Down on the Farm

Proctor knows how to buy himself a break
Sickels Mock Draft today

Mike Lowell gets a standing frickin’ ovation for a premeditated, bush league tackle on Cano, but you know for a fact the circumstances would be completely different if A-Rod pulled that kinda crap. They shoulda hit Lowell twice for that shit.

And Joe, way to leave Proctor in what, 6 batters too many? Fuckin’ a man, there’s managers that would kill to have Brian Bruney in their bullpen… 

I’m frustrated, so I’m not going to post the usual in-depth updates, instead I’ll point you here. Here’s the notables:

  • Eric Duncan went 1 for 4 with a double.
  • Shelley Duncan went deep for the 4th straight game.
  • Alan Horne had an outing reminiscent of last year: 5 IP, 5 H, 4 R, 3 ER, 3 BB, 2 K, 2 HB
  • Jose Tabata went 3 for 4, all singles. He also gunned down a runner at the plate.
  • Juan Miranda continued his recent assault on FSL pitching, going 3 for 4 with 2 doubles. He’s got 9 XBH (7 doubles, 2 homers) and 11 RBI in his last 8 games.
  • Frankie Cervelli went 2 for 4.
  • Joba frickin’ Chamberlain man, damn is that dude good. 7 IP, 5 H, 3 ER, 2 BB, 10 K, 8-3 GB/FB.

Low-A Charleston got rained out. Apparently God is the only thing that can stop Mitch Hilligoss.

Get well soon Mink.

Proctor knows how to buy himself a break
Sickels Mock Draft today
  • yankz

    Mink’s going on the DL. Do we assume the red-hot S. Duncan gets the call?

  • dan

    duncan has to be called up. i’ll hit something if they call up phillips for some retarded reason like “we know what he can do for us,” becuase they know full well that he’s gonna suck, they just feel comfortable knowing what theyre gonna get.

  • Stuart

    a few comments. I would have put Bruney in to start the 7th but that said the D let Proctor down.. Abreu should have made the play. Cano, Jeter twice, screwed up big time.. Moose I think just stinks, Proctor gets a repreive on his outing.

    Again why bring Britton up but never give him a chance???

    Is there any doubt that Vizciano stinks!!!!

    why not give Britton a try if he stinks send him down the guy is 24 and pitched over 50 games last yr. and pitched well………….

  • david

    Lowell’s play was perfectly fine, and probably payback for arod’s elbow. It’s amazing that the sox didn’t throw at anyone for arod’s elbow, but an elbow that is perfectly ok and you want lowell hit. Have you ever played baseball?

  • Stuart

    david my question is if Arod did the same play as Lowell would you be saying it was clean???

    there is a double standard out there and it is ridiculous.

    BTW Lowells #’s are pretty cclose to Arods..Arods D has been much better this yr. At the $ Arod is getting paid I let him wlak but it would be better if they traded him to get something back.

    I personally am tired of the soap opera, which is not totally Arod’s fault…the Yanks use to be the team that won todays game now they are just like Tampa and lose this game.

    I do not like to complain about torre but really why continue to use guys who stink lize Vizciano??? I would have used Bruney to start the 7th, and if Farnsworth cannot pitch the 8th inning 2 days in a row, why have him on the team..

    Are they going to make any moves, trades??/I am just talking about addition by subtraction not trading any chips…

    I love how Melky plays Cano is more talented but his style and game intellect really bothers me…

  • Rich

    How was it Proctor’s fault that Abreu sucks in the OF and Jeter is a below average defensive SS?

    I do agree that Lowell should be taught to play the game the right way by making him eat dirt.

  • Depressed Fan

    Thank God someone else in the world is pissed off about the Lowell play. The anti-Yankee double standard has gotten completely out of control. Jeter hits a bomb off the sign over the monster and McCarver says, “Well that was a Fenway home run.” I question whether Lowell’s would’ve even been gone if a fan hadn’t reached out of the first row and grabbed it, but that’s a legit bomb in McCarver’s book. I hate those guys.

    I hope every sports site and show across the country will run a poll tomorrow on whether Lowell’s play was bush league, like they did for A-Rod.

  • John

    It’s tough getting no sympathy in a season when we can’t catch a break, but that’s what we’ve signed up for. As you can see on any Red Sox board, we’re always the MF Yankees.
    Shitty. That’s all it is. Shitty Minky got destroyed. Shitty we don’t have a bench. Shitty we don’t have a manager willing to use his best relievers.
    We have to win tomorrow. That’s all there is to it. Every day, tomorrow is all of the season we have left.

  • Rich

    Too many Sox fans are miserable sluts.

  • Matt L

    I still don’t get how A-rod’s slap in ’05 was illegal but Lowell play was legal, in both cases the base-runner interfeared with the ball-holder in the base line, can someone explain this to me.

  • Jon

    Lowell’s play was perfectly clean. ARod’s elbow to Pedroia can’t be compared – it was well after the throw had been made and the action at second base was over. I’m surprised that more hasn’t been made of it because to be honest it’s one of the dirtier plays I’ve ever seen.

    Here, Lowell has the right to the basepath, and the collision with Cano was hard but clean.

    The difference between this play and Arod’s swat was specifically that ARod went for the glove with his hand. If Lowell grabbed Cano’s glove then it would be the same thing, but it clearly was not.

    Cano should have been expecting a hit from Lowell – it was absolutely the right thing and this Yankee fan gives Lowell credit for making the right play.

  • Mike A.

    RE: david
    “perfectly fine” my ass. The defender is fair game if he’s in the baseline AND he impedes the runners momentum. Lowell CAME TO A STOP in the baseline, waited until Cano walked up to him, then laid him out. That’s a load or bullshit, but hey, Lowell’s a gamer, so it’s okay.

    You KNOW there’d be a nuclear fallout if A-Rod did that.

    RE: Matt L
    I have no idea, what A-Rod did wasn’t even close to as bad as what Lowell did. If the Yanks really wanted to, they could go to Bob Watson and claim there was intent to injure.

    Did anyone else catch these gems from McCarver:

    1-He said Jeter’s homer was a Fenway homer, but absolutely nothing when a bunch of drunken halfwits reached over the wall to give Lowell a homer?

    2-Praising Ortiz because he crushes balls that are low and inside, yet somehow “there’s not a hitter alive who can’t hit a ball there” when they show the graphic of A-Rod hitting .700 on low and inside pitches?

  • yankz

    Yeah, I caught those as well, Mike. How the hell does that guy have such an important job? Most farm animals could call games better.

  • NYFan50

    Anybody know if there is a replay of the Lowell hit on Cano anywhere? I can’t find one.

  • NYFan50

    Never mind, I found it. If that was A-Rod this would have gotten a ton of press.

  • david

    “The defender is fair game if he’s in the baseline AND he impedes the runners momentum.”

    Lowell can decide to run at any time. If cano had reached out from the side there’s nothing lowell could do. Same with arod slapping the glove. The pitcher reached out to tag him and arod reached to the side to hit the glove. If the pitcher had walked in front of arod he would have been fair game.

    Cano simply believed he would be able to step in front of lowell and gently tag him. He was wrong, and from his comments you get that he doesn’t really understand the game. Torre said it was legal, and he’s correct.

    And yes, if arod had done the same thing he would be crucified. That doesn’t make lowell’s action dirty or not.

  • david

    “I have no idea, what A-Rod did wasn’t even close to as bad as what Lowell did. If the Yanks really wanted to, they could go to Bob Watson and claim there was intent to injure.”

    Completing his slide, then popping up at a different angle with an elbow isn’t even close? If you said both were the same to you, I could at least see that argument. But to let one go and crucify the other shows worlds of bias.

    And yes, you could go to watson, and he’d laugh at the yankees. Intent to injure? After youk came close to having his head crushed? Got ya.

  • david

    PS. Arod came out of the baseline to hit pedroia. Lowell did not.

  • Sal

    1) “Have you ever played baseball?”

    Holy shit, Joe Morgan is here! Man, I love it when people pander to others on the internet. Yes, David, I have played baseball. Is it OK if I chime in now? Great, here I go.

    2) “Torre said it was legal, and he’s correct.”

    I don’t think anyone would debate the legality of the play. However, if you think coming to a dead stop, waiting for a defender to come and tag you, and then throwing a shoulder/forearm shiver at him when he gets close, is just “good, hard baseball,” I don’t think you’re evaluating the situation honestly. Also, it seemed to require a bit more premeditation than A-Rod’s elbow to Pedroia, which is why I take greater issue with it.

    In any event, we can all agree that if A-Rod did what Lowell did, it would be chalked up to the fact that he is a cheap player doesn’t have respect for the game or his opponents, blah blah blah blah blah. The guy can’t win. I didn’t think it was possible, but I feel bad for a guy that is going to make more than a quarter of a billion dollars playing baseball for a living.