Notes on a good Yankee win

Jesus debut-eth
Hughes or Joba?

How about that? Yesterday, I predicted a five-inning, four-run game from Kei Igawa and the man nearly delivered. While it only took him 357 115 pitches to make it through five innings and he surrendered two more home runs in the process, Igawa kept the Yanks in the game, and the bats delivered a win. I love it when I’m right.

Meanwhile, we should be elated with the Yanks’ performance of late. Since the All Star Break, the team is 4-1 and 9-4 in July. They are six games behind the Indians in the loss column for the Wild Card (seven out overall) and are playing crisp baseball. Since there’s not much else to say about tonight’s game specifically — other than beware Troy Glaus, that is — I wanted to drop in a few notes and observations about the Bombers of late.

  • Let’s start with Luis Vizcaino. On June 4, I wrote off Viz in a poll. Most of you figured it would take an act of God to get Vizcaino off the Yanks. Who knew the act of God would turn him into one of our more reliable relievers? Since the day of that poll, Vizcaino has thrown 18 innings, giving up just 10 hits and 2 earned runs while striking out 16. Those two earned runs came in one outing. I should dump on struggling Yankees more often.
  • Speaking of which, how’s Johnny Damon working out for us? The second coming of Bernie Williams has been downright terrible for the Yanks. With his average down to .241, Miguel Cairo looks like a better hitter. Splits-wise, in the one hole, Damon is hitting .243/.344/.335 on the season. Last year, he hit .284/.358/.479. He’s lost the starting center fielder job to Melky Cabrera and can’t hit. We still have him under contract for two more years. But, hey, at least he won’t be getting $18 million from us at age 37 like some other center fielders I know.
  • Has anyone seen Edwar Ramirez lately? Is he still alive?
  • How about that Andy Phillips this month? He’s 15 for 40 so far with a .419 OBP and a .500 slugging. He’s had a few game-changing RBIs since the All Star Break and some nifty plays in the field. Eat your heart out, Doug Mientkiewicz.
  • Kei Igawa is on a pace to surrender 52 HR in 200 IP. While he clearly won’t get to 200 IP, that’s pretty terrible for a lefty at Yankee Stadium. The record, by the way, for most HR allowed in a single season in the American League is 50. Bert Blyleven did that in 1986, but it took him 271.1 innings. If Igawa had made it to 271 IP this year, he would, at the current rate, give up 67 HR.
  • And finally, Hideki Matsui in July: .327/.397/.769 with 6 HR, 10 RBI and 14 runs scored. Wrist injuries can take a while to heal. I think his finally feels better, and it couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. The Yanks need another power threat in the lineup to provide a Ying to Alex Rodriguez’s Yang. Godzilla’s reemergence is the shot in the arm the Yanks need.

So with Andy Pettitte and Roy Halladay facing off tonight in what will be a stellar match up, I say only lets keep up those winning ways. One at a time, boys. One at a time.

Jesus debut-eth
Hughes or Joba?
  • Rick from Boston


    I think we should also note this fantastic quote from Torre, as found in today’s NY Times:

    ““Farnsie has the most experience doing that for the eighth and the ninth; he was a closer, too,” Torre said. “I’d have to see something really bad from him where he was very inconsistent, and I haven’t seen that.””

    Um…is Joe watching the same games we’re watching?

  • Eric Schultz

    I cringed when I saw that too. He’s right, Farnsworth has been consistent. Consistently awful, as a matter of fact. Is Joe even watching the same game that the rest of us are?

  • RobinCT

    I have no choice but to hope that Torre *does* know what we know (that Farns has been awful) but that he is obligated to say nice things… while he ponders switching things up. I think it’ll take another good outing or two from Edwar to gain Joe’s trust, but at this point I think it’s clear that Farns does not have said trust.

    It’s different than trying to dislodge a guy who earned Torre’s trust. Like, say, Mike Stanton when Mike Stanton was no longer Mike Stanton, ya know?

  • Mike R.

    I totally agree with Robin. Add that the fact that going out there and telling the truth about Kyle would probably destroy the little trade value he has left.

    Torre was likely just trying not to make Cashman’ ob harder than it already is.

  • mg

    Robin, you’re right about Edram. The thing is that unless you use him, he won’t have another good outing or two. He’ll just sit there watching.

  • Paul albany

    cano is ready to explode he is hitting everything hard.

  • C-Note

    There has been a lot of talk about the Yanks in the middle of the easy part of their schedule- now as we know from this year when they are playing well they can beat anyone, and when their game is off they can lose to anyone- but here we go:

    For the remaining games from today til the end of the season the Yankees play teams with winning records 23 times, under .500 clubs 49 times… most of the games against winning teams come between Aug 10th and Aug 30th — and barring any set backs Hughes should be back in the rotation with a start under his belt at that point, and maybe CASH will have rolled the dice on some bullpen help…

    And the season ends very well for the Yanks- from sept 7th to the 30th they play 22 games, 19 of those against sub-.500 clubs

    Boston has a similiarly favorable schedule- 46 Games vs sub .500 teams, 24 games against winning team- only 6 head to head with the Yankees

    The Focus for me, as a fan, the rest of the way will be on the wild card unless Boston has a spirit of 78′ collapse

    CLEVELAND is 6 games ahead of us in the loss column going into todays action—-They have 37 games against winning teams, 24 against the sub .500

    MINNESOTA has 38 games versus winning teams, 32 against losing clubs

    DETROIT plays 31 times versus winners, 41 against the sub .500

    If you are a Yankee fan the best aspect of the DETROIT, MINN, & CLEVELAND schedules are they play each other a lot… I feel DETROIT is the best of those 3 and will take the divison, but all three should beat each other to the point of giving the Yanks a great shot at the wildcard

    SEATTLE is very interesting because they have played very well over the last two months to put themselves where they are…
    Their schedule breaks down to 29 games against winning teams and 42 against the sub .500 I’m still not sure how much I believe in Seattle, and they have a lot of games left against the Angels, and 3 with the Yanks in the Bronx in sept., which in a weird twist might be more important that the 3 versus Boston in sept

    The Bad news for the Yankees about the division is we play Boston only 6 more times— the good news about the wildcard is that we play Boston only 6 more times… they Yankees are built to beat the shit out of bad teams- in the majority of the 49 games against sub .500 teams we should be putting the better pitcher on the mound, and putting a line up out there that mauls mediocre pitching

    I’m not sure that the Wildcard will take 95 wins this year- with the Central teams beating on each other and Seattle being questionable to stay in it till the bitter end, 91 or 92 wins might do it

    Regardless of the schedule, there can be no more losing 9 of 10, no more 3 weeks of 6 hitters going into a funk at once, and not another run of hamstring injuries… but considering how bad much of the first half was the Yanks are in a decent spot to take a run at the Wildcard

  • Yankee Doom & Gloomer

    Hey since we’re into predictions. Here’s mine for tonight:

    Andy gets shelled while Doc Holiday makes a house call and gives the Red Sox what they need: A 10 game lead!

    Go JAYS!!!!!

    You’ll be back at .500 by the end of this series!!!

    Wuh-ho-ho…Doc makes a house call. Clev-ver.

    You know, I admire your diligence and continued efforts to post off-topic neo-Red Sox comments here, only to have them edited every single time. Keep it up, you’re bound to get lucky and have one remain unedited every, oh I dunno, 86 years or so.

  • NYFan

    Halladay isn’t the pitcher he used to be.

  • Nieves 4 President

    Edwar was actually warming up and I got so excited.

  • CB

    Torre may make very mystifying moves with the pen (to say the least) but he knows baseball. They guy caught Bob Gibson.

    I think he knows Kyle Farnsworth is awful and is just saying positive things for public consumption.

    They have to be trying to trade him. Unfortunately the more you “showcase” farnsy the more tarnished the merchandise seems to look.

  • Rich

    Torre has made me hate the word experience.