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Would the real Alex Rodriguez please stand up...please stand up...please stand up
Life isn't fair

All around baseball this year, guys are just dropping like flies due to injuries. You can’t go a day without hearing about another strained hammy or sore forearm. What causing it, who knows. Maybe guys just aren’t training as hard as they used to, or maybe they aren’t training as smart as they should be, or heck, maybe they are just breaking down from years of steriod use. The Yanks minor league system has had to deal with the injuries as well, moreso than I can ever remember in years past.

Here’s the latest info on the minor league walking wounded:

TJ Beam: On the DL with a strained right lat, out another 3-5 weeks.

JB Cox: Out until 2008 with Tommy John-esque surgery.

Cody Ehlers: On the DL with a bum elbow, no word on a return date.

Christian Garcia: Out with Tommy John-esque surgery, but he could be back in time for Fall Instructional League, but don’t get your hopes up.

Brett Gardner: On the DL with a broken hand, out another 3-5 weeks.

Jesse Hoover: Throwing in Extended Spring Training as he rehabs from a slew of injuries that kept him out since 2004. He should see game action by late June.

George Kontos: On the DL with a mystery injury. He’s been out way too long for this to be a disciplinary move for his run-in with the fuzz.

Mark Melancon: Out until 2008 with Tommy John surgery

Tim Norton: On the DL with an “upper body injury,” no word on a timetable.

Ross Ohlendorf: On the DL with a strained lumbar spine, which sounds a million times worse than it really is. The injury, more commonly known as a sore lower back, is one those where he could return anywhere from next weekend to next September.

Lance Pendleton: Throwing in Extended Spring as he rehabs from TJ. Look for him to return with the Short Season SI Yanks in late June.

David Robertson: No official word on an injury, but he hasn’t pitched since May 6th.

Humberto Sanchez: Out until 2008 with Tommy John surgery.

Marcos Vechionacci: Still out with a hand/wrist injury. Pinstripes Plus said he’d be back early this week, but no sign of him yet.

Steven White: Haven’t heard a thing about him since Spring Training. Scranton sure could use him right now, they’ve only got 3 true starters on the roster.

The sad part is that I probably missed a couple of guys just because of sheer volume…

Update: Jose Veras is out another month or so with bone chips in his elbow. I betcha he’s out longer than that, bone chips can be a bitch. (hat tip to commentor JM for the reminder)

Would the real Alex Rodriguez please stand up...please stand up...please stand up
Life isn't fair
  • JM

    What about Jose Veras?

  • Mike A.

    Veras is out with a pretty serious elbow injury that could keep him out all year. I’m not sure if he had/it required surgery.


    Update: See the post for an update on Veras’ injury.

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  • D

    Robertson is pitching now for Charleston, so scratch him off the list…BTW, this is an obscure one, but Francisco Castillo made one appearance for Tampa about a month ago and then disappeared…back to extended ST?

  • JM

    Thanks for the update! I had been looking for info about him for awhile.