Curt Schilling reads our blog


As much as we don’t like Curt Schilling for his success against the Yankees, a statement in one of his recent blog posts makes me think he’s reading our site. After I criticized him for seemingly interviewing himself, Schilling wrote, “Since some people mistakenly thought that the Q&A was me interviewing myself, no idea how that could happen, I have taken to pasting questions instead of trying to paraphrase them.” Well, that’s neat. A real live Major Leaguer has read River Ave. Blues!

(Also, I think it was that confusing use of the personal I in the form of the interview, Curt. It wasn’t very clear.)

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  • Sooze

    I love the name 38Pitches. It’s about all he’s good for anymore.

    • Joseph P.

      It’s how long he can last before he has to “feed the fat.”

    • NBarnes

      2006: 31 starts, 204.0 innings, 116 ERA+
      32 starts, 197.3 innings, 125 ERA+

      Curt Shilling and Mike Mussina

      There’s plenty to slag about Shilling, you might want to pick one of his real failings….

  • Mike A,

    So Ben, why are YOU reading Schilling’s blog? (wink wink)

    • Ben

      That’s easy: Fodder for posts!