Great quote of the week…


…not that we’ve ever had a “Quote of the Week” skit here. Anywho, Mets minor league catcher Joe Hietpas (he of the .208 BA in over 1,300 career ABs) is moving to the mound, which drew this response from Davey Wright:

“[Those will] be tough at-bats against a guy who throws that hard and has no idea where it’s going.”

Effectively wild has always been one of my favorite baseball terms, it basically boils down to “the pitcher is so bad, he’s actually halfway decent.”

In case you’re wondering, 2 Yankee farmhands have made the transition from position player to pitcher this offseason: outfielders Rudy Guillen and Wilkins DeLaRossa. There’s no hope for Guillen, he’s a bust in every sense of the word, but DeLaRossa has some potential; he’s lefthanded and touches the mid-90s.

(hat tip to Matt Cerrone)

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