Yanks in must-win situation?

Watching this makes me feel a little better
A's DFA Jeremy Brown

When Curt Schilling faces Andy Pettitte tonight, the Yanks will be in a dire situation. They are 20-24, 10.5 games behind the league-leading Red Sox. After two solid wins, they looked listless and lost against Julian Tavarez, a sub-par starting pitcher. So now I have to wonder: Is tonight a must-win game for the Yanks?

If the Yanks lose tonight, the go into a weekend series against the Angels 11.5 games out of first and five games under .500. They are now also 7 games behind the Wild Card-leading Tigers. So what do you think, RAB readers? Is this a must-win game for the Yanks? Does King George erupt if the Yanks don’t pull this one out?

Watching this makes me feel a little better
A's DFA Jeremy Brown
  • Stuart

    he erupts and what good does that do the team?

    I want moves made that help the team this year and going forward..

    Any good ideas are needed. firing Torre or Cashman will that really help?

    Getting better hitting, defense, starting pitching , and relief pitching will help much more…

    there are like 4 or 5 guys grading A for there performance year to date and many c- or lower..

    the guys have simply not produced at all and the injuries in reality(pavano and gimabi usually nagging nonsense) are really not a big suprise are they?

  • Tom

    The Yanks “must win” a lot of games here on out. If they had been swept by the Mets, and then lost the first game to the Sox, then maybe I could see something crazy happening.

    Firing Torre and/or Cash before the season ended would be really stupid. If they finish the season out of the playoffs entirely, then I can see the team going in a new direction in 08.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    Im not sure if it matters anymore. If George does nothing he’s damned, if he cans Torre or Cashman (or both) he’s damned. In the end the players have to play better than sub 500 ball, firings or not.

  • Sherard

    The only thing I want to quibble with is the notion making the rounds that Tavarez is a “shitty pitcher”. While on average he is below average, even subpar players get hot. Detroit has only scored less runs that the Sox, yet Tavarez limited them to just 1 run over 7 innings in his previous start.

    It’s pretty clear that no matter how lousy Tavarez may be on any given day, of late, he’s been throwing the ball pretty damn well.

    Other than that, yes, must win.

  • steve

    yes its a must win. here on out i think its must win series as well.

  • Barry

    from now until October, every game, in my opinion is must win

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    Barry, I like that attitude.