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Down on the Farm
Hughes hurt again

I really like posting this, because you really get a feel for who’s helping the team and who’s killing us over a reasonable period of time. Check out who’s on top today.

Cano: 400/423/720
Posada: 375/423/667
Jeter: 346/433/577
Damon: 333/429/417
Matsui: 296/321/519
Alex: 273/429/864
Giambi: 250/471/500
Abreu: 250/423/300
Minky: 235/316/471

So the Yanks are playing their style ball again. Sometimes, you’re going to get games like Tuesday, when you put runners on base but just can’t put it together. Fine. We can live with that. Then sometimes you get games like last night, where the pitching blows it for you. Those are the more disheartening ones.

DFA Vizcaino. We’ve been saying it for weeks.

Down on the Farm
Hughes hurt again