• batty

    A-freakin’ men.

  • Rick

    Kyle Farnsworthless did everything in his power to fuck up that inning. Please get rid of this guy.

  • Jersey

    But if Viz stayed in there, it would foul up Torre’s formula! You don’t want to foul up Torre’s formula, do you??


    fransworthless sucks what does he need to do to get into joes
    dog house
    yankees win thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yankees win

  • batty

    Good job Mo! And A-Rod! And Andy!

  • CB

    A poster over at Lohud brought this up – are the Yankees trying to showcase Farnsworth to trade him?

    Why else would he brought in two days in a row? Torre himself said he didn’t want to do that at the beginning of the season. Since then Farnsworth has only gotten worse – much worse.

  • Stuart

    farnsworth threw like 12 pitches. is he 40? the guy is a 31 stud who cannot pitch period…

    again Ramirez is no where to be found, get rid of myers, our lefties are jokes out of the pen..

    read Feiaands blog about Loftons truthfulness.

  • ShawnT

    what happened to scotty

  • batty

    Myers is pretty good – against righties. I say use him for that.

  • The Scout

    Torre’s continued use of Farnsworth in the 8th inning of close games is simply inexplicable — it defies reason, even Torre’s own stated reasons for how and when he uses a pitcher. Farnsworth has never done anything in a Yankee uniform to justify the confidence the manager shows in him in that situation. As for the “showcase” theory, a team struggling to get back into contention doesn’t showcase a guy at the risk of losing the game. Of cpurse, if I’m wrong and this is supposed to be a showcase, the joke is on Cashman and the Yankees because every time Farnsworth takes the mound his value declines!

  • http://scottproctorsarm.blogspot.com Andrew

    Farnsworth is doing his best to give the Yankees a better record in one-run games.

  • Trevor

    Joe Torre and Cash need to stop being fucken pussys and dump farnsworth, villone, myers.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Well done Andrew. I actually laughed out loud at that one.

  • dan p

    I almost never question our hall of fame skipper, but this Farnsworth thing has got to stop, if today didn’t offically end Farnsworth’s job as the eighth inning fuck up guy I don’t know what will. How about Proctor in the eighth, he’s been lights out since the bond fire.

  • Ron

    Chris Britton must think morons run the Yankee organization.

  • Mike

    I love Torre but as I watch Kyle Fucksworth give up a run AGAIN I feel that it’s time for Torre to go as he has proven incapable of dealing with a bullpen.