Roster set: I am happy

Pavano dumped
Upgrading RAB and planned downtime

Okay, so there weren’t a lot of truly pressing roster decisions to make. However, there were some issues still out there yesterday that could have in some way adversely affected the roster. Yes, Mike, backup catcher and backup first basemen aren’t of grave concern. However, it’s not a great idea to go wasting a roster spot.

Anyway, here’s what’s going down, as reported by Pete Abraham:

Henn in, Villone out. Phelps in, Phillips out (though that was reported yesterday). Nieves in, Pratt out. Karstens to the DL.

Rotation: Pavano, Pettitte, Mussina, Igawa.

That makes me especially happy, because I’m going to the second game of the season (and I’ve seen Moose pitch roughly 8 times over the last two years). All in all, though, given the choices the Yankees had, these all seem like the right moves.

Pavano dumped
Upgrading RAB and planned downtime
  • Mike A.

    Henn can give the Yanks some length out of the pen if need be. I’m glad to see Cashman didn’t use the built-in excuse of “we sent Henn to the minors because he has option left and Villone doesn’t”.

    I’m not a big Henn fan, but I’m glad to see the kids getting a chance.

    I still can’t believe the Mets are giving a roster spot to Joe Smith. Howard, Utley and Miggy Cabrera are going to eat that kid alive.

  • Tb

    ESPN baseball experts say…

    Boston wins the AL East and we miss the playoffs. These experts are Gammons, Onley and Jason Stark. They point to our very shakey pitching. I don’t understand, because when we signed Pettite, those guys all said or pitching was vastly improved and had depth. Nothing has changed, but now somehow that same pitching is “shakey” I just love how they paint gloom and doom for us, yet a rosey picture for Boston. Somehow Schilling isn’t old and morbidly obese, Beckett never had a 5ERA year last year, Wakefield isn’t mediocre at best, Tavarez??LOL! Plus their bullpen is absolutely awful except for Paps. Their lineup has plenty of holes with their crappy hitting 2b, crisp, Tek is off the juice hitting low 200s…etc.

    Tim Kurjisn said this yesterday. Yankees top 3 can match up with anyone. I suppose they are missing a traditional “ace” but those top 3 are just as good if not better than most’s top 3.

    Pavano and Igawa although riddled with questionmarks, you would have to figure will be better than Jared Wright and the revolving 5th spot of last year. Pavano certainly could be a pretty good 4th starter if he can keep his sorry self on the field.

    Throw in the arms waiting in the farm and to me, the rotation is in much better shape than it has been in years.

    The bullpen is easily upgraded over last year.

    I think people are just in love with boston’s pitcher’s “stuff”. Beckett, Dice -K Schilling all have ace “potential” but Schilling has become much more hittable, beckett has yet to live up to his stuff and dice-k, who i think will be dominant, still has to prove it.

    Boston;s line up has more holes and question marks than the yankees, and even with paplebon, theior bullpen just isnt very good.