s Decision” and overturn Jim Joyce’s blown call at the end of Galarraga’s perfect game? I do. No one will benefit more from this than Joyce himself, not even Galarraga.

    This is a decision Selig MUST make. There is no doubt whatsoever that the call was wrong – even Joyce admitted it afterward – and the blown call is the sole thing standing between Galarraga and baseball’s 21st all-time perfect game.

    In the interests of baseball – Bud, reverse Joyce’s “safe” call!

    • Rick in Boston says:

      Nope. It opens up a whole bag of worms. Should Selig then go back and overturn the result of the 1985 World Series? What about Mauer’s double last off-season?

      Selig should not go back and retroactively do anything. If the league starts overturning things, the umpires will just continue to make bad calls. Hopefully, this is the shove that baseball needed – we’ll probably see a much broader use of replay after the All-Star game at the earliest. No matter what, replay will probably be widely used for fouls/HBP/calls at the bases for the playoffs (baseball will never, unfortunately, move off of the umpires calling balls/strikes).

  30. Rose says:

    Bud Selig probably won’t extend the instant replay option any further than it is. Like most Commissioners of the past, he’s an old school guy who hates change and doesn’t want to tamper with the game.

    Back in 2002 when the Yawkey Trust put the Red Sox up for sale…Bud Selig pulled a fast one out Frank McCourt who had the highest bid. Bud Selig’s argument is that he didn’t think McCourt had the money so he chose the next bid that just so happened to be his buddy John Henry. Most of the others believe it was because McCourt had plans to build a brand new ballpark on the water (a la AT&T in SF) and leave Fenway Park. Once Bud Selig heard this he knew what he had to do…so he pulled the rug out from underneath McCourt (regardless of him being the highest bidder) and made sure his close buddy John Henry got them. This is certainly illegal as the highest bid is supposed to win the bidding as always. McCourt threatened to sue and Selig promised McCourt the next team that was available…and that happened to be the Dodgers.

    I just don’t see Bud Selig opening his arms for replay. I’m sure he was entirely against the home run replay rule too. The only thing that may change his mind is if the umpires continue to make these mistakes and remain in the tabloids…and Selig is literally forced to make a decision he doesn’t want to make. Other than that, I don’t see anything happening anytime soon.

    That being said, while I feel bad for Gallaraga…I can’t help but not feel bad for Ken Griffey Jr. too who’s retirement has been overshadowed by nonsense.

    But it’s kind of a microcosm for the unfortunate nature we have as humans…where bad news, scandals, and deceit seem to entertain us more than celebrations and good intentions.

    • Rose says:

      No idea why more than half of my post went italics…but whatever. Just pretend it isn’t there if you’re even reading it.

    • Rick in Boston says:

      Rose…what does the McCourt/Selig thing have to do with the rest of your post?

      • Rose says:

        What’s so hard to understand about it? It has to do with “replay” and the fact that Bud Selig probably won’t do anything about it. The Selig/McCourt thing has to do with just how far Selig has gone to make sure certain “old school” elements remain in the game.

        • Rick in Boston says:

          It just appears in there with no lead in or follow up. It just goes from “Selig won’t do this” to a new paragraph where you tell the McCourt story.

          • Rose says:

            Oh well, deal with it. I’m also working right now. Sometimes I just write my thoughts down without proof reading or hiring an editor. Sorry.

            • Rick in Boston says:

              So are most of us Rose. I’m just trying to understand your post so I can carry on the conversation since I agree with you.

              • Rose says:

                I know. Sorry if I sounded defensive. Just used to people dragging the magnifying glass out for a lot of my posts and making it a point to find something wrong with it. You’ve never been a problem and I apologize for sounding defensive.

                Also sorry about it coming off as confusing…it was also not my intention. It happens sometimes though unfortunately. Hope you understand.

    • Rick in Boston says:

      I will say this re: Boston and a ballpark on the waterfront – never going to happen, at least in the near future. For one, Mayor Menino has been fighting to replace the 60′s architectural disaster that the current Boston City Hall is and wants to put it on a redeveloped water front with the current federal court house, the Institute for Contemporary Art, and a music pavilion.

      The bigger issue is that the public transit options for that section of the city are awful. The Silver Line bus system does stop near there, but it doesn’t have the capacity to run more often, and the MBTA is so far in debt that improving the system is a long-shot, at best.

      • Rose says:

        Maybe so, but McCourt had the land already purchased for where he was to put the stadium.

        • Rick in Boston says:

          And he still does, but the fed bought a huge chunk of it back from him for the Federal courthouse. Most of what he owns is in the Waterfront area, but not on the water. If anyone goes to the new convention center down there, you’ll most likely park in one of his lots.

          • Rose says:

            Yeah. When did he sell the huge chunk though, was it after he lost out on the bidding or before? You may be right about the waterfront…I may have misunderstood a few things that I’ve read. Somebody told me the story originally and made it sound like the ballpark was going to be on the water so whenever I read anything further about it…I had that in mind I guess.

            • Rick in Boston says:

              The Boston “Waterfront” is a bit of misnomer. It stretches from where I-93 used to be above ground to the water and stuck between the Financial District and Southie.

              The Federal Courthouse has been open since at least 2002, I believe (I used to park next to it on what became the ICA starting in ’04), so I’m going to say before. The ICA came after, so maybe it would’ve been on the water. I’m not sure how it would have fit in, though, which would have meant some re-design work around the underground subway lines that run through the area.

  31. Steve H says:

    I don’t think MLB should overturn the call, but I hope they do.

    • Across the pond says:

      Anyone follow @umpjoewest on twitter? Latest post:

      “Bud Selig- If you overturn Jim Joyce call, I’m gonna start doing some really crazy shit in games. U ain’t seen nothin yet”

      Brilliant whoever it is.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      I’m a bit split on this. Last night I didn’t really give much thought to any type of overturned call. Today I woke up and I couldn’t believe the buzz. I talked with people who know nothing about baseball and they seemed passionate about “that kid who got screwed”. The buzz around the internet is absolutely terrible as well.

      I was worried about Pandora’s box being opened if the call was overturned. This is a different situation than the 1985 WS or any other blown call. An overturn to those situations would just upset the team that benefited from the call and drastically alter a lot of things. This situation is a once in a lifetime event. Changing that hit to an out doesn’t really negatively impact anyone. The change does have many positives.

      Does Donald care if he loses one hit? Do the Indians really care at the end of the day if it was a perfect game or 1-hitter? Not really, they still would lose and they themselves know that call was a mistake.

      I say screw precedent, make this once in a lifetime change Bud.

      • Steve H says:

        Does Donald care if he loses one hit? Do the Indians really care at the end of the day if it was a perfect game or 1-hitter? Not really, they still would lose and they themselves know that call was a mistake.

        Donald seemed distraught when he was called safe, I highly doubt he’d care. If only the pre-2010 Robinson Cano had hit that ball, it wouldn’t have been a close play (/MSM’d)

  32. Pete says:

    I saw an article on ESPN New York today suggesting Jorge stay at DH and Cervelli stay at catcher. It got me thinking (not the actual article, but the premise) – should Jorge be the back-up catcher/primary DH from here on out (or at least until NJ is back), a-la most-likely-scenario for Jesus Montero?

    Right now, if Jorge catches (and I know he can’t right now), then that makes either Miranda or Thames the DH, or another position player while Pena or Russo gets a lineup spot. Obviously, Miranda and Thames can offer a lot more offensively than Cervelli can, but is it enough to overcome the difference between Posada and Cervelli defensively?

    People will, of course, be thinking in terms of the offensive upgrade vs. the defensive downgrade of Cervelli to Posada, straight up, but if Posada catches (versus DHing), then the offensive upgrade is only that from Cervelli to Thames, who can’t hit righties, or Miranda, who’s nothing spectacular against righties either. I do think that against a tough lefty it would be smart to try to replace cervelli’s bat with the quality-against-LHP bat of Thames, but other than that, I don’t think the difference is enough to merit sacrificing Cerve’s stellar defense with the barely passable D from Posada (no matter what Suzyn Waldman says). I’m not talking about game-calling, either. When it comes to blocking, throwing, etc, Cervelli is undeniably miles ahead of Posada at this point. I know there’s no easy way to measure catcher defense, but is it really that unlikely that the defensive difference between Cervelli and Posada is greater than the offensive difference between Cervelli and Thamanda?

    • Tampa Yankee says:

      Chad posted an article in which Posada admits that his days behind the plate are “dwindling” so this may be an issue sooner rather than later. In that case, hopefully Montero/Romine can provide a serviceable backup within the next two years and then one of them being the starter by 2013 at the latest as I don’t see Cervelli holding them off given Montero’s bat and Romine’s overall game.

    • Steve H says:

      I’m not talking about game-calling, either. When it comes to blocking, throwing, etc, Cervelli is undeniably miles ahead of Posada at this point.

      So glad you made that distinction, as it is huge.

      I hate to say it, but I think they just need to play the matchups as much as possible. I don’t want Jorge to be the full time DH, and I don’t want Cerve to be the full time C. I think they can make it work around 65/35, 55/45 (which way I don’t know) and make it work for the best.

  33. Rose says:

    Regarding Jim Joyce.

    I really feel for the guy. I admire Armando Gallaraga after last night’s display. He didn’t say a word…he smiled and just took it for what it was. That spoke volumes.

    People make mistakes. He didn’t make the call out of malice…if anything it shows that he wasn’t going to let the scenario of the game affect his call…even though it was a wrong one.

    Everybody makes mistakes, we’re all human. Anybody that tells you otherwise is a liar…which is a lot worse than making innocent mistakes to some people. People are threatening his wife and children. Just despicable.

    Taking responsibility for things these days is dwindling in an age where everybody is looking for the Government or anyone else for a hand out or extra help or with anything…and Jim Joyce took full responsibility for his mistakes.

    I was mostly upset with the fact that all of this hooplah trumped Griffey’s retirement at first…but now I actually feel remorse for Jim Joyce.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      It’s really really easy to take responsibility for one’s actions when there are no consequences whatsoever, such as in Joyce’s case.

      • Rose says:

        According to you there aren’t any consequences. I’m sure Jim Joyce and I are not alone when we’d rather take a strong fine or suspension rather than have our family harrassed and threatened…let alone ourselves.

  34. Chris says:

    This sounds like exactly the type of thing Selig would do:

    Let’s just change this play and try to sweep it under the rug instead of implementing a simple rule change that would prevent a future situation like this.

  35. Steve H says:

    Most of these Jim Joyce articles mention the same thing, that it’s rare for an umpire to admit a mistake. Isn’t that a huuuuuuge problem? They make mistakes regularly which are clear to everyone. If they simply admitted this more often, this would go a long way to stem the hatred towards umps/calls. Players admit to mistakes, managers do, I do at my job. Why not umpires?

    • Rose says:

      Exactly. I agree 100%. Most umpires make a mistake, realize it in their head they made one, and then take it out on everybody else – whether it be throwing out a player or manager, scolding them, etc.

      Then again, more people now-a-days are taking less and less responsibility for things as well. It’s not entirely an umpire thing. It’s a people thing. Look at the steroids scandal. There’s only been a handful of people who came out and admitted and apologized for what they did…and a lot of those were even after long periods of time discussing it with their families, agent, attorney’s, etc. The majority of America these days doesn’t take responsibility for anything. Especially when the Government is there to “save the day” usually.

  36. Templeton "Brendog" Peck says:

    kanekoa claimed by royals

  37. rbizzler says:

    Anyone see this piece on Bryce Harper? Good read as it seems the kid is as good as advertised, but maybe lacks a little humility. That being said, it seems like petty jealousy has caused opponents and umps to target him.

    • rbizzler says:

      Oh, and the link is SFW.

    • Steve H says:

      If I were 17 and that damn good, I would lack all humility. This kid is taking a completely unfair beating in the press. I wonder what all of these people who bash him were doing at 17. Like you said, he is being targeted, and is probably handling it better than the vast majority of 17 year olds.

      • Rick in Boston says:

        For me, the most important piece of his development is when he struggles for the first time.

  38. Steve H says:

    Bill Hall is 4-5 today, hope Peter King is happy.

  39. poster says:

    Francesa is such an asshole. This caller is killing him in debate. Good job, caller.

    He just said, “Where does it say every call has to be perfect?”


    I say again: Francesa is a complete asshole.

    Right, everything in life isn’t perfect. So we shouldn’t make everything as good as we can?

    Shut your fucking mouth, Francesa. You make no fucking sense.

    Ugh. I’m pissed right now for some reason.

  40. Across the pond says:

    I just watched the clips of Galaragga presenting the lineup card and receiving the new car.

    I cannot get over how impressed I am with this guy, I actually can’t put words to it.

    I was fuming at the incident last night but if this guy isn’t what right does anyone else have to be?

    He said he called his dad and his dad just said son I’m so proud of you. Heck I’m proud of him and I can barely spell his name never mind know him.

    • bexarama says:

      Galarraga is a complete class act. I was tearing up earlier when he was handing the lineup card to Joyce. What a guy. I totally adore him and I don’t even know anything about him, and he’s on a team I don’t particularly like. I’ll be rooting for him any time he pitches against a non-Yankee team.

  41. Cecala says:

    Mike Francesa said if they implement instant replay they should just have robots play the game and umpire…

    How does this man have a talk show?

    • poster says:

      See two posts up.

      • Cecala says:

        He has no idea what hes talking about, EVER! It humors me yet pisses me off at the same time. I just want to call in and argue with him.

        • poster says:

          He’d cut you off and hang up on you, then bullshit around the point to make it sound as if he were right and you were wrong. Douche.

        • radnom says:

          He has no idea what hes talking about, EVER! It humors me yet pisses me off at the same time. I just want to call in and argue with him.

          Uh….you realize that is exactly the type of emotion he wants to inspire?

          The most successful people ratings-wise get the easily emotional/shallow fan to agree with them yet somehow also get the other fans to still constantly obsess over everything they say at the same time. It is the best of both worlds.

    • ARX says:

      Because people tune in to him even when they despise him, know he’s full of shit, and know deep down they should stop listening.

      • Cecala says:

        I don’t normally listen to him, I saw a facebook status and figured I would tune in myself to see if he was that bad. Too bad he was THAT bad.

  42. Salty Buggah says:

    “World Series ring, team-issued phone allegedly stolen from Staten Island Yanks coach during wild night of partying”

    Probably not a good thing…

  43. JGS says:

    The National Spelling Bee is awesome

  44. Jose the Satirist says:

    “vin” said last night that Griffey is a “15-20 all-time great”. I said I could name at least 25 players better than Griffey all-time. “vin” and “pat” wanted me to do it. I didn’t see that until today.

    Just to be clear it was mentioned that Griffey was a shell of his former self in his 30′s. We aren’t talking peaks here, we are talking overall career. If Griffey couldn’t maintain his production that hurts his value and separates him from the 15-20 and puts him more towards the 25-30 or so.

    Here are 25 better position players in no particular order: Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams, Barry Bonds, Rogers Hornsby, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Alex Rodriguez, George Brett, Wade Boggs, Jimmie Foxx, Eddie Matthews, Frank Robinson, Joe Morgan, Stan Musial, Mike Schmidt, Tris Speaker, Mel Ott, Carl Yastrzemski, Roberto Clemente, Rickey Henderson, Al Kaline.

  45. I hate youth baseball parents.

    • I’m umpiring for the first time in almost a year tomorrow and I guarantee I’ll be feeling the same thing in about 24 hours.

      • Rick in Boston says:

        I almost was ejected for the first time last week for arguing balls and strikes. The umpire seemed to not believe in calling the strike zone consistantly and openly wondered by all of his games ended 20-11 or something like that.

        He’s definitely going to be working behind the plate for all of my playoff games.

  46. Steve H says:

    Jose, I was just coming here to mention the 25 position players > Griffey and mention that it would be a great guest post at M&A, though I just saw you did make a list. I agree, Griffey was an all time great, but I think he gets a little extra boost by being regarded as clean from the media. I think this overrates him, he’s great, but not top 25, and I’d be interested to see where he’d land, top 50, top 100?

  47. rbizzler says:

    Eiland taking a leave from the team. No word s to why. (safe)

  48. poster says:

    Coaching legend John Wooden dies at 99. Sad.

  49. That Joe West can’t be relieved of his duties is an absolute travesty.

  50. Tom Zig says:

    my ESPN insider subscription ran out. I don’t think I’ll be renewing it though. Would it be worth it?

  51. Alex S says:

    Did anyone see that small blurb in the new ESPN mag? its about Brett Gardner, and his socks. He says they’re “electromagnetic or something” they’re actually made of Aqua-Titanium and they’re from Japan. Whatever happened to good ol’ American Grit?

  52. I’m watching rugby on NBC right now. I think I have a vague idea of what’s going on.

  53. W.W.J.M.D. says:;c_id=was

    Apparently they don’t think he will be a good catcher? Or maybe they are trying to extend his career by playing the less demanding OF? Or they think he can climb through the Minors faster?? What do you guys think?

  54. Steve H says:

    Kevin Jordan pick sounds intriguing, right?

  55. Rey22 says:

    So….Stephen Strasburg…..Wow.

    • Thomas says:

      I was thoroughly impressed. I was most impressed with the movement of his pitches. When combined with his velocity, it allows him to get away with missing his spots as long as the pitch is still in the strike zone.

  56. Andy_C_23 says:

    Does anyone know when they update baseball reference each day? Is it midnight, whenever all the games are over, or what?

  57. Dick Whitman says:

    Cliff Lee for Romine and Nunez? That’s hard to say no to.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Well when there’s no spot for him currently added with he’ll be a free agent making it a waste tot rade for ihm maskes it easier to say no to.

      Pass on trading, all for signing.

    • No it’s not. Don’t trade for him and then just try to sign him for money instead of giving up the #2 prospect in the system and then trying to sign him for money on top of that.

  58. Steve H says:

    We went through a spell where the changeup was the best pitch and then the slider … more trick pitches … now you see the hard throwers being the most successful. That’s how it was when I played. Strasburg, Galarraga, Halladay, Jiminez .. all these guys are hard throwers with a great fastball. Four years ago that wasn’t really the case, guys overpowering hitters.

    One of these things is not like the others.

    • JGS says:

      Top 5 in Fangraphs WAR in 2010 by velocity

      Halladay: 92.5
      Ubaldo: 96.6
      Lee: 91.1
      Liriano: 93.5
      Wainwright: 90.7

      total average: 92.88

      Top 5 in Fangraphs WAR by velocity four years ago:

      Santana: 93.1
      Webb: 88.4
      Bonderman: 93.3
      Lackey: 91.4
      Smoltz: 92.7

      total average: 91.78

      I never knew Halladay and Galarraga were power pitchers

    • Thomas says:

      Whoever said that clearly forgot Braden.

  59. Is it possible the Rabbi’s could do a post on Hughes’ innings limit, and the plan going forward?

  60. poster says:

    Yankees’ possible all-stars (not necessarily starters though):


    Our team=SICK

  61. Cecala says:

    If anyone was watching the Hockey game, that was the most unexciting goal. I had no idea what happened, how did that even go in.

  62. theyankeewarrior says:

    DH trade deadline candidate: 283/393/610 17&42

    Bats right. Has a WS ring. Makes a lot of cash. Plays for a GM who Cashman has already pulled ninja moves on to acquire our starting RFer.

    Can use the short porch with oppo power.


    • Eh, not too sure I want Konerko.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      I still see the Angels picking up Konerko as a move to try and replace Morales.

      What does have a WS ring have to do with anything? That shouldn’t fact into trading for a hitter.

      His .424 wOBA is good for 6th best in MLB.

      • Jose the Satirist says:

        I just read this and it sounds like I’ve been drinking in the morning. Incoherent dribble.

      • theyankeewarrior says:

        Just a throw-in. He did happen to be the MVP of that World Series if I’m not mistaken.

        WS rings don’t define a player. His triple-slash lines do. His WS ring and MVP are just icing on the cake and may suggest the ability to shine in big moments.

  63. ultimate913 says:

    Seems like Culver has been waiting for this moment :

  64. rbizzler says:

    Fantasy question (non-RAB league):

    10 team NL-only league; Carlos Lee and Ike Davis for Wainwright or Johan

    Thoughts? I would be giving up Lee and Ike and acquiring the ace.

  65. Angelo says:

    I’ve been coming to RAB for a while now, but I still can’t quite figure out how to italicize, scratch out words in a sentence with a line, make bold letters, etc. Can someone help me out with this? It would be greatly appreciated.

  66. Rose says:

    6 years ago today the Houston Astros pitching staff collectively threw a no-hitter against the Yankees. We’re playing them tonight.

    Boy, that was pretty embarrassing…

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      Honestly, how long have you been waiting to post this? Also, it was 7 years ago, not 6. The pitchers they had in their bullpen then were a lot better than what they have now. They basically had three closers pitch the last 4 innings.

    • bexarama says:

      …what’s the point of this?

    • Thomas says:

      The thing I always found interesting about that is how is is “embarrassing” that it was done by six pitchers.

      However, six pitchers is one of the exact reason it is less impressive. By changing pitchers frequently, no one ever really tires. Thus, if all the pitchers are having good days (which is rare, but less rare than one pitcher being no-hitter good), it is possible to get the no-no.

      While I would have expected the Yanks to get a hit of off Saarloos or Munro (in the combined 4 innings they pitched), I would not find it all that surprising for the Astros to get 5 innings of no-hit ball split over Oswalt, Lidge, Dotel, and Wagner (at least compared to getting no-hit by Oswalt for 5 innings).

      Getting no hit by 6 pitchers is obviously bizarre, I think it is less embarrassing than getting no-hit by one pitcher or even a combination of 2.

  67. Pete says:

    So I was on this morning and the front page had something about some strange new sport called SockBall or something, I think. Anyone know anything about this?

  68. Steve H says:

    Wally Matthews chat today at 1 on ESPN. Going to work my best to get a totally stupid question in there.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      alex gonzalez will get a question in.

    • Steve H says:

      He never showed up I guess, what a disappointment.

      • Jose the Satirist says:

        He is a disappointment even when he shows up.

        • Steve H says:

          I had some good questions ready for him though! I’m going to try to get this one in the next Joe Morgan chat.

          A bunch of these stat guys continue to tell me that wins don’t matter. How can that be? Isn’t that the point to win games? Don’t you think there is something to getting your teammates to rally around you? Kevin Millwood led the league in ERA in 2005 and only had 9 wins. Cliff Lee was on the same team with a much higher ERA but had 18 wins. Same teammates, twice as many wins. Doesn’t this show that Lee was a better pitcher, and a better teammate? His teammates showed up to play when he was on the mound, but not Millwood. I think that means something.

  69. Rick in Boston says:

    There’s some concern in Japan over Yu Darvish’s workload and potential elbow problems.

  70. Steve H says:

    Jon Heyman: “Jacoby Ellsbury deserves plaudits for trying to power through his ribcage injury. But new MRIs revealed a bigger issue, and he will miss at least another two weeks, probably more, after getting a second opinion.”

    Gee, Ellsbury wouldn’t happen to be a Boras client would he?

    • Pete says:

      A-Rod, meanwhile, deserves to be ripped to shreds for trying to play through his much less significant injury.

  71. Carlosologist says:

    The locations of the next five All-Star Games:

    2011: Arizona
    2012: Kansas City
    2013: Citi
    2014: Minnesota
    2015: DC

  72. Carlosologist says:

    Wow, the Red Sox have some guy named Daniel Nava playing left field. He’s a 27 year old rookie and he hit a grand slam in his very first AB.

  73. poster says:

    U.S.A.! U.S.A.!


    /Wait, what?
    //Seriously big mistake by Green, good draw.

  74. WIth Posada catching tommorow, does Miranda get called up to replace Moeller and DH?

  75. Angelo says:


  76. Why do you guys(the Rabbi’s) always post the game summary at exactly midnight?

  77. vin says:

    Pettitte’s WAR:
    B-R = 2.5
    FG = 1.5

    Hughes WAR:
    B-R = 1.8
    FG = 2.2

    Anyone have any idea why the numbers are so different? I can accept two different methods that would yield different numbers but still have similar results, but this is perplexing.

  78. Not Tank the Frank says:

    MLB’s worst umpires according to an ESPN poll:

    1. CB Bucknor (37%)
    2. Joe West (35%)
    3. Angel Hernandez (22%)

    So I’m not completely blind after all! Seriously, this just confirms what I’ve seen. I actually think Hernandez is worse than West in terms of blown calls, but I don’t think the players like West very much.

    • bexarama says:

      Nope, those three seem HORRIBLE. Like, I shouldn’t have to cringe when I see certain umpires for certain series but I do when I see those guys.

      Jim Joyce was voted best umpire, by the way.

  79. Alex S says:

    EPIC…..but obviously photoshopped. I sense this could be the launch of a whole new internet meme.

  80. Tom Zig says:

    Looking ahead at the coming weeks there is an off day in between the arizona and dodgers series that works out perfectly that the Yankees could skip Hughes’ start and then start CC on regular rest to begin the Dodgers series. Should/Will the Yankees do that?

    • Not Tank the Frank says:

      You would think they would have to start skipping him sometime…and now seems like the perfect opportunity. It seems like he’s hit a bit of a wall recently. It doesn’t seem like that’s what the Yankees do though. They just wait until the innings limit is about to be reached and worry about it then.

      I would —

      - skip him, keep him fresh throughout the season
      - put him in the pen once he’s at his limit (hopefully in Sept.)
      - CC, AJ, Andy, Javy in the rotation for the playoffs. DRob/Marte, Hughes, Joba, Mo in the bullpen.
      - All that + healthy lineup = repeat, see you next season

  81. vin says:

    My pick for best name of the 2010 draft…

    Sixth round: Gauntlett Eldemire (CF – Phillies)

    I love a name that manages to tell an entire story just with its two words.

  82. rbizzler says:

    Yankee reference in pop culture as Lady Gaga compares herself to Mo (of all people):

    Speaking with MTV News during the World Series last year, Gaga compared herself to Yankees reliever Mariano Rivera — a situation that’s even more relevant today given the reaction to her latest video, “Alejandro.”

    “I’ve actually been making a lot of Yankee analogies in my interviews lately because I get asked, ‘Do you feel pressure? How do you feel when someone says this? Or do you feel like you have to top yourself?’ ” she explained. “I say I do feel like I have to top myself. But I feel like I’m Rivera. I’m a closer.”

    Yikes, I really don’t know shit about Gaga, other than she makes music that I don’t like. And I am not sure about her calling herself ‘Mo’, but at least she know who he is and didn’t just name drop Jeet or Alex.

    • bexarama says:

      Heh. I’ve seen the interview where she compares herself to Mariano a bunch. I think it’s hilarious. Lady Gaga’s pretty awesome.

      There’s also the story about her going to that random Mets game in a bikini and leather jacket and yelling at people.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      Does anybody here like Lady Gaga? I just don’t understand the appeal.

      • bexarama says:

        I love her. I think she’s fascinating and yes, I really like most of her music. She’s very outspoken too and though I don’t agree with everything she says, it’s nice to see a pop star with at least some semblance of a brain and an opinion.

        • rbizzler says:

          But does she have musical talent? Clearly, she has visual art skills, but the little of her music that I have heard has left me less than meh.

  83. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    I hope Giuseppe Rossi has a nice World Cup for Italy.

    AAAAWWWWWWWW Too soon?

  84. Steve H says:

    In Heyman’s latest: One NL scout on Scott Rolen, who is batting .313 with 14 home runs and 45 RBIs: “I haven’t seen him this good in years.”

    Whatever this scout is getting paid, they should double it. This type of analysis is off the charts. Rolen’s last 5 years of OPS+ before this year: 84, 126, 89, 108, 117. He’s at 154 this year. How did this scout possibly figure out that this is the best Rolen has looked in years? Does he have ESP(N)? Is he Nostradamus? Either way, I’m very impressed that someone noted that Rolen is looking the best he has in years, otherwise I never would have been able to figure that out on my own.

    • Tom Zig says:

      Can I be an anonymous scout? I hear it pays well

      • Steve H says:

        You can be the official anonymous scout of

        It will give us free reign to write things we feel, but don’t want to put our names on, ahem Buster Olney, ahem.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      I hate the “anonymous scout” pieces as much as the next guy, but I’d hope that this guy is talking about Rolen’s approach at the plate, how hard he’s hitting the ball, how compact his swing is, etc etc.

      Not just “Man, he’s hitting .300. This is awesome!”

  85. CountryClub says:

    The farm system has started to get exciting lately with some promotions and the return of some high upside pitchers. Adding to the good vibes, Jennings at Lohud had this quote last night:

    Talking about late-round picks last week, Damon Oppenheimer said he’s especially high on 2009 44th-round pick Evan DeLuca.

    “You’re talking about a high school left-hander that we got real late that’s throwing 93 to 95 down here (in extended spring), with a good curveball and changeup that should move through the system pretty quick,” he said.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      Well, Oppenheimer isn’t going to say “This kid is shit”, but a HS lefty who throws in the 90s? Yes, please.

  86. Templeton "Brendog" Peck says:

    since john kruk is saying it does this mean it won’t happen?

    • Steve H says:

      It’s not an aberration; the Yankees’ Robinson Cano is for real

      So after 3000+ PA’s to start a career (so including rookie season and not yet hitting prime) a guy with a .306/.339/.480 line and 113 OPS+ as a 2b wasn’t for real, but now, with 273 more PA’s he is? Everyone has said, for years that Cano has multiple batting title potential. Of course he’s not an aberration, he’s a proven MLB hitter. Is .370 an aberration? Likely. But Cano is not, nor has anyone suggested that.

      • bexarama says:

        I guess I should have nominated Cano in the most overrated prospect thread the other day. That he still gets talked up as some kind of top prospect (not pointing at John here, by the way) amazes me.

        I’ve seen Cano play a lot, and I’m not even sure he’d be a productive Triple-A player. Let’s start with his defense; it’s brutal. He has terrible footwork and simply lacks any kind of instincts around the bag. There’s no way you want him playing up the middle. He might have the raw speed to not be awful in left field, but that’s about as kind as I can be regarding his glovework. Offensively, he’s a fastball hitter. He sits dead red on every pitch and waits for a mistake. Any good breaking ball or offspeed pitch will have him out in front. He’s mostly a gap hitter, lacking the power to drive the ball consistently over the wall. To add insult to injury, he’s also a terrible baserunner.

        In his prime, I think he could hit .280/.320/.400 while playing awful defense. Yipee.

        - Dave Cameron, February 2005

        I realize Cano in the majors > Cano in the minors but it makes me laugh, what can I say?

        • Rick in Boston says:

          Nice find.

        • Thomas says:

          It is funny, but at the time Cameron had a point. When Cano came up in 2005, he was only a gap power hitter, played horrible defense, and had no plate discipline. Also he is still a lousy baserunner. Luckily he has improved tremendously and his hitting is not just fastball only (where Cameron was clearly wrong).

          • Steve H says:

            And this is why anyone who assigns grades to a draft (especially) baseball, is just guessing. Cano was thisclose to the majors and the scouting reports were not kind. Yet everyone wants to tell me what an 18 year old kid is going to become?

        • rbizzler says:

          Wow, looking back to that 2005 top prospect list was a bit shocking. I started seriously following the farm in 2004 (thanks Mike), and I remember being excited about a lot of those guys. Granted Cano and Hughes are borderline stars (well Cano, more than Hughes), Wang had a period of solid performance before injuries took their toll, and Melky, T-Clip, and Ramon Ramirez have all been big league contributors, so that list isn’t all that bad. Just a little brutal at the top (minus Hughes of course).

          Also, I love how the comment thread was centered around soft-tossing Colter Bean.

      • Accent Shallow says:

        Well, there’s a difference between being a great hitter for a 2B, and a great hitter, period.

        (Not giving Kruk the click through to clarify)

  87. Dick Whitman says:

    Boone Logan is back. I am sad.

  88. vin says:

    Just noticed that Matsui is tearing it up this month


    Every year he goes through a prolonged slump(s) and everyone thinks he’s done, only to have him flip the switch and turn back into Godzilla. I remember Girardi saying the past couple years that he has to keep writing his name in the lineup because he’ll catch fire without any warning, and stay hot for awhile.

    I hate the Angels, but how can you not love Hideki?

    • bexarama says:

      Yeah, I wasn’t so willing to say he was done. For an older player, of course there’s the possibility they just kinda fall off a cliff, but I remember he had horrible slumps last year followed by going on a ridiculous tear. Thankfully Scioscia doesn’t seem to be playing him in the field a ton, which I think might end his career for good.

      Like Hideki, do not like the constant whining about him at all (just for clarification so you don’t take offense: that’s clearly not what you’re doing here though).

  89. Steve H says:

    As if we needed more proof that Nick Swisher is the greatest man alive. Story about a kid from NH, a Yankee fan (good for him) who Swisher visited when the Yankees were in Boston.

  90. RichYF says:

    Anyone read Dave Cameron’s article on USS Mariner? It was linked from a Fangraphs article about Lee’s trade value.

    He makes mention of the Jesus! in the comments. Not in a good way, either. Pretty solid discussion.

    • The guy whose preseason rankings had the Mariners as the sixth best team in MLB doesn’t like Jesus Montero? Color me skeptical.

      • Steve H says:

        Also they guy who said the things above about Cano in 2005. Color me skeptical.

        • Jose the Satirist says:

          I like that he makes strong statements once in a while. Sure they may be wrong, but at least he takes a position on something and risks being embarrassed later. Rather than some of the bullshit wishy washy positions some analysts take.

          Ex: So and so has shown flashes of brilliance at times, and glimpses of some flaws. If they start to show all 5-tools of a player, they could end up being a star.

          • rbizzler says:

            I respectfully disagree. I see no value in praising the ESPN-ification of sports commentary where every analyst has to have a strong opinion on something and commentators find the most minuscule detail to nitpick.

            When it comes to prospects, it behooves an analyst to temper enthusiasm and make statements as to a players potential. Minor leaguers are far from finished products and writing them off or attributing some fatal flaw to them just to have a strong opinion on something is remarkably shortsighted.

            • Jose the Satirist says:

              I’m not saying all the time there has to be some strong opinion. I’m just saying drifting from the pack once in a while to form a drastically different opinion on a player tells a lot about the analyst.

              I respect people more when they are wrong on a strong opinion and later on admit they were wrong. It shows ability to have opinions while still having humility.

              Axisa once said about Marte, “Give Traber a shot, and if he doesn’t workout, then go with 7 righties in the ‘pen. Giving up a potential #3-4 big league starter like Jeff Marquez for a LOOGY is the definition of insanity.”

              I respect Mike more because he said that. He took a strong position on an issue and then later had the ability to admit he was wrong. While still leaving that post up for ever. We all say dumb stuff sometimes, how we handle it sets us apart.

              • rbizzler says:

                Now that you put it that way, I mostly agree with you. I too like strong, informed opinions, but only if there is some semblance of accountability. Most people that crap all over things (prospects especially) do not go back and admit that they were wrong. At best, they act like the player’s development/situation is so dramatically different from their projections that it has to be an anomaly.

          • Steve H says:

            Agreed there. He could pull a Buster Olney and say that an “anonymous scout” told him those things.

      • RichYF says:

        Cameron’s not afraid to stick his neck out, I’ll give him that. I’m not sure how high Ramos’ stock is at the moment (he was injured for a couple months), but I think he peaked at ~#50 overall and is #1 or #2 in the Twins organization.

        I guess he values position that much. Not that one of Baker/Slowey makes that a bad package, but I’m not sure I see the return to be honest.

  91. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:


    Looks like someone is signing very, very soon.

    • rbizzler says:

      Yeah, I just saw that Chad linked to that on LoHud. He backed out of his Maryland commit, so it it looks like he is ready t sign ASAP. It will be a bit shocking to see a Yankee first rounder sign early and (maybe) make an appearance in SS ball.

      Between this and the emergence of Brack and Betances and Slade looking like he will stick in full season ball, there is some juice back in the system.

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

        All of this should be able to make the Yankees at least #29 on the Prospect lists by the Keith Law’s of the world.

  92. Steve H says:

    Does anyone know why Kal Daniels retired? He’s a blast from the past I saw when looking up Grandy’s comparable hitters and decided to check out his B-Ref page. I’m guessing injury related, but he was a beast. Retired at 28 with a 138 OPS+. Dayyum.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      He had 6 or 7 knee surgeries. They finally caught up with him.

      I’m still trying to figure out why this guy retired:

      • Steve H says:

        Look at that K/BB ratio. He knew he should just give up. He was a sabermatrician before his time.

        • Jose the Satirist says:

          Yeah, the peripherals aren’t great, even going to his minor league numbers. But his FIP in that short sample was a respectable 3.4, on a Senators team with above average defense. You gotta give a 23 year old lefty a few chances to prove he can’t cut it. 1964 was his best year in the minors also.

          He had a good debut then a bad second game. Although the second game looks like the defense didn’t show up, the Senators committed 4 errors in the game.

          I’d like to think he had the greatest 2 game career ever. He may have made some contributions that year on a shitty Senators pitching staff. The team was bad and had nothing to lose, who knows what the thought process was.

      • Steve H says:

        Well look at his strikeout ratios. He knew he couldn’t survive with that and his ERA was smoke and mirrors. He was a sabermatrician before his time.

  93. YankeeJosh says:

    Well, if it’s ever proven otherwise, O’Connor can always delete that tweet.

  94. Steve H says:

    With attention comes opinion, and Stephen Strasburg’s early career will be sliced and diced too many ways to make sense — but one take, that all those strikeouts are a sign of unnecessary pitches, has some wondering whether he’ll use his pitches for efficient outs or Ks. [The Nats] were delighted that Strasburg’s sinker was far better than they’d known and seemed to elicit a high ratio of weak groundballs. … Before his first start, Nats Manager Jim Riggleman said: “Don’t expect to see double-digit strikeouts too often. He’s going to be more of a groundball pitcher, like Ubaldo Jimenez, than a strikeout pitcher like Roger Clemens or Kerry Wood [who both fanned 20 men in a game]. It’s better to get three outs on 12 pitches than three strikeouts on 18.”

    So much fail in that.

      • Steve H says:

        Is that from Naked Gun 33 1/3.

      • deuce bag poster says:

        . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . ,.-‘”. . . . . . . . . .“~.,
        . . . . . . . .. . . . . .,.-”. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .“-.,
        . . . . .. . . . . . ..,/. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”:,
        . . . . . . . .. .,?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .\,
        . . . . . . . . . /. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,}
        . . . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`^`.}
        . . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:”. . . ./
        . . . . . . .?. . . __. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :`. . . ./
        . . . . . . . /__.(. . .“~-,_. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`. . . .. ./
        . . . . . . /(_. . ”~,_. . . ..“~,_. . . . . . . . . .,:`. . . . _/
        . . . .. .{.._$;_. . .”=,_. . . .“-,_. . . ,.-~-,}, .~”; /. .. .}
        . . .. . .((. . .*~_. . . .”=-._. . .“;,,./`. . /” . . . ./. .. ../
        . . . .. . .\`~,. . ..“~.,. . . . . . . . . ..`. . .}. . . . . . ../
        . . . . . .(. ..`=-,,. . . .`. . . . . . . . . . . ..(. . . ;_,,-”
        . . . . . ../.`~,. . ..`-.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..\. . /\
        . . . . . . \`~.*-,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..|,./…..\,__
        ,,_. . . . . }.>-._\. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|. . . . . . ..`=~-,
        . .. `=~-,_\_. . . `\,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .\
        . . . . . . . . . .`=~-,,.\,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .\
        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . `:,, . . . . . . . . . . . . . `\. . . . . . ..__
        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .`=-,. . . . . . . . . .,%`>–==“
        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . _\. . . . . ._,-%. . . ..

  95. Steve H says:

    With all of this AJ is stupid nonsense, I’m surprised I haven’t heard more of the “Let’s move AJ to the pen where he doesn’t need to think” that we heard with Joba.

  96. Steve H says:

    If this is Doc Rivers’ last game as Celtics coach, and he knows it, should he tell the players as a motivation factor? Or would it totally bomb?

    • Rick in Boston says:

      It’ll bomb. He’ll play Scalabrine in a key situation, then Rasheed will revert to playing like he did during the regular season and jack up a dozen 3 pointers.

      • Steve H says:

        Scalabrine in a key situation>>>>>>>>>>>Mr. Candace Parker in any situation.

        But yeah, I agree it’s not worth the risk, if he’s leaving, to tell them tonight.

  97. Let’s go, Lakers. I can’t stand to see any team from Boston win (sorry, Steve. You can make as many shark jokes as you’d like).

    • Steve H says:

      Ha. I’m pissed that the Celtics lost, but the one silver lining that came out of Game 7 is this:

      No one, I repeat NO ONE, can ever even try to compare Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan ever again. Any comparisons in the first place were completely invalid, but Kobe’s showing last night is the icing on the icing. I can’t believe how quickly people forget just how ridiculously great Jordan was. It wasn’t that long ago.

  98. Salty Buggah says:

    So freakin happy that the Lakers won AND that Boston lost (I know that both things are basically one event but let me have my happiness).

    After the game, I went to go read some Celtics blog, as I enjoy Boston’s misery (I’m horrible), and a lot of people there were blaming the championship loss on Ray Allen. I mean, I understand that he was unbelievable in one game but struggled in others, but his lack of scoring in the last game did not cost them the whole freakin series. He even played great D on Kobe. I guess people come to irrational conclusions when they lose to a rival by 4 points in game 7, in which they held a 13 point lead at one point, in a series that they led 3-2.

    This is pretty much the Javy Vazquez situation again, huh? The only difference is that Ray Allen was established and was well-liked in Boston.

    • Steve H says:

      As a fan of both the Celtics and Yankees, there is no comparison between Allen and Vazquez. Celtics fans want to cheer for Allen, and if he ever had hit a 3 in Boston, the roof would have blown off the place. Celtics fans love Allen and genuinely want to cheer for him and have him succeed. He sucked all series though, that needs to be said. Nobody gets any pleasure in Allen failing. There are obviously a ton of Yankee “fans” who, because they hate Javy, want him to fail so they can be proven right. That is definitely not the case with Allen.

      • Thomas says:

        He [Allen] sucked all series though, that needs to be said.

        While Allen certainly wasn’t at his best and overall for the series his numbers were bad, he definitely did not suck all series. He a great game 2, a solid game 5, and a good game 6.

        The Celtics simply lost that series as a team with no player doing well in all 7 games (and only Garnett doing well in 6 of the games). Rondo, Pierce, and Allen all under performed in the series. A team can’t expect a finals to win if that is the case.

  99. deuce bag poster says:

    That was an awful first half for the U.S.A. (vs. Slovenia). What an embarrassment.

  100. Thomas says:

    The US got robbed. Just horrible, horrible officiating.

    • deuce bag poster says:

      No biggie. England will beat Slovenia. Or Algeria will beat England. U.S, will definitely beat Algeria.

  101. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I’ll take Hughes ANY day over Pelfrey. I don’t know why Sherman would be confused.

  102. Steve H says:

    alex gonzalez made a few appearances in Wallace Matthews’ chat.

    Bravo alex.

    • Steve H says:

      That has to be satire right?

    • JGS says:

      I mean, he probably will break the save record eventually. That doesn’t mean he’s better than Mo though. Heck, Hoffman has been ahead of Mo in saves their whole careers and no one ever thought Hoffman was the better closer there

    • ROBTEN says:

      Here’s one arguing that Wagner is better than both Rivera and Hoffman because he’s “grittier”:

      Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman may have more saves, and they are certainly better known.

      But Wagner is better than those two.


      Rivera or Hoffman never had to overcome obstacles dealing with handedness or size.

      • bexarama says:

        His contract expires after this season, and it is likely that he will ride off quietly into the sunset with his career fulfilled.

        But we will see Wagner again, because five years from now he’ll have to make a Hall-of-Fame induction speech.

        I think Billy Wagner’s pretty good (not a HOFer but good), but that’s… not happening.

        • Jose the Satirist says:

          What is considered Hall of Fame worthy for relievers? The number of relievers in the Hall of Fame isn’t very big. They can do their job amazingly well and still be shunned from the hall?

          Compare Billy Wagner to two Hall of Fame relievers, Rollie Fingers and Bruce Sutter. You could make a case that Wagner is deserving.

          But then look at relievers who aren’t in the Hall of Fame, Sparky Lyle and Dan Quisenberry. The whole thing is very muddled.

          • Steve H says:

            I think too many relievers are already in. They do a job that hundreds and hundreds of better pitchers could have done had they been limited enough to be moved to the pen. David Cone will never sniff the HOF. David Cone was a much better, more valuable pitcher than Bruce Sutter. Should Sutter be in the Hall because he wasn’t good enough to be a valuable starter? Or Gossage? Or Fingers?

            • Jose the Satirist says:

              Do you think Mariano Rivera deserves to be in the hall? He is the best reliever ever, but failed as a starter. Should he be in?

              • Steve H says:

                I do, but it’s not quite as easy as it should be. He is, by far, the greatest player ever at his position. I think there’s room for a guy like that. However, had he had the same regular season career in KC and never made the playoffs (and show his true greatness) I don’t know if I would say he’s definitely in.

                • Steve H says:

                  I did a post on this topic. If you disagree with me, I’d like to see a counter-post, as long as you don’t make me look too stupid.


                  • Jose the Satirist says:

                    I may counter. Quite the contrary on making you look stupid, you have quite the argument behind you. Nice job.

                  • Accent Shallow says:

                    I skimmed your article, and I’m not sure that you can have a discussion of closer v. starter value without using leverage.

                    Additionally, you look at career total WAR, rather than season by season.

                    Not that I think Sutter should be in, but it’s not quite as cut/dried as you make it seem.

  103. Steve H says:

    Poll Question: Knowing what you know now, if Alex Rios made it to the Yankees on waivers last year, would you claim him and not make the Granderson trade, or is Rios’ contract still too much money/too long for the risk that he doesn’t continue to perform at this level?

    • JGS says:

      Tough call. Last year scares the crap out of me–he played in 149 games, had a sub-.200 OBP and and OPS 61 points lower than Melky’s. Curtis during his off-year at least had an OPS+ of 100. Rios’ was 81.

  104. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:


    Staten Island’s roster.

  105. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Mark LoMoglio, who is a MILB photographer, you had on his Facebook status that George Kontos is pitching in an EST game today.

  106. I swear to God I am not making this up, but Melvin invited me to visit the Dominican and stay at his house. Seriously.

  107. Steve H says:

    Oh the irony of JD Drew’s latest injury. He made a very good running catch (Ellsbury would have misplayed it, dove and maybe got it) but hurt his hammy while doing it. So Sox fans will of course kill him for getting hurt, without giving him credit for a making a catch that many RF’s wouldn’t have made.

    • Steve H says:

      And now Bill Hall made an error that cost the Sox a run. Announcers said Drew would have made the play.

      Yet, I can guarantee, the Sox fans will still not appreciate Drew.

  108. haha Manny stole second base off Wakefield.

  109. Any time Italy wants to remember that it’s playing New Zealand would be great.

  110. Rey22 says:

    Uuuhhhh…anyone seen this insanely amazing catch? (Safe)

  111. http://web.minorleaguebaseball.....8;did=milb

    The starting pitcher for the GCL Yankees sounds familiar.

  112. Pretty impressive Hits/Innings ratio though.

  113. pat says:

    While errbody is gonna be gaga over Sanchez, Marshall and my boy ManBan, Ima keep a lookout for Duran and Kuo. Kelvin is a true 5 tool CF and Kuo is a very sneaky little bastard over at the hot corner. Both are going to be very interesting guys to watch. Reymond Nunez too, he’s a gigantic manchild of a kid with Montero-esque power.

  114. Carlosologist says:

    I just noticed something cool about Robbie. He’s only 26 hits away from his 1000 career hit.

  115. A.D. says:

    Gotta like Vazquez sitting at type A

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

      All 5 starters and closer are Type A free agents right now. Along with the entire infield, catcher and RFer. Cfer is a Type B, and LFer is unranked but climbing quickly.

  116. Steve H says:

    In a stunning turn of events, many of Joe Morgan’s early answers in his chat today made some sense. Then this:

    Tito (Brooklyn)
    Joe, with the emergence of Joey Votto and Adrian Gonzalez, is Ryan Howard now only the 4th best hitting first baseman in the NL?
    Joe Morgan
    Are you kidding? Ryan Howard’s the only guy besides Pujols that does what a first baseman is supposed to do — he hits home runs, drives in runs, and leads his team to the World Series. Everyone took a shot at his contract — he’s been Rookie of the Year, MVP, and led his team to a World Championship and two consecutive World Series appearances. Has anybody done that other than Pujols? None of those guys have done that. I wonder why no one questions Matt Holliday’s similar contract — he’s never won an MVP award or won a World Series. His numbers were put up in Colorado, where everyone puts up big hitting numbers. He’s the second-best first baseman in the league, not fourth-best.

    Wow. Just wow.

    • JGS says:

      For what it’s worth, Howard is currently 5th in home runs among NL first basemen

      • rbizzler says:

        Do you actually expect Morgan to say something different? I mean, FJM was started and became infamous for a reason. Plus, Howard is his boy so his defense of him and his contract is not surprising. And he is right about Holliday, whose contract is equally as ridiculous as Howard’s, especially considering the Cards were bidding against themselves.

        I can’t really get worked up about Morgan anymore. I just treat him like an old fuddy duddy grampa who likes to gripe about the same things over and over again despite the fact that no one cares.

        • I can’t really get worked up about Morgan anymore. I just treat him like an old fuddy duddy grampa who likes to gripe about the same things over and over again despite the fact that no one cares.

          Haha, that’s how I feel about Jon Miller and Tim McCarver.

        • Steve H says:

          What disappointed me today was that many of his answers made sense. That’s frustrating, I go to his chats for the unintentional comedy factor.

    • bexarama says:

      Speaking of Ryan Howard, this is unrelated but he does a pretty darn good Harry Kalas:

      I still like him =/ even if I realize his contract is ridiculous and he’s very overrated because of dingers and ribbies.

      • You know, it’s not really what he’s getting paid, but rather when he’s going to get it. I think critics of the critics don’t get that part.

        • bexarama says:

          Exactly. And, well, the Phillies’ FO has done some really questionable things over the past year or so (is this sentence grammatically correct? I’ve read it over about four times now and it just doesn’t seem right.). It seems ridiculous to say “they don’t have the benefit of the doubt” when they’re coming off back-to-back NL championships but, wellllll…

  117. Dick Whitman says:

    wOBA as of June 22, 2010:

    Johnny Damon: .348
    Matt Holliday:.382
    Carl Crawford:.381
    Ryan Braun:.382
    Brett Gardner: .386

    Goodbye, grey matter.

  118. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Au revoir, France.

    There should be dancing on the streets of Dublin tonight.

    • rbizzler says:

      Per ESPN’s draft blog on the Yanks 5th rounder:

      Others include New York Yankees’ 5th round pick Tommy Kahnle, a right-hander out of Lynn University, who closed for Brewster Sunday with a scoreless ninth inning, striking out two. Kahnle now has five punchouts in two innings.

  119. rbizzler says:

    There must be something in the water that they serve in the pres boxes in NYC. Now, Marchand is floating the idea that ‘the Mets could be better without Beltran.’ The basis of his argument is that Beltran’s return will displace Pagan, despite the fact that the Mets could just as easily bench Francouer (who sucks) and slide Beltran/Pagan to RF.

    The stupidity plague is spreading…

    • I really, really don’t get the Franco-love.

      • Thomas says:

        Francoeur is a French name and French is the language of love. Thus, if you hate Francoeur, you hate love.

        Plus, you can spell Francoeur without heart in French.

        • deuce bag poster says:

          Furthermore, if hating Francouer means you hate love, then you also hate God, because God is love.

          That’s right friends: Hating Francoeur makes you xenophobic (hatred of the French,) an anti-religious bigot, AND damns you to Hell for eternity.

          You don’t hate Francoeur.

      • bexarama says:

        Frenchy is like that really dumb jock boyfriend we all have that we’re all kind of embarrassed about but he’s super cute and kinda sweet in a dumb way so even though he’s not right for you at all and you know nothing’s gonna come out of the whole relationship long-term you still like him.

        I mean. What?

  120. Jose the Satirist says:

    Francesa has fallen in love with R.A. Dickey. I can’t wait to see what he says about him once the lightning in the bottle is gone and he returns to the pitcher he always has been.

  121. Related to this comment.

    The Big Prize is an excellent nickname to give your penis.

  122. Jose the Satirist says:

    Fuck World Cup refs. The US has been cheated out of two huge goals.

  123. Steve H says:

    In one day, two sports that almost no one cares about are making headlines.

    This tennis match seems pretty crazy.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      *One sport almost no one cares about and one sport most Americans don’t care about.

      • Steve H says:

        Yeah, I’m thinking as an American, and what will lead SportsCenter.

        People actually care about tennis, but only the finals/stars/Americans. Heading into today, there is just about no one who cared about this tennis match. If this were Federer/Nadal or Sampras/Agassi (they still play, right?) then it would have started as big news and become epic along the way.

  124. Strike one to Isner.

  125. bexarama says:

    By BB-Ref WAR and VORP, the Yankees have the #1 position player and pitcher in the AL.


  126. Okay so I constantly forget the rules of tennis–why is this set running so long?

  127. Brian says:

    Cito Culver is on the GCL roster now…didn’t play today, but maybe soon.

  128. C-Mac says:

    Uh…Carl Pavano is sporting a ‘stache? And he threw a complete game? And is kind of good? What?;c_id=min

    • bexarama says:

      He beat ROY HALLADAY in that complete game.

      I have actually seen people saying Cashman is an idiot for signing AJ Burnett and not resigning Pavano in his place. No words.

  129. Rose says:

    This would have been all over the news had he been a Yankee…

    Pretty unfortunate

    • Brad Toughy says:

      No charges? Alleged victim’s complaint not consistent with other witnesses?

      Sounds fishy to me. Another girl trying to exploit a high-profile athlete because of a drunken escapade that she regrets.

  130. Pete says:

    Wow, I had no idea that Cano had a 4.8 UZR this year.

  131. Jose the Satirist says:

    Some empires have lasted less time than this tennis match.

  132. Pete says:;c_id=nyy

    Anybody else think Curtis’s swing (not stance, just the swing itself) looks a lot like Ellsbury’s? Of course, without Ellsbury’s patience, contact ability, speed, and defense, Curtis is nowhere near the player, but i’m reminded a lot of Ellsbury’s swing

  133. rbizzler says:

    Did anyone know that the Yanks had the guy who supplanted Trevor Hoffman in Milwaukee (and who also rocks one of the best mustaches in MLB) in their system? (safe)

    • Thomas says:

      Hmmm . . . interesting.

      It looks like when he was with the Yankees he had crazy walk problems (about 6.4 BB/9 in A+ and lower). His walk rate is still high (5.1 BB/9), so his success may be short lived.

      • JGS says:

        Circle me Derrick Turnbow

        /comments on JoePoz article’d

        side note–Turnbow was an All-Star in 2006. Not 2005 (1.74 ERA, 1.085 WHIP), but 2006 (6.87 ERA, 1.686 WHIP). At the break, he had a 4.74 ERA, six blown saves, and 22 walks in 38 innings. He had a non-All-Star 3.0 WAR season followed by an All-Star -2.5 effort.

        The only other Brewer on the team was Capuano, who replaced an injured player, so maybe it was a mandatory representation thing, but I find it hard to believe that there was no one better.

  134. Esteban says:

    HAHA YES, Italy’s out!

  135. bexarama says:

    Oh Gammons.;c_id=mlb

    The Cape League has a history of players going through development pains. Todd Helton played two years and did not hit a home run. Lance Berkman hit one — an opposite-field job off a foul pole. Chase Utley as a UCLA freshman was a skinny kid, a year off not being drafted out of high school. The majority of scouts put Kevin Youkilis in as a non-prospect. Brewster manager Tom Myers was an assistant at Santa Clara when they cut a 100-something-pound freshman named Daniel Nava and made him the equipment manager who also kept Myers’ pitching charts.


  136. pat says:

    Jake Anderson the CF with a CoJo like swing and Tyler Austin, the plus hit plus power RF have both signed. WOOOOOOOOT

  137. pat says:

    Holy shit, Laird had 2 HR 7 RBI today, including a Grand Slam and a 3 run homer. Noesi went 7 gave up 2 ER walked three and struck out TEN Erie batters.


  138. Andy_C_23 says:

    I need fantasy help, is this a good trade to make:

    I give up: Carl Crawford
    I get: David Price, Rajai Davis and Carlos Pena


  139. Clayton says:

    If anyone wants a new Yankees BP jersey, Amazon has them on sale on their deal of the day for $39.99, including plain, Jeter, ARod, and Teix.

    As an FYI, Modells sells them for $99.99.

  140. JGS says:

    Culver is in the lineup for GCL

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      I’m still so excited about Gary Sanchez. I’ve been following him since before he signed with the Yankees.

  141. Steve H says:

    alex gonzalez, if you’re out there, Wally Matthews has a chat starting at 1.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      Great 3 questions. Absolutely hysterical. Wally Matthews agrees that tRA is a real thing.

      • Steve H says:

        I cannot believe how he responded to that one. I was shocked. I thought I was punking him, but based on his answer, he may have punked me back, it was that mind-bottling.

        • Jose the Satirist says:

          It has to be satire. Right?? Right?!?!

          “Wins are THE most important stat.”

          -Wally Matthews 06/25/2010

  142. Steve H says:

    Wallace, a bunch of these stat guys continue to tell me that wins don’t matter. How can that be? Isn’t that the point to win games? Don’t you think there is something to getting your teammates to rally around you? Kevin Millwood led the league in ERA in 2005 and only had 9 wins. Cliff Lee was on the same team with a much higher ERA but had 18 wins. Same teammates, twice as many wins. Doesn’t this show that Lee was a better pitcher, and a better teammate? His teammates showed up to play when he was on the mound, but not Millwood. I think that means something.

    Wallace Matthews
    (1:19 PM)
    Steve, some of my best friends are stats guys but man, are they wrong on that. Wins are THE most important stat. You can’t compare pitchers solely on the basis of ERA. Great pitchers find a way to win or find a way to keep their teams i th egame long enough so the team can find a way to win. and I do believe teammates play the field better and more alertly behind a pitcher they believe in, and generally hit better for him, too. I’m sure the stats guys ae coming up with a number for that, now, too

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

      Wallybaiting, FTW!!!!

      • Steve H says:

        Steve (Boston, MA)

        Wallace, I love your writing. Satire is my favorite. What do you think of the Cliff Lee rumors? Is there any chance the Yankees would trade for him now instead of waiting for free agency?

        Wallace Matthews
        (1:20 PM)

        Hey, Steve, glad I’m keeping you amused. I hope. I don;t think the Yankees are going anywhere near Cliff Lee until after the season. The Yankee philosphy: If you want it, buy it. Why give up prospects, too?

    • Tampa Yankee says:

      This was great too…

      Steve (

      Wallace, I know the Yankees won the World Series last year, but I still don?t think A-Rod is a true Yankee. He?s a distraction, don?t you think? 2009 was great, but I don?t know if they can continue to win with him around, just trying to pad his stats. He doesn?t have that ?winner? gene like a Scott Brosius or Derek Fisher.
      Wallace Matthews
      (1:27 PM)

      Hey, Steve. I never quite understood what True Yankee meant, but I agree that A-Rod still sucks all the air out of the room. The recent flap with the hip injury, where he told Ramiro Pena he might have to come out of the game but not Joe Girardi, leaving the Yankees stuck with El Nino was their cleanup hitter that night, is a prime example of how he travels under his own rules. See my column today on how Joe Torre never could have co-exsted with him. Girardi is a different type and may get along better with him, but he will never truly fit in with his teammates because his personality won;t allow it.

    • deuce bag poster says:

      This is fucking gold. Gold.

  143. pat says:

    Ugh, my man Chad jones, the Giants 2010 3rd round pick was just in a seris car accident. Doctors are trying to save his leg from amputaiton. SHIT.

    • Thomas says:

      Shit. I loved Chad Jones. While he’ll likely never play football again, I hope the doctors can help him.

  144. Tampa Yankee says:

    Wow, I just looked at the Yanks end of the year schedule and it is brutal outside of a series in Baltimore… 3 @ TEX, 3 @ TB, 3 @ BAL, 3 vs. TB, 3 vs. BOS, 3 @ TOR, 3 @ BOS

    • Tom Zig says:

      Well that’s all well and good. But it won’t matter because we’ll have best record locked up before then. All those games will decide is whether we win more than 100 games or not.

  145. Brandon says:

    Ben, is this you at around the 12 second mark or 1:11 mark? Looks like you (pretty damn fine).

  146. Brandon says:

    Agreed, awesome site. Also, Ben, any chance you can get an open thread going today for the US game?

  147. Pete says:

    this might be the funniest thing i’ve ever read:,17674/

  148. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Gary Sanchez – Single
    Ramon Flores – Double
    Reymond Nunez – 3-run BOMB!!!
    Love the GCL team

  149. Jose the Satirist says:

    So Dustin Moseley’s opt-out date is July 1st. Is he worth bringing up and replacing anyone in the bullpen? Or is he pretty much gone?

  150. Total Dominication says:

    Question. What is Curtis’s potnetial?
    Good 4th OF?
    Decent starting OF?
    Above average OF?

    • bexarama says:

      Maybe he can be half of Daniel Nava, if he’s lucky.

      (No, seriously, I have no idea.)

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

        I still want to know who Gammons thinks Nava is more like from his list of comparisons. I think it’s Utley……..or maybe Youkilis…….fuck, I can’t decide.

    • Thomas says:

      I’ve heard 4th OF. It sounds like he is a tweener, not enough speed/defense for CF and not enough power for a corner.

  151. Pete says:

    looks like beurhle’s got a little competition for the best play gold glove:

  152. Dirty Pena says:

    Tommie, I’d love to hear your (undoubtedly optimistic) take on what’s going to happen with the Knicks’ offseason.

  153. RobinsonKanoWinsFatality says:

    Has any one seen this post on ESPN New York? (I know they’re terrible but I saw Gardner’s name and got giddy.)

    Can anyone back this up?

  154. Rick in Boston says:

    We’re just over a month away from college football camps opening up. The NCAA season opens right around Labor Day. Here’s my early Top 10:

    1) Alabama
    2) Ohio State
    3) Boise St.
    4) Oklahoma
    5) Oregon
    6) TCU
    7) Florida
    8) Florida St.
    9) Nebraska
    10) Iowa

  155. Jax says:

    Fantasy Question: Whose the winner in this trade Albert Pujols and Stephen Strasburg for Josh Hamilton and Cliff Lee?

    This is just a 9X9 league. 10 teams. And its yearly, no keepers.


  156. Meat Loaf says:


    • bexarama says:

      a. Because we’re trading AJ Burnett/Javy Vazquez/whoever else happens to be struggling at the given time straight up for him, obviously.

      • Jose the Satirist says:

        We need to get rid of Vazquez. His 3.12 ERA and .588 OPS against in 52.0 IP since May 12th are unacceptable.

  157. bexarama says:;src=me

    Parts of this article are a little, uh, facepalm-y, but Mo rules and all, so it’s worth reading. And this is RIDICULOUSLY badass:

  158. Mike Axisa says:

    Dontrelle moving the bullpen. We’ll get to see TSJC’s crazy theory of using him as a LOOGY in action (without it blowing up in the Yanks’ faces).

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      I’m using the “he isn’t pitching in the AL East” defense if the move pans out.

    • Thomas says:

      I bet, in his first appearance, he strikes out like 2 in a scoreless frame and BBTN claims the D-Train is back again.

    • JGS says:

      The worst bullpen in the history of bullpens is supposed to improve by adding a guy with a 2.250 WHIP and 2.25 BB:K since joining the Dbacks? Color me skeptical

  159. Kevin G. says:

    Justin Bieber is going to have a world tour, and we get to decide where he goes.
    Vote for North Korea. It is currently ranked 3rd.
    Feel free to vote for any other horrible place.

    Vote here:

  160. Carlosologoist in Humid Ass Colombia says:

    Here´s an interesting idea – Andre Ethier is eligible for FA after 2012. So are Matt Kemp, James Loney, Russell Martin, and Chad Billingsley. The Dodgers have their hands tied in the divorce case, and there might not be enough money to keep all of the members of their core. I would think they would try to keep Billingsley and someone else. If Ethier continues to play at a 2-3 WAR pace, would the Yanks consider him? He´ll be 30 at the time his next deal is signed.

  161. Salty Buggah says:

    I don’t know much about their talent but looking at this list, signing Rougned Odor, Elvis Sanchez, Geronimo Franzua (and he’s a LHP), and Luis Abad (depending on how it’s pronounced) just for their names would be nice.

    I guess Esteilon Peguero is unique and wouldn’t be bad either.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      I’m a little surprised that Elvis Sanchez is only at 15. He has tremendous power. Although, he may not stay at 3B for much longer. Video of him hitting:

      I really like Javier Pimentel at 32 as a sleeper. I think the Yankees still have a good shot at swooping in and signing him. Maybe they won’t spend quite as much on any single player this year.

      Heredia is an interesting case at number 2. He is a 6’4″ RHP who potentially has 4 pitches. Oh, and he is only 15 years old. His 16th birthday is within 45 days of the July 2nd IFA signing start, so he is an exception. Very interesting case for such a young kid. I doubt the Yankees sign him though.

  162. Irish Spring soap smells vaguely like Froot Loops.

  163. whozat says:

    Where did Tyler Clippard get 93-94 mph heat???

  164. poster on a different computer says:

    What’s the deal with Andy on the All-Star team? Will he replace CC?

    Also, we HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO make sure Swisher gets in over Youkilis. I don’t care if Youkilis deserves it more, he’s a smug Red Sock jerk-ass and Swisher is cool.

  165. Steve H says:

    Adrian Beltre’s BABIP is .373. He clearly has benefitted from playing in Fenway, but there’s no way he sustains that all year. His career BABIP is .294.

    • ROBTEN says:

      Given how much Fenway helps some players, it’s surprising to see that he’s actually been an even better hitter away from Fenway (.371/.404/.629/1.033/BABIP .387) than at home (.318/.359/.482/.841/BABIP .361) and that, overall, his BABIP is going up each month (.380/.381/.391).

      As you point out, it seems like someone is likely due for a sharp regression.

      /On a side note, in MLB 10 Beltré once beat me three consecutive games on three walk off home runs, two of them pinch hit home runs. After the first two games, I even walked him when he came up to PH once again in the ninth, figuring that there must be some kind of glitch. When he came up to bat again in extra innings and I decided to pitch to him, thinking that any glitch might be tied to his pinch hitting…nope, another home run. Apparently, someone at Sony really likes Beltré.

      • poster on a different computer says:

        In the playoffs in an MLB game from 03′ I was the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I was facing the Yankees in the ALCS. The best player of both teams? Nick Johnson. He hit like 450 with 3 HR’s and slugged like well over a thousand. I won the series in seven games though. Mo blew the game seven save.

        It was odd being happy about that.

  166. Tom Zig says:

    Tex’s UZR this year is -3.6


  167. Steve H says:

    Having a specific DH position in the All-Star game is so stupid. While I don’t care about All-Star teams and I don’t get why fans get worked up about snubs, to have Big Papi go, simply as a hitter, while Youk stays home is pretty crazy. Shouldn’t the DH role, for the All-Star game, be opened up to all hitters?

    • Tom Zig says:

      It is for the NL.

      • Steve H says:

        I think it should be for the AL as well. In general it’s not an issue, but there aren’t many great DH’s in the AL this year, but there are plenty of other qualified, better hitters (who would also bring some positional flexibility). I think they should have the DH every year, and it shouldn’t be voted on by the fans, but should be a “final vote” type of situation, where you take the best hitters left off the team, and vote them on as a DH. Vlad and Papi are having good years, but made it by default as they are the only two true DH’s who have any type of All-Star batting line.

  168. Steve H says:

    So Omar Infante should probably come up with an injury right before the All-Star game, no?

  169. Accent Shallow says:

    When the Yankees acquired A-Rod, why did they move him to 3B, rather than 2B? It’s not like the Yankees had a worthwhile second basemen until Cano came up, and Cano wasn’t exactly a big time prospect.

    • Rick in Boston says:

      Possibly it’s because the DP turn on the 2B side is difficult to learn in the short time frame they had. Also, fungible talent is easier to find at 2B then it is to find at 3B.

  170. Rose says:

    I mean cmon. Where were all these concerns and ass kissing articles when the Yankees lost nearly everyone not too long ago?

    Brett Gardner is making the same amount as those guys and he’s hitting .314/.396/.427 (.823) in 295 PA. Phil Hughes is making the same as those guys and he’s 10-2 with a 3.83 ERA and 1.20 WHIP in nearly 100 IP.

    But Darnell McDonald and Daniel Nava are the difference makers…

    • rbizzler says:

      Yeah, the media seems to love the Sox as the ‘little engine that could’ storyline, but those two guys deserve a little glory after sticking it out and sacrificing a lot to make the show. That being said, I hope their decline is swift and that they enjoyed their time in the bigs.

      I do agree that GGBG is not getting anywhere near the MSM love he would get if he wasn’t a Yankee. Hopefully, he continues his success and, if that happens, I am sure the hyperbole will follow.

  171. rbizzler says:

    Neyer linked to this today and I found it enjoyable (especially the two comments). I have always respected Rob and like that he is always pushing for people to try and further their understanding of the game, but he loves to link to the most asinine Yankee bloggers out there. See the link below: (safe)

    Also, he needs to get off the Bradenia issue. That horse is dead, my friend.

  172. Rose says:

    http://sportsillustrated.cnn.c.....?eref=sihp (SAFE)

    Why? First of all, why wasn’t Andy Pettitte already on the All Star team to begin with? I believe it had something to do with him pitching too close to the game (like Cahill who’s pitching today against the Yanks). How was he not already on the team? And why would Girardi add his 38 year old pitcher who’s in a groove right now?

    • bexarama says:

      First of all, why wasn’t Andy Pettitte already on the All Star team to begin with? I believe it had something to do with him pitching too close to the game (like Cahill who’s pitching today against the Yanks). How was he not already on the team?

      Andy wasn’t officially on the team, but Girardi named CC, who is slated to pitch Sunday. Pitchers who pitch the Sunday before the game can’t pitch in the ASG and have to be replaced. Then, Girardi all but outright said Andy was going to be his replacement for CC. It was his way of getting more of his guys in the game, I think.

      And why would Girardi add his 38 year old pitcher who’s in a groove right now?

      The 38-year-old Pettitte was added to the team Monday because he was next in line in voting by AL players. The players select five starters and three relievers and Pettitte was sixth on that list.

      And I’d rather see the 38-year-old than the guy on innings limits.

      • Rose says:

        True. The article I read said that Pettitte was added to be either Cahill’s or Buchholz’ replacement I believe. Not entirely sure though.

        As for seeing the 38 year old over the guy with innings limits – I clearly agree. So with CC and Hughes being voted on…neither of them are pitching? I’m perfectly fine with that!

        Besides, aren’t you the big Pettitte fan? It’ll give you incentive to watch even more haha. I was pretty surprised that Pettitte has only been on only 2 other All Star teams…and how far apart each of them are. 1995 (i think?), 2001, and now 2010. Pretty random haha

        • bexarama says:

          I don’t mean this in a rude way but did you read the articles about it? Buchholz was chosen by the players on their ballot. He now can’t go to the ASG because he’s hurt. The next SP on the players’ ballot gets to go in his place, and that was Pettitte.

          Cahill pitches Sunday, so he can’t pitch in the ASG. He was chosen by Girardi, so I think he gets to choose who goes in his place.

          CC can’t pitch in the game because he pitches Sunday. Jered Weaver’s already been named as his replacement, only he pitches Sunday too so he needs a replacement as well haha. Hughes might pitch in the game. There isn’t anything stopping him from doing so. Who knows if Girardi actually puts him in the game outside of a 2008 OMG THIS GAME WON’T END situation though.

          Besides, aren’t you the big Pettitte fan?

          You could say that.

  173. Rose says:

    Since Phil Hughes skipped his start due to the “innings limits” rules…he’s thrown 11.2 IP while giving up 11 earned runs and 4 home runs to Toronto and Seattle (neith of which are good offensive clubs).

    Innings limits are stupid, IMO. Skipping starts due to the ever growing fear in the amount of pitches or innings thrown over the long haul is a nice gesture…but when it messes with a pitcher’s mechanics, I strongly believe that it could be even worse.

    But this has been discussed already…just saw that stat of Hughes though and thought I’d comment on it.

    • For what it’s worth, he wasn’t pitching particularly well in the starts beforehand either. And as Pettitte and Vazquez have shown this year, skipping starts really isn’t as big a deal as people make it out to be. Most pitchers skip a start or get some extra rest over the course of a 162-game season.

    • Steve H says:

      I met Ryan Dempster last week and he agrees with you. He said skipping starts like that is likely to just throw him out of rhythm. So far it has.

      • Rose says:

        Most pitchers (current and past) agree with me. But when a team has invested a lot of time and money scouting you and has plans for your future – I guess you just have to do what they say…even if it does ironically do more damage to you than good (which is possible).

  174. Tampa Yankee says:

    So here are the “brilliant” trade proposals the Rays fans and radio heads have thrown out there in their desire to get rid of BJ Upton:

    Trade proposal #1:
    Rays send Upton and Wade Davis to LA and get Manny + LA picking up most of his remaining salary.

    Trade proposal #2:
    Rays send Upton and Davis to Seattle and get Cliff Lee

    I have my own opinions (mostly that they are both retarded and won’t happen for various reasons) but I’d like to see what you all thought?

    • Rose says:

      Those are two entirely different trades right there haha. If I’m a Rays fan, I clearly like the 2nd one but Seattle doesn’t need an OF. Not sure why they would do the first one either. They have prospect Desmond Jennings waiting in the wings and he’s said to be ready as well. Cliff Lee could be a guy they sign or extend while Manny probably wouldn’t be at all.

      I heard a rumor about Upton to Washington for Dunn, prospects, and cash…which would kind of make sense but who knows.

      • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

        There is no way the Rays could afford a Cliff Lee extension. If they do acquire him (or Manny), it is for the playoff push only.

      • Tampa Yankee says:

        Of course Rays fans want these trades since they favor them but there are 2 sides to the trades. Like you said Seattle doesn’t need a CF and since they can get 2 draft picks for Lee in the offseason, they need something in return that would be equal or better that those picks (Davis and BJ are not).

  175. Church of the Perpetually Outraged says:

    Re: Swisher over Youkilis, courtesy of a friend

    Hope you had a terrific Fourth of July – and I hope you’ll afford me what the Senate calls a “point of personal privilege”. All 3 million of you in the community have done incredible work these last seven years on some of the biggest fights of our lives. This isn’t one of them. But it’s not small potatoes either if you’re a Red Sox fan. (If you’re a Yankees fan, read no further).

    Kevin Youkilis of the Red Sox is an All Star in anyone’ s book. He plays the game the way it’s supposed to be played, he hustles, he has a great bat and a glove to match, and he brings with it the kind of intensity we respected for years in guys like Trot Nixon. Youk deserves to be in the All-Star game – while the team has grinded it out in spite of injury after injury, he’s been a rock. But now he needs to win a fan vote to make it to Anaheim next week.

    You can vote for him by clicking here

    The stakes are also just a little personal: in the fan voting, currently Nick Swisher of the Yankees is in first place. Swisher’s having a fine year, but Youk is better in just about every category, batting average, slugging, homeruns, everything and he plays Gold Glove defense to boot. Please don’t let anyone say that Swisher beat Youkilis because Sox fans have gone a little soft after ’04 and ’07. Let’s show we’re still the most ravenous fans in baseball.

    Please vote Youkilis in.


    (ps Fuck Boston)

  176. Rose says:

    Did you guys see the video of the Rangers game last night when the guy fell 30 ft from the 2nd deck to the field level seats?

    Pretty gut wrenching. Really hope he’s ok. Immediate indications state that he was moving and responding but a fall like that onto seats and/or concrete can have some quiet-yet-serious results.

    • rbizzler says:

      Supposedly, the dude and all of the people he fell on are doing well. I agree that is some scary stuff though.

  177. Steve H says:

    So the internet is telling me that Casey Kelly is 1-4 with a 5.45 ERA in AA. Much like Switch-hitterGate with Granderson, the internet is lying right? Has to be.

  178. poster on a different computer says:

    How do you think All Star game voting will be affected with the Swisher injury?

  179. Total Dominication says:

    Swish retakes the lead!!!!!

  180. JohnnyC says:

    Speaking of Youkilis, he’s another of Francesa’s man-crushes. Arroyo, McLouth, Youkilis, and Joe Torre.

  181. Tom Zig says:

    2011 Yankees DH:





    David Ortiz

    • JohnnyC says:

      If we had signed Ortiz in 2003 instead of the Boy Genius, just think how much more incendiary George Mitchell’s report would have been toward the Yankees and PED use. It would have given Mitchell the perfect cover to just wrap the whole steroids issue around the Yankees — which is undoubtedly the real mission statement of the report when Selig initiated it.

  182. Angelo says:

    Kevin Goldstein had this to say about Dellin Betances:

    Few pitchers in the minors are generating the kind of buzz that Betances is, as a finally healthy version of the high-ceiling arm is showing “massively improved mechanics: according to one scout while touching 98 mph. The numbers speak for themselves: 34 innings, 13 hits, 2 runs, 6 walks, 39 strikeouts.

    No subscription required for that, thankfully.

    • JohnnyC says:

      All my digits are crossed, hoping this kid stays healthy. His ceiling is through the roof. Would love to see Betances, Brackman, and Hughes in the same rotation.

  183. Well worth the ~10 minutes if you’ve got it:

  184. Drew says:

    Dan Gilbert deserves to own a bottom of the basement NBA team that ends up losing money. You reap what you sew.

    What a classless ass… You’d think a guy his age, in his tax bracket, would show a bit more class.

    Also, if Lebron “Gave up, check the film,” why the F would you want so desperately to re-sign the guy? It just doesn’t add up, ass. I hope he enjoyed the ticket and merchandising sales while he had it, it will never be seen again in C-land.

    Your team sucks to an amazing degree, so you draft the top talent in decades and you assume the rights of that player for the next 20 years? Not how it works, chief.

    • Zack says:

      I don’t agree with his letter. But he did derserve more than a phone call at 9:01 from a Lebron “advisor” to tell him he’s not re-signing.

      Gilbert did everything Lebron asked. He re-signed/overpaid guys to keep Lebron happy (Varajao, Gibson, West). He traded for guys (some overpaid) to keep Lebron happy (Shaq, Jamison, Williams).
      He hired his friends to work for the Cavaliers. He tried to trade for Amar’e but Phoenix wouldn’t trade him, not Gilbert’s fault. He got Jamison instead, and EVERYONE said he was the ‘shooting big’ that Lebron needs to stretch the floor against Orlando.

      He never said no to acquiring or keeping a guy. While his letter was over the top, the last 7 years he did everything Lebron asked. You’re with your hometown team for 7 years after being drafted, the owner deserves a phone call (if not a meeting) from YOU to tell him your plans (Don’t give a crap if that messes up his hour special).

  185. Salty Buggah says:

    From Sherman: “Late yesterday morning, however, the Mariners expressed concern about Adams, a Double-A second baseman currently on the disabled list with a high ankle sprain. The Mariners asked the Yankees to substitute Single-A right-hander Adam Warren. The Yankees agreed. But Seattle then came back and also asked for touted shortstop prospect Eduardo Nunez.”

    First of all, that’s awesome that Adam Warren got some love in these trade talks. Second, is Nunez really that legit? The Yanks must love him if they weren’t willing to trade him with Montero for Cliff Lee. (That’s a good thing, right? Or are they perhaps overvaluing him?) Also, I think this might help Nunez trade value just a bit.

    Kinda funny that in a way, Nunez and/or Adams, two prospects that aren’t that highly rated by most prospect gurus, were the ones who stopped the Yanks from acquiring Cliff Lee (though it’s necessarily not a bad thing if you’re attached to Jesus as I am, and I know several are)

    • Salty Buggah says:

      Ugh. Excuse all of my stupid errors.

    • radnom says:

      I don’t think it is so much that those guys stoppped the deal. What it clearly looks like is that the Mariners agreed to take Montero and not much else.
      Then they asked for a little more. Then a little more.
      Obviously the Yankees had to say “final offer” at some point to get this thing done.

      • Salty Buggah says:

        Good point. Also, it could have been that they used the Yanks unethically to pry Smoak away from Texas, as Texas was reluctant to include him in the trade at first but he’s one the M’s really wanted.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      Confirm/deny: Jesus is my Homeboy t-shirts will be made soon after Montero makes his MLB debut.

  186. ROBTEN says:

    As a result of JMK’s post on Jeter I noticed another difference — the first was SO % — between Fangraphs and B-Ref: how fly balls/liners are recorded.

    For instance, on Fangraphs Jeter has 47 AB/14 Flyball hits and 52 AB/37 Line Drive Hits. However, on B-Ref, it’s 47/17 FBs and 53/34 LDs.

    Another example, ARod is 91/24 FB and 45/37 LD on Fangraphs and 85/20 FB and 49/39 on B-Ref; Cano is 104/28 FB and 56/42 LD on Fangraphs and 99/23 FB and 60/46 LD on B-Ref.

    I also checked to see if it’s a discrepancy in recorded games, but other stats imply that all of the recording is up-to-date on both sites.

    B-Ref uses Retrosheet and, although it doesn’t say specifically, Fangraphs also lists Retrosheet at the bottom of the page.

    So, does anyone know why the two sites would have different information? Is Fangraphs using a source besides Retrosheet? If so, does anyone know why?

    • I think FG uses Baseball Info. Solutions.

      • ROBTEN says:

        Belated thanks.

        It’s a bit frustrating that the two sites diverge not only on things like WAR, but on small points like what counts as a line drive over what is a fly ball. However, they’re both free so I’m not going to complain. Well, I guess I am technically complaining, since I indicated my frustration, so I will say that it would be nice if things like fly ball/line drive information lined up on both since it impacts the calculation of other stats.

  187. Who in the hell is the color guy for the FOX game right now? Most annoying voice ever.

  188. Zack says:

    Mike Pelfrey has given up 33 hits in his last 12.2 IP. Plus 8 Walks.


  189. So Melvin just asked me if I knew of any single ladies for him (to date).


  190. bexarama says:

    Kevin Millar just called Dustin Pedroia a “former batting champion” on MLBN.

  191. JohnnyC says:

    More evidence that John Kruk is clueless. He just picked Robinson Cano to win the Home Run Derby tonight.

  192. CountryClub says:

    Great story by Verducci on Sheppard:


  193. Steve H says:

    So A-Rod didn’t get into the game last night with Girardi managing, and said all of the right things and sounded happy for the other guys. That’s good, and hopefully this complete non-story will go away quickly. Hypothetically, if the conversation went as follows, can you imagine the backlash?

    It’s the All-Star Game. He can do what he wants,” A-Rod said Tuesday night. “He does whatever he wants. If I wasn’t expecting to play, I wouldn’t have come up here.”

    “If he wants to get upset, he can get upset,” Girardi said. “Whatever he wants to do, he can do. It’s America. That wasn’t the most important thing tonight.”

    “A-Rod was the guy who was going to do whatever we needed,” Girardi said, according to the NY Post. “If A-Rod doesn’t understand that, I’m surprised and disappointed. It isn’t that tough a thing. I explained his role to him before the game.

    Those are exact quotes from a prior situation, with the names changed. Had that been A-Rod he would be absolutely vilified today in the national press and especially in New York. Instead it was Albert Pujols, who can do no wrong.

    • Tom Zig says:

      Albert Pujols pops Andro in front of reporters who then applaud and bow their heads and pray for his blessing.

  194. Frank says:

    Love the commemerative patch for Bob Sheppard.

  195. bexarama says:

    Atlanta sold very low on Escobar, I think. But it’s clear they’re trying to win this year, so that’s understandable, I guess.

    • A.D. says:

      I really don’t get this move for the Braves, which means that off the field issues are likely in play

    • Rose says:

      What’s weird is that all the reactions are saying that the Braves won this trade. I guess the two prospects they got in addition to A-Gon were pretty decent as well. I just think that Bobby Cox and company had enough of Yunel and it was now or never.

  196. Steve H says:

    The Yankees won as many titles in Steinbrenner’s years as the Red Sox have in their 110 year history.

  197. Steve H says:

    How can one of the worst teams in baseball not find room for a guy with a .931 OPS in over 1000 AAA PA’s? Cash should steal Kila Ka’aihue from the Royals. There’s our LHB.

  198. Rose says:

    CNNSI had a poll for most overrated players in baseball. Joba Chamberlain was #1…but who exactly is overrating him? I thik the general consensus is that he stinks right now. I certainly don’t understand Nick Swisher being on there. How is he overrated at all? He was traded for pancakes and was suppose to be the 4th outfielder when he came over…then exceeded expectations beyond belief and is doing well and was just voted on as a last member to the All Star team. How is that being overrated exactly?

    Joba? Sure. I guess. If people are still actually saying he’s great and amazing…I guess it makes sense…but who the hell is doing that?

  199. Tom Zig says:

    2011 Eighth Inning Guy:







    Waitttt forrr itttt:

    Jonathan Papelbon

    sounds of heads exploding

  200. Steve H says:

    Heh, over on the ESPN baseball page right now there is Bustoner Olney with Keith Law right below him.

    Olney’s headline is “Escobar deal helped cement Braves”
    Law’s headline is “Braves benefit was on minor league side”

    Olney says that the trade makes the Braves the favorite in the AL East. I think I’ll go with Klaw on this one.

  201. Tom Zig says:

    I’m disappointed with Steve for not baiting Wallace Matthews more.

    • Steve H says:

      I tried a few more, that was the only one I got in.

      Personaly, I’m disappointed in alex gonzalez for not being there. Wally loves alex.

      • Jose the Satirist says:

        He rescheduled. He had it for Friday and moved it up a day. His chats are so sporadic.

        • Steve H says:

          Yeah, I remember you saying the other day you were looking forward to his Friday chat, I just happened to notice right before noon that it had been moved to day.

  202. Steve H says:

    Wow. In a recession and with a lockout looming, the Golden State Warriors just got bought for $450 million, the highest price ever paid for an NBA team.

  203. Just a reminder to tune into WFAN now to hear TYU’s Steve S on the Beningo and Roberts show!

    Let’s go Steve!

  204. Question to those not in the Fairfield County/NY Metro Area:

    How do you say the name of the following town? Darien.

  205. a fan says:

    Quick question for you guys-I’ll be attending Old Timer’s Day this Saturday. How early am I allowed at the ballpark?


  206. Rose says:

    Check out this horrible article. Doesn’t help that it’s written by the strangest name in history either. Muhammad Cohen. A Muslim first name and Jewish last name. Quite odd. (SAFE)

    It’s pretty brutal to say the least.

    • bexarama says:

      Rebecca did a great job killing this one over at PBP.


      • Rose says:

        Great responses by Rebecca.

        My one nitpick is that the other George didn’t solely create the 2008 economic disaster. The government (both conservative and liberal) have been contributing to the demise for decades. Other George did have everything to do with Iraq though. Although LBJ says hello.

        United States Killed
        Iraq War: 4,400
        Vietnam: 60,000

        But they both were entirely unnecessary.

        • Rose says:

          Disclaimer: I never supported and still do not support anything either George Bush has done. I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Democrat either. In fact, I think the two-party system (as well as the lack of State term-limits) is the reason the country is going in the direction it’s in.

          The media doesn’t help either.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      Sometimes this sort of thing is called for, such as, say, Hunter S. Thompson’s obituary of Richard Nixon. Dying is not a noble act, and doesn’t make a bad person into a good one.

      That said, I don’t think Steinbrenner deserves nearly that level of vitriol.

  207. Zack says:

    corey (colorado)
    Hey Keith, what’s your take on the 2011 all star game?

    Klaw (1:06 PM)
    If a runner steals a base, will the cops charge on the field and ask to see his papers?

    I laughed.

  208. Carlosologist says:

    Ben, I think it may be time for a new thread. It’s taking a long time for my computer to load this one.

  209. Steve H says:

    So Chad Finn of the Globe took some twitter heat the other day for saying that he’s glad the Boss got to see the Sox win two titles. I’ve read Finn for probably 10 years and didn’t have a problem with what he wrote as I don’t think there was any malicious intent. I did however, get a little payback in his chat today:

    [Comment From Steve]
    I’m glad Tom Yawkey lived to see black players in baseball.
    Friday July 16, 2010

    Chad Finn:
    Very, very well-played, Steve. You’re just lucky I didn’t use my “these things happen in threes” line after Girardi’s performance in the All-Star game.

  210. So Penny wants to come back…

    • Steve H says:

      You’ll have to expand. Most of the readers here are probably too young to know who you are talking about. That just tells you how ridiculously bad of an idea it is.

      Talk about a derailed career. That dude was a superstar in the making and just got crushed by injuries (and losing Shaq).

  211. Meat Loaf says:

    Rest in peace James Gammon (Lou, the manager, from Major League)

  212. Pete says:

    So according to this:;pitch=FA Strasburg has had one start this season in which he threw a four seamer under 95 mph.

  213. Tom Zig says:

    So I went back to the very first RAB post and saw that the first comment is really the 4th comment according to the URL. What happened to 1, 2, and 3? And do any of the first commenters still come by here?

  214. Steve H says:

    Heh. Kovalchuk got a 17 year deal?

    A-Rod looks like a steal now.

  215. Tom Zig says:

    via LoHud:

    Jon Weber suspended 100 games for third positive test for a drug of abuse in violation of the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.

    He also suddenly retired last Thursday.

  216. theyankeewarrior says:

    Slacking at work. Took a shot at next year’s opening day roster. This payroll is about a 5M increase from 2010. Remember, this is just the $$ owed to the 25 man roster. Igawa, Brackman etc. are not included.

    If they want Cliff Lee (as I assume they do) they will have to ante up.

    I am assuming JESUS will begin the season at AAA and Juan/Jorge will platoon at DH to save $ and give Alex etc. a chance to DH when they need to. Bench players are cheap and mostly from Scranton. I took a shot in the dark with Austin Kearns. He seems like a low-risk option as a 4th OF. He can ever play LF against tough lefties and move Gardner to CF so Granderson can sit.

    I gave Joba 2M in arbitration and Hughes 4M. If you think that’s low, keep in mind that I over-estimated other player’s salaries (Eduardo etc will not be getting 500k). So that may help balance things out.

    Here we go….

    2011 New York Yankees 25-Man Roster TOTAL = $211.45M

    CC Sabathia 23M
    Cliff Lee 20M (5/100)
    AJ Burnett 16.5M
    Andy Pettitte 12M
    Phil Hughes 4M

    Mariano Rivera 15M
    Joba Chamberlain 2M
    Damaso Marte 4M
    David Robertson .5M
    Alfredo Aceves .5M
    Jonathan Albaladejo .5M
    Sergio Mitre 1M

    Derek Jeter 15M (3/45)
    Robinson Cano 10M
    Mark Teixeria 22.5M
    Alex Rodriguez 31M
    Nick Swisher 9.1M
    Curtis Granderson 8.25M
    Jorge Posada 13.1M
    Juan Miranda .5M
    Brett Gardner .5M

    Eduardo Nunez .5M
    Francisco Cervelli .5M
    Jorge Vazquez .5M
    Austin Kearns 1M


    • Jose the Satirist says:

      Tex is making $23.125M next season. Sabathia is making $24.29M. Arod is making $32M.

      So that is an additional $2.9M on your proposed 25 man roster cost.

      • theyankeewarrior says:

        Yes, I went with their annual average per season so…

        CC is 7/161 which is 23 per season.

        Tex is 8-180 so I went with 22.5.

        That is what the luxury tax is based on (I believe)

        But I didn’t do that with Alex, Granderson, Swisher etc. I should have been consistent. There are so many ways of determining what a team’s actual payroll is.

        Either way, I think this is a solid idea of where their final number will be (+/- a few M).

        The biggest ? is what DJ will demand.

  217. Zack says:

    “Richie Cunningham (upstate ny)
    Mr. Morgan, what did you think of last Tuesday’s all-star game? (It didn’t seem one of the better ones, and the ratings sure indicated that.) Thanks / rgds.

    Joe Morgan (11:11 AM)
    If you’re a National Leaguer, it was one of the better ones. I’m not sure why the ratings were so low, but I’m not a fan of the rule where if a pitcher pitches on Sunday, he can’t pitch in the ASG. We had a great matchup to start, but we didn’t have the Sabathias of the world pitching, or Jered Weaver pitching as a hometown hero. You have to find a way to let the best pitchers pitch and the best players play. I’m not sure we’re doing that right now.”

    So the Yankees should have skipped CC on Sunday so he could pitch in the All-Star game? Or put him on the team but have it be a dead roster spot? Or pitch him 2 days after he just made a start?

    • ROBTEN says:

      So the Yankees should have skipped CC on Sunday so he could pitch in the All-Star game? Or put him on the team but have it be a dead roster spot? Or pitch him 2 days after he just made a start?

      Yes, but I can’t say until they try it whether it might work or not. If you’re a fan of the game you want to see the Sabathias face the Pujols, but it doesn’t always work out that way because the fans sometimes vote for their favorite player rather than the better player and maybe a player is traded before the game and ends up in the other league, like Cliff Lee. Although Cano certainly deserves to be there since he’ll probably win a batting title someday. But Pedroia does too and that’s where the difficulty for Girardi comes in. I don’t know whether there is a way for baseball to make sure the best players play, but maybe they need to think about giving the manager more options even though it really should be up to the fans. Although it might not pan out that way. We’ll have to see.

      Joe Morgan

      • Steve H says:

        Thanks for the headache. That was spot on.

        • ROBTEN says:

          Hey, man, you don’t talk to the Morgan. You listen to him. The man’s enlarged my mind. He’s a poet warrior in the classic sense. I mean sometimes he’ll… uh… well, you’ll say “hello” to him, right? And he’ll just walk right by you. He won’t even notice you. And suddenly he’ll grab you, and he’ll throw you in a corner, and he’ll say, “Do you know that ‘if’ is the middle word in life? If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you”… I mean I’m… no, I can’t… I’m a little man, I’m a little man, he’s… he’s a great man! I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across floors of silent seas…

  218. Bryan says:

    Sorry Devils fans, but I can’t help but laugh at your no-deal with Kovalchuk.

    Although I’m still putting my money on a deal between the two.

  219. The Rocket says:

    Does anyone here think Alex Anthopoulos is overrated as a GM? He’s asking the world for his players who just happen to be having years way beyond their career norms.

    There is no way in hell I trade Montero or Iglesias for Downs, but that’s what he wants.

    (Also Jays fans are a little crazy, they hear that the Rockies are interested in Bautista and ask for Matzek, Stewart or Fowler for him. They want Porcello for Marcum, etc)

    • Zack says:

      You cant really make that judgement right now, do you honestly believe he thinks he’ll get Montero for Downs? No, he expects to get negotiated down.

      Now if he holds Downs past the deadline because Yankees wouldnt put Downs in the deal, then yes you can criticize him. But Downs is a Type A FA I believe, so the package offered has to be better than that.

  220. nathan says:

    A priceless comment over at Joel Sherman’s blog:

    Big Stein

    07/21/2010 2:03 PM

    Totally dead spot on. Girardi must go.


    07/21/2010 9:10 AM

    Brian Cash-man is committed to NOT helping the Yankees and is prepared to throw away the 2010 season just as he did in 2008! His offseason was TERRIBLE!
    We need a real GM to take care of the Yankee needs. Park looked great last night giving up a HR to Matsui (WHO MIDGET MAN LET GO!) while Cashman’s version of a DH is AAA player Miranda who can’t hit the ball out of the infield…we already have that guy in Jeter.
    Its too bad that Cash-man has no clue. We need a real GM if 2010 means anything. I wonder if dementia has set in and Cash-man has forgotten we play in the AL East?

  221. Just saw the highlights–what the hell was Charlie Manuel thinking? Bases loaded in the seventh of a tie game and you don’t send up a pinch hitter for the pitcher? Wow.

    • Tom Zig says:

      Weren’t there two outs as well? Even a single unless it’s an infield single or it lands right in front of an outfield scores at least 2 runs, especially with Rollins on 2nd. A double likely clears the bases (although Ruiz was on first so maybe not). Manuel still had Schneider (not likely to use as he is the only other catcher on the bench), Gload, Valdez, Ibanez, and Dobbs on the bench. All of them are better hitters than Joe Blanton. Not only that but Manuel sends Blanton out for the 8th after having already giving St. Louis the lead in the 7th. He then proceeds to give up 2 more runs before being taken out of the game. Jose Contreras eventually allows an inherited runner to score on a sac-fly.

      What a debacle.

      • bexarama says:

        Per Stark, Blanton’s ERA after the 6th is 17.18. I don’t know how big a sample size that is but O_O

        If the Phillies get Utley back earlyish and he’s on a bit of a hot streak, I can see them as the Wild Card. If not, I’m not sure they’re making the playoffs. That’s a bit crazy to think about.

  222. Tom Zig says:

    LOL @ ESPN NY Poll

    “How would you describe your interest in A-Rod’s pursuit of 600 homers?”

    “High: It’s history baby”

    “Moderate: It’s taking him forever”

    “Low: Just tell us something about Jeter, please”

  223. boogie down says:

    A bankruptcy judge just ruled that the Texas Rangers’ purchase auction won’t be delayed ’til Sept. 30th as the team’s creditors were hoping. In fact, it will take place in just under two weeks, on August 4th. As far as a I know, this will preclude some potential bidders from gathering the necessary capital (via an investment group) to bid on the team. Also, and perhaps more importantly, Mark Cuban has been allowed to bid on the team. I think that Cuban, more so than the Nolan Ryan-Chuck Greenberg group, poses the biggest potential threat to us when it comes to signing Cliff Lee. However, I know that the Ryan-Greenberg group, which had been endorsed by MLB, had placed a $575M bid during the original auction process last year. Perhaps they also have the financial wherewithal to sign Lee this coming offseason. Either way, this news has made me just a bit anxious, though I’m still confident we’ll land Mr. Lee.

  224. ROBTEN says:

    Some good quotes from Maddon in an article about using more advanced stats this year:

    “There’s so much ready information now that was not available a couple years ago — and even if it was, I don’t know if everyone wanted to read it or understand it or try it,” Maddon said. “The fact that I get so much good stuff from upstairs, it permits me to look at these things and feel somewhat confident about doing them.

    “All these things matter, if you’re willing to use them. Some people are going to scoff at that. We mock what we don’t understand, so I don’t worry about stuff like that. I really believe all these things can be utilized, and numbers can actually give you a mental picture of what you need to do physically to make an adjustment.”;c_id=mlb

  225. bexarama says:

    Re: the Phillies (from above)

    Jimmy Rollins has one run scored since July 8
    Jayson Werth has 3 RBI in the past 25 games

    I know those stats are seriously limited but YIKES

    On the other hand, Hamels has the 11th-best ERA in the NL. Wouldn’t have expected that.

    (Can you tell I’m watching the Phils/Cards game with the Phillies feed?)

    • That Rollins has only scored once since July 8th tells us two things: 1. Rollins likely isn’t getting on base and 2. the guys behind him are not hitting.

      From July 9th to now, Rollins has a .244 OBP. Ouch. He also has zero XBH in that time frame. But…they have an A.L. style offense!!

      As for Hamels, I’ve always loved that dude. If he could just chill with the homers, he could be an elite pitcher.

      • bexarama says:

        Rollins since he got off the DL for good on June 22: .181/.263/.276/.539… eeeeeeek.

        Hamels was ridiculously dominant today, if you saw it. Struck out the first five batters of the game, allowed only one hit, faced the minimum. And he got removed after eight. He really easily could have gone nine. Of course, the Phillies scored no runs at all so he got a ND. Game’s still going on.

  226. So the ‘Stros say they’ll need to be blown away for Myers. What are they thinking? Honestly, are they ready to compete in the next year or two? I don’t think so, right? I don’t get the point of asking the world for this guy.

    • Steve H says:

      I don’t get the point of asking the world for this guy.

      Name me 3 organizations worse than the Astros that have their financial wherewithal.

      They are just extremely poorly run.

    • ROBTEN says:

      Well, the easy answer is that it’s the Astros and they think that they’re in contention every year.

      I think that they are looking at it like this: he’s still relatively young (going on 30) and is putting up good numbers and so perhaps they could convince some team, as they are now claiming, that he could anchor a rotation going forward. He’s also a significantly cheaper alternative to Oswalt, as he’s due only around $1 million (and as the Fangraphs article below states, he’s probably worth only one less win than Oswalt going forward).

      The problem is that he has a mutual option, so, if I understand it correctly, he could decline if the team tries to pick up the option and become a free agent, in which case you’re probably overpaying for a pure rental of a third or fourth tier starter whose having a career year.

      In addition, I’m not sure whether the terms of his mutual option would mean that you’d have to pay the buyout at that point as well,which means he’s could actually cost you $3 million ($1 million, plus the $2 million buyout). It’s still not a lot, but more than the $1 million he’s owed for this year.

      There’s an article about trading Myers on Fangraph, but it doesn’t really talk about the mutual option, so I could be wrong on the buyout. I’m also not sure if he’ll be able to pitch his way into B status as the article suggests, so you might not even get draft picks out of it if he does decline the option.

    • Rose says:

      He shouldn’t even be on their team still (at all) according to their policy. They got rid of Julio Luge for a domestic dispute and even made a point to openly talk about their decision to the public – but then acquire Brett Myers no problem.

  227. Josh Johnson is unfairly good.

  228. Bryan says:

    So Sean O Sullivan was just dealt from the Angels to the Royals, and since he pitched against us Tuesday, we can expect to see him pitch against us again on Sunday? I’m proud to say I’ve never seen that before.

  229. Tom Zig says:

    God Dammit Mariners can’t you do anything right?

  230. Rose says:

    This is an interesting article. Talks about how the Yankees have only had 15 one-run games this season. Most teams have well over 20 thus far. Last season the Yankees had 103 wins and 38 one-run games. In fact, every time the Yankees had broken 100 wins in the past decade, they averaged 37.4 one-run games. They are certainly on pace for well below this average at the moment.

    My question is…does the lack of one-run games played this year – and the fact that it’s well below the average for the past decade – have a negative effect come playofff time? A positive one? Or no effect at all?

    The terrible bullpen (sans Mo) accompanied with the lack of one-run games certainly seems like a very good thing during the year because (seemingly) they’re not in there when the game is as close. But the playoffs certainly have their share of very close games including the fair share of one-run games.

  231. Steve H says:

    But the guess here is that the Red Sox will keep Ortiz for a couple of reasons.

    Reason No. 1: The nightmare scenario that Ortiz would sign with the Yankees, for less than what the Red Sox would have paid him, and with a big ol’ angry chip on his shoulder; there is the possibility that Ortiz would hit a bunch of home runs into the short porch at Yankee Stadium.

    Reason No. 2: The nightmare scenario that Ortiz would sign with the Tampa Bay Rays, for less than what the Red Sox would have paid him, and with a big ol’ angry chip on his shoulder; there is the possibility that Ortiz would hit a bunch of home runs in the Trop.

    If Ortiz goes to a division rival of the Red Sox and comes back to hammer Boston, that would be a big, big problem. And the guess here is that the Red Sox will invest in Ortiz for at least one more year to make sure that doesn’t happen.

    That is as un-Theo a thing to do as I can imagine. There is zero chance Theo picks up that option simply to keep Ortiz from the Rays or Yankees.

    Heard this: Buster Olney is an idiot.

    • JohnnyC says:

      Especially knowing what Theo knows about Papi’s “resurgence” this season. Beyond that, he’s smart enough to know that adding Papi to either the Yankees or Rays wouldn’t be the difference maker vis-a-vis the Red Sox. He’s already correctly identified the areas where the Red Sox need to upgrade: pitching and defense. The Red Sox will always have enough offense to compete just because of Fenway.

    • Rose says:

      Sometimes you can tell these writers don’t even believe the shit they’re writing down but need a story by a certain time and just put some nonsense together to meet the quota.

      • rbizzler says:

        I agree. Buster cops out all of the time with his ‘Heard This’ tag he puts on ridiculous rumor mongering. The fact that he doesn’t have to attach him opinion on the pure speculation gives him an easy out if someone wanted to hold him accountable. Being that accountability does not actually exists in sports journalism, he should just keep spouting ridiculous nonsense.

  232. Pete says:

    Anybody else think that the Yanks should take a look at what Sanchez can do at 3B, LF, and RF at some point? Not saying he can’t make it as a catcher, but I think they ought to try to get whatever positional flexibility they can out of all of their MiL position players

  233. Rose says:

    On this date ten years ago, a 36-year-old Barry Larkin signed a three-year contract extension with the Reds worth $27MM. This came a day after Larkin invoked his ten-and-five rights to block a trade to the Mets, who agreed to send then-top prospect Alex Escobar and two others to Cincinnati. New York dealt Melvin Mora and three other players to Baltimore for Mike Bordick five days later, filling their shortstop hole. Larkin, the first 30-30 shortstop in baseball history, hit just .257/.328/.372 during the life of the extension.

    Weren’t the Mets in the World Series that year (against the Yankees)? Why would you prevent yourself from going to the best team in your league? Although, I like players who stay on the same team through out their careers…that may have had something to do with it. More of a legacy. Who knows what it could have been though.

    • Rose says:

      Woops, that was from MLBTR by the way. Forgot to add that.

    • Johan Iz My Brohan says:

      Larkin already got his WS Ring with the Reds in 1990.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      Why would you prevent yourself from going to the best team in your league?

      Well, could you imagine Jeter allowing himself to be traded? He already had a ring, he wanted to cement his legacy.

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