Karstens to pitch Saturday

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A tale of 2 pitchers

Just got the scoop from Pete Abraham. It’ll be Pettitte vs. Schilling, Karstens vs. Beckett, and Wright vs. Dice-K.

I still don’t totally agree with starting Karstens in Boston after he missed the last part of Spring Training and had only one four-inning rehab start. But, when you’re stuck in situations like this, you’re forced to adjust accordingly.

Just so it doesn’t go to waste:

A hot new blog
A tale of 2 pitchers
  • John

    I just don’t understand. If you call up another guy, like DeSalvo, and he does well you’ve got another “quality pitching prospect” to tell the media about. If he gets bombed you ship him back to AAA and everyone shrugs and says, well the Yanks were pretty much giving that game away.
    BUT if you start Karstens (after a bad rehab start, no less) who is expected to be a part of the rotation and HE gets bombed, you’re in a much trickier position with the NY press.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    I totally agree…except that his rehab start was actually quite good — 4 innings, 3 hits, 5 strikeouts, 1 walk, 2.50 GB/FB ratio.

  • Rob

    Given the matchups, I’ll be ok with 1 out of 3. I’ll be really happy with 2 out of 3.