September 22, 1995


As Steve Lombardi noted, the game ended early enough for him to catch NUMB3RS. For me, it ended early to go out, have some beers and come back before it got too late. So here are my half-sober ramblings on tonight’s loss.

First, the Yanks are now ten games out for the first time since September 22, 1995. I was 12 then, and I don’t remember seeing that 10 in the GB column. These are dark days for the Yanks, and they now find themselves 6.5 games behind Detroit for that Wild Card spot. It is only May, but still.

Johnny Damon: What are you doing? Seriously. Top of the first, just stay at first base. That singlehandedly killed the Yanks. Instead of having two on and no one out, the Yanks were down an out on a base hit. This guy has gotta go on the DL if he’s hurting that badly. He was out by ten feet at second base.

Bobby Abreu: Quality at-bat there off the bench. Way to, once again, take a called third strike. I hope that doesn’t earn him a spot in the lineup later today against Tom Glavine.

Alex Rodriguez: 4 for 37 translates to a .108 batting average. He’s got 1 HR in his last 78 at bats. That hot start seems like another season right now.

Andy Pettite: Should be 6-1. Tonight, his one bad pitch — a high, 88-mph fastball on what should have been a bunt — killed him. It’s the same old story.

With Tom Glavine vs. Darrell Rasner and then John Maine facing off against Tyler Clippard, things are looking bleak for the Yankees. This was their best game to win, and they lost it.

Maybe Green Day was talking about this baseball season when they said wake me up when September ends.

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  • NJ Lawyer

    The parade down the Canyon of Heroes is going to be extra sweet in October.

  • Ben

    The parade down the Canyon of Heroes is going to be extra sweet in October.

    I didn’t realize that the City of New York was going to be hosting a parade for the American League team that wins the World Series. How’s Yadier Molina doing these days, anyway?

  • NJ Lawyer

    Huh? The Yankees are winning the WS this year. Book it.

  • Ben

    Ah, sorry. I thought you were a Mets fan coming to gloat. I hope you’re right. I like your optimism.

  • NJ Lawyer


    I lived through 1978. This is eminently doable.

  • stuart

    Doug G had the same post at you want to be a writer.. you write hack comments like sherman, lupica and the rest of the no nothings..

    I cannot go over and rebut each of your comments but after the fact monday morning quarterbacking seems to fit you well.

    how about the yanks are 2 – 8 in 1 run games will have started 7 different rookies in there first 41 or 42 games and have had some injuries and bad luck and need to push forward from there!!!!

    no they need to fire everyone, make trades that will never happen, sign many people that are old and expensive and will not help to curry favor with foolish fans like you!!!!!

    yea I bought some beachfront property in Nebraska and I am naive I think the Yanks are not done. call me crazy I do not think abreu will have a 285 obp, cano the same, damon score 75 runs, mariano a 7 ERA, and on and on…

    does the Yankee bench stink? yes. do there starters not strikeout enough batters? absolutley, but with all there issues they should and will be a very good team when it is all said and done.

    I was thinking one of my kids just turned 12, she has never known the Yanks as not being really the best, that is amazing…I think many of the Yankee fans have become very spoiled and unrealistic.