Pavano dumped

At what cost loyalty?
Roster set: I am happy

Here at River Ave. Blues Yankees Gossip Magazine, we cover all the important stories. So here you go. Gia Allemand just dumped Carl Pavano three days before his Opening Day start. Thanks a lot, Gia. When the Yanks lose on Monday, you’re the scapegoat in the minds of millions and millions of fans.

At what cost loyalty?
Roster set: I am happy
  • Joseph P.

    It’s funny how little imagination it takes to make a catcher’s mitt look like the face of an ex-girlfriend…

  • Mike A.

    Easy Joe, he might get a concussion doing that.

    At least she’ll be the hottest scapegoat in Yankee history.

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  • Pat O’Malley – NYC

    She’s a Queens piece of trash, she’s not hot, she had to have plastic surgery to not look like an adolescent boy and to chop off about 3 inches of her shnozz. I’m glad he’s single this girl has been a spotlight seeker from the start. Single has worked for Jeter, and the last thing I remember he’s had MANY breakups without them being front page NY Post news. He finds the woman with class. Or better yet, why doesn’t he just go out with a woman with a job that’s not aspiring to be a model/actress or centerfold. That might help.

    He gave us a good effort yesterday, I was rooting for him. This guy’s had a lifetime of bad luck in a little over a year, pretty sure its all behind him now.