Then stop playing the infielders out of position

Fire Joe Torre
Our weakest lineup of the year

Joe Torre on Alex Cora’s bloop game-winning hit, as quoted in The Times:

“That was Arizona,” Torre said, referring to the flare that ended the 2001 World Series against Rivera. “The ball hit the back of the infield. That’s Mo. He’s going to break some bats. You don’t get good results when you have to play out of position.”

Fire Joe Torre
Our weakest lineup of the year
  • jb

    List Former RedsoxPlayers I don’t trust in big spots against their Former team.

    Johnny Damon went 0-4 against his former team. Darn, I have to wait three more years before his contract runs out.

    Mike Myers give up lead off double to Ortiz.. He’s waste on the Roster. Thanks for blowing the game Mike Myers. I hate you, Idiot..

    I have no faith in that Mike myers. he is now 3-12 with 1HR anyone else absolutely shocked by that it seems so much more lopsided in Ortiz’s favor

    In this series, nothing is shocking.” – Mike Myers

    Advice to Myers, Please go back to Boston where you belongs.

  • Gerry

    This is the worst pitching staff I have seen in my 50 years as a Yankee fan. Steinbrenner better go out & buy some arms or start bringing up the yougsters.