Rivers: A-Rod not like Reggie


New York Magazine’s Daily Intel blog posted an interview with one-time Yankee Mickey Rivers today. Rivers played center field for the 1977 World Champion team and made headlines for his bad relationship with Reggie Jackson.

In the interview, which coincides with the debut of ESPN’s The Bronx is Burning, Rivers talks about Reggie and Alex Rodriguez, the latest Yankee superstar living down a tough reputation. Says Rivers when asked if A-Rod is the new Reggie:

A-Rod don’t want to be the straw that stirs the drink. He want to be known as a fair guy who goes out and help a team to win a pennant. He’s a great guy. I work with him. Going on twenty years I’ve seen A-Rod getting better in different programs. He’s one of the hardest-working guys there.

It’s an interesting take from someone who’s been around the game non-stop for nearly 40 years. A-Rod’s off-field reputation, it seems, is largely undeserved. Anyway, check out the interview. It’s a good read.

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  • http://jeteupthemiddle.blogspot.com Jeteupthemiddle


    Evidently the Yankees are looking to extend him midseason….as long as he doesn’t opt out at the end of the year so that the Yankees can continue getting help from the Rangers for the next three years.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    Thanks, Jete. We’ve got our post up about A-Rod’s contract extension negotiations here.

  • http://riveravenuewatch.blogspot.com/ Mike NYY

    I would love for him to sign mid season if nothing else it would shut up Steve Phillips.