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We may see a familiar face tonight
Down on the Farm

In which we ponder the fate of Luis Vizcaino.

What will it take to get Luis Vizcaino off the Yankees?
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We may see a familiar face tonight
Down on the Farm
  • RobinCT

    The walks. Torre hates relievers who walk lots of guys. Or at least he used to hate them…

    Hey, I guess somebody had to be the run fairy this year, right? ;)

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben

    Ah, Rob, you seem to be the lone voice among the rest of us who feel it will actually take an act of God.

  • John

    Nope. I voted “act of God” before I read the comments.
    I can’t remember ever hating a Yankee as much as Viz. It’s too the point that when he enters the game I leave the room.
    What did Britton do to piss of Torre? I have to think that Cashman likes him cause 1) he traded for Britton, and 2) he slips him onto the 25 man roster every time there’s an openning.

  • ShawnT

    He didnt pitch that bad last night, i figured the game was completley done we he came in

  • Stuart

    he didn’t pitch that badly would have had an earned run in 1 and change except for Posada’s great plate blocking..

  • http://mehmattski.blogspot.com mehmattski

    So… that Randy Johnson trade worked out real well, huh.

  • Malcard89

    If we look back, remember that Tanyon Sturtze didnt leave the yankees until he was injured for the year, he was still pitching with a WHIP of 2!!!

  • dan

    sturtze pitched 11 innings that year…. thats completely different than whats going on with vizcaino

  • JP

    With Vizcaino, I thought you at least give us an option to pick All of the above

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben

    Hah. Next time, JP. Next time.

  • Barry

    he should jump off a bridge