Yanks fire stretching coach

What if?
Down on the Farm

Well, it only took four hamstring injuries including a devastating one to Phil Hughes, but the Yankees finally fired Marty Miller, their ineffective director of performance enhancing. Tyler Kepner at The Times has breaking news and Cashman will address the media tonight in Alrington on Miller’s quick – but no quick enough – ouster. The Yanks should have pulled the trigger on this move once players started questioning Miller’s credentials.

What if?
Down on the Farm
  • BryanK

    What was the reasoning for questioning his credentials? I don’t recall this, but am curious to see what their initial issue was.

  • Rajah of Rehab

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  • Barry

    honestly I mean its not hard to stretch out your hamstrings and don’t you think that the players should of said something earlier.

  • http://www.thefeed.blogs.com TheFeed

    I think this goes on Cashman. He hired the guy who was running the clubhouse of a golf club to work with a team full of guys who had their own trainers and their own regimens. The team had no reason to buy into what Miller was selling and once the hammies started getting pulled they were never going to get on board with him. Miller had to go but Cashman needs to answer why he thought this guy was so right for the job.