Salivating over Santana

Who had April 10 in the injury pool?
Mussina out with hamstring problem’s Jon Heyman reports that Johan Santana has broken off contract extension talks with the Twins. Santana, who wants a Barry Zito-sized extension, has a four-year contract that ends after 2008. The Twins offered him two years at $18 million a season, but Santana is looking for long-term stability. I can only dream that one day Santana, Hughes and Wang will be the subject of some bad sexual pun on the back of the Post or Daily News.

Who had April 10 in the injury pool?
Mussina out with hamstring problem
  • Mike A.

    Long term stability? I think 2 years at $18M per would be stable enough for him, his kids, his kid’s kids, and their kids.

    But hey, if you can get it, why not?

  • Ben

    Might be stable enough for you, Mike, but for professional athletes it’s tough to feed your family for that amount.

  • Zack

    Can we just offer him a blank check and say, “here, fill in this line,” and do similar on his contract under the “perks” section, and then continue in said vein to assure that he doesn’t land in Boston? Because I am sure that the Sox will do the exact same thing, and that makes me annoyed already.

  • Malcard89

    If i were the Yankees, i would be wary of offering a barry zito type contract to santana. pedro’s reign of dominance started in 1997 (although he was very good even before then) and ended in 2003. so thats a period of 7 years. santana’s dominance started in 2004 (although similar to pedro, he had some good years before as well) and will definitely continue on to 2008, when he becomes a free agent. thats already 5 years of his prime gone, so if santana is the present day pedro and their primes last around the same time (big assumpion i kno, but certainly reasonable and logical), he only has 2 great years left in him once a team signs him after 2008. however, if he commands a 6-8 year contract, it will definitely be a big mistake towards the end of that deal.