• Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Go Joba.

    Just saw at another site that the Yanks traded Clippard, Marquez and a ptbnl for Gagne.

  • Frank

    Trade Melky!!! Da Bum!

  • C-Note

    The X Factor is on his way, get ready for JoBA MANIA

    DON’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out FRANSY….

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    We’ll post any Gagne trade once it’s confirmed.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    Baloney, they didnt get Gagne yet. Whats the link?

    Joba is 230 lbs of twisted Native American steel. I love this kid.

  • Frank

    Wow if true, that sucks, regardless of what Gagne does. Cashman won’t trade any pitching for a 1B or RH bat – something that can help the team day in and day out for 100 games. Instead he trades young pitching for maybe 30 relief innings (half of which won’t be high leverage). Meanwhile, they could have just signed Gagne in the off-season (but few 1B or RH bats).


  • Rick

    Joba was just plain sick. Joba and Hughes coming to the team soon awwwww man. Two big young right handed pitchers with big stuff awwwwww man.

  • C-Note

    this is BEN K from about a 1/2 an hour before this post

    {Meanwhile, C-NOTE, your argument is flimsy. Sure, Melky’s hitting .380 over one month but that’s a terrible sample size. Anyone can end up hitting .380 over the course of less than 100 at bats. Meanwhile, what makes you say Gagne’s one throw away from his season being over? He’s throwing the best he’s thrown in years. Everyone who sees him says he’s throwing free and easy, and he’s utterly dominating. I could also say Melky’s one slump away from having a terrible season. That’s the same argument you’re making.}

    BEN K- anyone can hit .380 over the course of a month? At 22? with a gun for an arm?

    How about the over .330 he’s been hitting since being the regular everyday centerfielder for two months? Can ANYONE hit over .330 for two months?

    Did you see the double he got against Palpabon in the sunday night game of the Boston Masacre II last year? or that he’s been

    Do you actually watch baseball period???

    Gagne’s already been on the DL once this year and has a HISTORY OF SEASON ENDING ARM PROBLEMS, why do you think he’s not with LA????

    “Melky is one slump away from having a terrible season??” when is this supposed to happen exactly?? (as in comparrison to Gagne who has had multiple nightmare injury seasons…)

    Now JoBA stikes out side in relief and keeping Melky isn’t so “Flimsy”anynore is it?

    Also, with you trading Melky BEN K who plays centerfield for the yanks the reast of the year? Seems that was a point forgotten by everyone arguing to trade Melky…

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I duno if it’s true. Just saw it at PendingPinstripes.

    Anyway, I’d do that deal in a second. Sorry, but I’m not impressed with Clippard. A soft-tossing righty fly-ball pitcher who relies on spotting his pitches on the corners? Bu-bye. Have fun keeping the ball in the park in Arlington.

    And Marquez? He could turn into a decent pitcher, but I think it’s worth it for Gagne.

    We’re looking at a 7,8,9 team of Joba, Gagne, Mo down the stretch and into the postseason.

    That might be good enough, with Hughes slotted into the rotation, to bring home a championship this season.

  • Rick

    Joba Chamberlain can be Bobby Jenks for the Yankees this year.

  • Frank

    How about another “soft-tossing” righty:

    Career mL totals:
    Greg Maddux – 491 ip 7.92 h/9 0.29 hr/9 2.75 bb/9 5.66 k/9 1.19 whip
    Clippard – 585 ip 7.95 h/9 0.77 hr/9 2.51 bb/9 9.44 k/9 1.16 whip

    Yup, Clippard’s a bum. Meanwhile, Maddux got absolutely shelled in his first 32 starts in the majors. I’m not saying CLippard will become Maddux, but there’s nothing that says a control righty WILL fail, just that have to have pinpoint control. And Clippard shown he can – esp in that K:BB rate.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    I love this thing Joba blurb from PP:

    In other news, Joba is consistently hitting 99 at least 5 times and 100 at least once on the Scranton gun in relief, and he also threw a 90 MPH slider to record a strikeout.

    I hope this translates into well when hes promoted.

    Also, regarding the Gagne rumor, they claim its being reported, but the only person reporting it is MVN from an unnamed source. I’d take it with a grain of salt.

  • sleepyirv

    Basically any trade will be awful since the solution to our 8th inning problems is in AAA, if Cashman and Torre just bothered to send them up and used them.

  • Dude

    TClip & Marquez and PTBNL for Gagne? i dont know. people here are saying the trio of Joba, Gagne and Mo will be unstoppable down the stretch. for that to even be the case, they have to get good starting pitching and consistent hitting, both questions (although getting hughes back will help). gagne will almost certainly become a FA again – he wants to close and his agent is, yep, Scott Boras, so this is a 2 month rental. now marq & clip might’ve never made it to the bronx with the Yanks stacked pitching depth, but clip IS extremely healthy, unlike gagne. but this is not the same gagne as 2003 – he doesn’t have quite the stuff he had then. Now granted, i wanted Cash to sign gagne last offseason – now it comes back to bite them (of course, he supposedly only wanted to close, not set up, so no choice). but why not take a flyer on a proven closer? they did it with dotel, and had lieber for a full DL year just to get one year of him, i’m sure they could have convinced gagne to set up (and occassionally close) for not just the Yankees but the best closer ever. now they’re giving up young starting pitching to acquire it. if it does happen, i’ll be excited for 2 months, but i DONT think gagne is the difference between the playoffs and not.

  • Yanks26

    Here’s a recap from SWB:

    Joba Chamberlain just made his bullpen debut here in Rochester.

    He came in to pitch the seventh inning and struck out the side. He hit 99 on the stadium radar three times, and there were pitches that didn’t properly register so he might have done it more than three times. (I’m pretty sure he never threw a fastball 37 mph in his life).

    Chamberlain threw 13 pitches, 10 of them for strikes. All three balls came to the first batter he faced.

    Gil Velazquez struck out looking at a slider, a pitch that was setup by a 99 mph fastball.

    Denard Span took two straight 99 mph strikes, then fouled off a pitch and finally struck out swinging at a breaking ball in the dirt. Looked like a curveball to me.

    Matt Tolbert struck out on three straight fastballs, the fastest of which hit 97.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    C-NOTE, I responded in the other thread.

  • Pettitte’s stare

    If Gagne did come to the yankees anyone know if he will be a class A free agent at the end of the year? That first round pick or suplimental first round pick adds a lot to Gagne’s value.

  • dan

    They base it on 3-year performance, but his numbers this year alone could get him class A status. If someone can post a list of last years class A free agents, I think many people will be surprised at who’s on the list.

    But about the rumor… does anyone really see marquez or clippard being better than alan horne? wang-hughes-joba-kennedy-horne… clippard and marquez cant pass any of those guys. Horne is the only one of the 4 that isnt a virtual lock, and he’s THE top pitching prospect in the majority of organizations. The draft picks that gagne could get us, along with the value he brings as a rental, are worth giving up marquez and t-clip

  • Tom

    Pettitte’s stare: that’s a really good point. If he’s a Class A FA, then yeah I’d say to do the trade. If he’s not, I’d probably have to think some more.

  • Ivan

    Plus, if I am the Yankees, I would trade Protor. He’s overrated by many yankee fans especially guys use Torre to justify Protor performances at times. He just isn’t that good. Never was a Protor fan. Trade him for Wilson Betemit, who is a young and versitle and put him on the bench to be a viable bat. Plus, if A-Rod leaves, you can plug him at third for the 08 season. Betemit has some upside, granted not a superstar, but a good regular who make an All Star appearance.

    Plus also, get rid of Farnsworthless.

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  • Frank

    Yes, Dan, I see Clippard being better than Horne. He’s younger, been healthier, and with better career numbers. Horne may have the higher ceiling, but Clippard’s more likely to last longer.

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