• Stuart

    and if you look at the Yankee loses most have been tought losses… with a better pen and some situational hitting they would have a bunch more wins…….

  • C-Note

    9 games out in the loss column to the sox, seven to the TRIBE, for as bad as the Yanks played from LONG streatches of this year things could be worse- agree with Stuart, the 20-14 record, how many of those 14 losses were in extra inning games, one run games, failed opportunity games- really need to kick some ass the rest of this month against a bunch of crap teams- by Aug 1 st I hope to be no worse than 5 games behind the sox and closer than that to the wild card… August is a tough month but the rotation should be WANG-ROCKET-ANDY-PHIL-MOOSE by then, and when you get the chance check out the Yankees Sept schedule- other than 3 games with the sox there are a lot against second division type teams- while the talk of the spirit of 78′ is swell, this could play out much more like 95′ when the yanks had a white hot finish to make the playoffs- if they have any pulse come Sept they have a helluva a lot of games they should win- but they need to take care of buisness now… 5-2 against Minn & the halos was nice… of course if Joe had Melky put down a bunt yesterday (the bunt that he had him put down today when it was 7-0, but not in the 13th when they needed one to tie— go figure) the week might’ve been 6-1… oh well

  • Tano

    I hope everyone remembers that for a few weeks, when the Yanks were hot, they gained 7 games on the Sox in about 3 weeks.

    The fact they did that proves they are capable of it. If they manage to do that once again, they would be 2 out in loss column.

    If that can happen at any time in the next two months, its anybody’s race.

    Anyone who claims that the East title is out of reach just does not understand the dynamics of baseball. Its a constant source of frustration and annoyment to see that that category includes about 90% of all the people, reporters, bloggers, commenters, whose opinions on this subject I’ve read over the past few months.