New Stadium/Metro-North hub plans on ice


Pardon me while I cross-promote myself.

Part of the plans for the new Yankee Stadium called for a major Metro-North hub in order to reduce gameday traffic in the South Bronx. Well, now it looks like those plans are falling by the wayside because of monetary issues among the City, the MTA and the Yankees. It’s just business as usual for the MTA and the City, but all of a sudden, getting to the new Stadium may not be as easy as the Yankees and their fans had hoped.

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  • steve

    damn. i live in CT and was banking on that train so i wouldn’t have to drive to the stadium.

  • Al

    not building a Metro-North station is one of the most short-sighted ideas i’ve ever heard of. cant this be done w/cooperation by NYC/MTA/NYS and Yanks? its ridiculous that people in Westchester – literally a few miles away, have to take metro north train PAST YANKEES STADIUM to get on a subway to come back north. at the very least, how about a temporary station at Yankee Stadium like is set up during strikes etc. They’ll make money back on the games and it would have the infastructure costs. Ridiculous.