Test your scouting eye

I'm really looking forward to this Subway Series
Down on the Farm

”If you thought Barry Bonds was interesting, wait until you see this kid. Took four pitches (intentional walk) with bat tucked under arms and arms folded across chest. Sat down on second (base) twice. A bit of a canine, but I’D TAKE HIM IN A SECOND.”

You think you know who that is? Take the quiz and see how good your scouting eye really is. I went 10 for 35, Joe went 9 for 35…

I'm really looking forward to this Subway Series
Down on the Farm
  • T.J.

    That was really interesting to see their opinions on them as youngsters. Got 13 outta 35.

  • John

    15 of 35. Didn’t realize Mac was scouted as a pitcher.

  • Joe A

    I got 16 of 35, I got thrown off by those McGwire reports too

  • Jake T.

    12 out of 35, so this Barry guy sounds like a real punk…anybody heard of him?

  • dan

    10/35… you could make a case for each quote working for almost every player listed in some way. This just shows us how often scouting reports can be useless in evaluating players (although necessary for hs players).
    consider: ”I just can’t project this delivery and arm action to the big league level. May be prone to arm trouble and I question his ability to handle stressful situations on the mound … No prospect.”

    and ”I am convinced (after six games) that (he) is not a good hitter (bat not quick).”

    i apolagize for the long post, you can edit out everything after “consider” if you like.

  • b/c

    got 9

  • John

    Has anyone ever seen a full high school scouting report? They obviously gave us selections; how much information didn’t they give us?

  • yankz

    I was 5/10 before I got lazy. Amazing how conflicting some reports can be.