The wonder of Don Zimmer’s teeth

My brackets are a disaster
Mo mo. by mo.

The Star-Ledger’s Dan Graziano penned a piece on managerial outbursts today. It’s a fairly unremarkable piece except for this one quote by Joe Torre:

“I haven’t had the energy to do stuff like throw the bases into the outfield,” Torre said. “I haven’t gotten to that point. There’s a pretty good chance I’d hurt myself if I did that. (Don Zimmer) will tell you some stories about taking the tobacco out of his mouth and throwing it down and realizing his teeth were in it.”

It just speaks for itself.

My brackets are a disaster
Mo mo. by mo.
  • Marsha


  • Joseph P.

    “It’s a fairly unremarkable piece…”

    That’s because Dan Graziano is an unremarkable writer.

  • JP

    LOL now that is freak’in funny! Ya gotta love Zimmer but that is just wrong on so many different levels