Cashman: we have a plan

The full report on Hughes's start today
A three-man no-no in Tampa

Cashman just spoke to the media on hand. He basically said what we expected: they have a strict plan for Phil, and they’re not going to deviate from it.

He didn’t say it specifically, but this is definitely what he meant: Phil will have two starts in Scranton. He said they’re going to get him to 100 pitches before they even consider sending him up, so the 75 he’ll throw Monday won’t be enough.

He also seemed quite elated at a Juan Miranda question. Don’t rule him out being the starting first baseman next year.

The full report on Hughes's start today
A three-man no-no in Tampa
  • Rick

    Looks like they are just building arm strength to get his fastball back to where it was.

  • Steve

    Did anyone ask him about Shelley?

  • Brian

    Miranda hit an opposite field bomb on Friday when I was at Waterfront. He definitely looked like a men among boys, of course, there’s probably a reason for that, I bet he’s 30 years-old.

  • C-Note

    Great work Joseph P… two Scranton starts on a five day rotation would put his first game against White Sox in AUGUST on the 2nd or against KC on the third… his next start would be on the road against the Blue Jays— it’s cool if it works out that way because even though KC & Chi are playing better of late they are still about 10 games below .500, and to have the game at home— the Jays and their line up on the road will be a good challenge and a nice way to get payback for his first loss— he’ll have two starts under his belt before the Yanks get to the AUG 10th to 30th part of the schedule… not a bad pitcher to get back around the trading deadline

  • ej877

    Cashman’s elation is probably relief from years of trying to meet unrealistic expectations. This is just one of those seasons when there aren’t many answers on the trade market. In prior years Cashman was simply expected to sign or trade for the best players money could buy, a guy like Miranda would just be a name included in one of those trades. A question concerning the promotion of a minor leaguer is confirmation of recognition of the organizations new approach to develop talent from within.