Bradley traded; Yanks decide they’ll try for a comeback without the best players available to them

...and it was a freakin' strike, too!
Down on the Farm

Bradley would have a great fit for this team and a spark plug for an otherwise sleepy offense. Sigh…

In other news, Johnny Damon will sit on the bench until Tuesday, at which point the Yanks will decide if they will DL him. This creates yet another inefficiency in the 25-man roster. Johnny should go back to the Jesus look, his body’s old enough for the part.

Update: Bradley failed his physical, so the Quarter Pounders voided the deal (that’s a Pulp Fiction reference FYI). If no one pulls off a deal for him in the next 8 days, he’ll be a free agent. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not like there’s anyone better available in a trade…

...and it was a freakin' strike, too!
Down on the Farm
  • Greg G.

    Mike, FYI…


    MILWAUKEE — Outfielder Milton Bradley was traded to the Royals — almost. The deal was cancelled before it actually happened.

    The Royals, on Friday, had agreed to a trade with the Oakland A’s, sending them pitcher Leo Nunez in exchange for Bradley.

    Then, according to a Royals spokesman, the A’s learned that Bradley had suffered an oblique injury in his last game for them and the trade was called off.

  • Joseph M

    Remember my post the other day, why are the A’s trading him, the answer may be yet another injury (he’s had two stints on the DL already this year).

    PLease take a closer look at Bradley before suggesting him to the Yanks. He wants to play every day and what does that translate to on the Yanks, a seat on the bench for Melky which I think is ridiculous. Melky is a nice player get some things done and he is 22 years old. Let’s watch him develop and see what we have rather than relive the Kenny Lofton era with a journeyman outfielder who is injury prone and wears out his welcome faster than Raul Mondesi.

  • Joseph P.

    Joseph M,

    Remember, we’ll need a DH once we leave San Fran. Look at the roster. We have no one to DH (because Damon NEEDS to go on the DL).

  • Malcard89

    its not like bradley is that good anyway.

  • Greg G.

    Joe P.:

    That may be true, but I just don’t think Bradley’s the answer. He’s damaged goods (physically, that is).

    Besides, if Oakland DFA’ed him, and KC decided against him, maybe there’s more than one red flag there.

  • ShawnT

    A Royale With Cheese lol

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