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In which we ponder the fate of Luis Vizcaino.

What will it take to get Luis Vizcaino off the Yankees?
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  1. RobinCT says:

    The walks. Torre hates relievers who walk lots of guys. Or at least he used to hate them…

    Hey, I guess somebody had to be the run fairy this year, right? ;)

  2. Ben says:

    Ah, Rob, you seem to be the lone voice among the rest of us who feel it will actually take an act of God.

  3. John says:

    Nope. I voted “act of God” before I read the comments.
    I can’t remember ever hating a Yankee as much as Viz. It’s too the point that when he enters the game I leave the room.
    What did Britton do to piss of Torre? I have to think that Cashman likes him cause 1) he traded for Britton, and 2) he slips him onto the 25 man roster every time there’s an openning.

  4. ShawnT says:

    He didnt pitch that bad last night, i figured the game was completley done we he came in

  5. Stuart says:

    he didn’t pitch that badly would have had an earned run in 1 and change except for Posada’s great plate blocking..

  6. mehmattski says:

    So… that Randy Johnson trade worked out real well, huh.

  7. Malcard89 says:

    If we look back, remember that Tanyon Sturtze didnt leave the yankees until he was injured for the year, he was still pitching with a WHIP of 2!!!

  8. dan says:

    sturtze pitched 11 innings that year…. thats completely different than whats going on with vizcaino

  9. JP says:

    With Vizcaino, I thought you at least give us an option to pick All of the above

  10. Ben says:

    Hah. Next time, JP. Next time.

  11. Barry says:

    he should jump off a bridge

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