The impending end of Kyle Farnsworth?

DotF: Baby Bombers twirl another no-no
House hunting with the Rodriguez's

The Yanks, yesterday, inked discarded reliever Scott Williamson to a Minor League contract. Williamson, formerly with the Orioles, was hurt for much of the season. In just 14.1 appearances spanning 16 games, he had allowed 12 hits while striking out 16 and walking 8. His ERA on the season stands at 4.40. I have to wonder if this deal is another sign that Kyle Farnsworth’s time on the Yanks is limited. The Yanks have demoted him, thanksfully, from the 8th inning role and have numerous arms to replace his in the pen.

DotF: Baby Bombers twirl another no-no
House hunting with the Rodriguez's
  • NYYank55

    Any move made to rid themselves of Farnsworthless is a step in the right direction. He just doesn’t have what it takes to pitch in NY. He obviously has great stuff so I think the problem is mental. Perhaps a change in scenery would benefit him. No matter what happens, the Yanks will look bad if they keep him and will most likely look bad if they trade him. It’s a no win situation. I’m sure he is better than what he’s shown here unfortunately he’ll probably be doing it elsewhere.

  • Mike A.

    My very quick 2 cents: if they’re going to trade Proctor or Farns (preferably Proctor, he’s gotta be due for arm surgery soon, and I have a feeling Farns will turn it around), gimme Betemit over Wigginton. Just look at the numbers (especially age and K/BB ratio) and remember that Betemit can play everywhere on the field (except P & C of course). Throw in Clippard if you have to.

    Plus, it’d give some pretty decent insurance if A-Rod bolts.

  • Moses

    It is kind of random…but what about Matt Murton?

    He draws as many walks as he K’s, he is a right handed hitter with solid power and a good defender. 25 years old and plays in a ridiculously crowded OF (Sori, Pie, Pagan, Floyd) on a team desperate for some bullpen help. The Yanks couldn’t get him for Farnsworth and one of the 10 zillion productive minor league arms?

    Play him every day in RF and allow Damon and Duncan to alternate DH–the guy could play OF for the yanks for the next 5 years. He is a former #1…

    Also, thinking about next year, what about giving Dukes a chance? Hire a live-in psychiatrist for all I care, but that is some absurd talent on the real cheap…Or maybe Baldelli? Another righty (never walks) who might be worth a chance on a buy-low basis…

    Finally, in the world of empty headed trade speculation, would the Dodgers part with anyone? Unfortunately Gonzo and Ethier are leftys, but Kemp bats righty and they have Delwyn Young a 25 year old switch hitter in AAA…seems crowded…Or the Brewers? Corey Hart is playing out of his mind right now, but with Gabe Gross, Tony Gwynn, Jenkins, Hall–they cannot possibly keep all of them…

    Bored at work…

  • C-Note

    mike A, all due respect but what makes you think farnsworth is going to turn it around??? when he had a good season with the Bravers he was lite up like a christmas tree in the playoffs… his fastball has no movement and no deception in his delievery, he is one of the worst signings that Cash has ever made, PLEASE get him the fuck out of here

  • The Scout

    Williamson is an insurance policy. Either Farnsworth or Proctor may be dealt, but a utility player isn’t a priority. Neither Wigginton nor Betemit would see a lot of playing time in NY, unless the Yankees decide (as they did last year) that Phillips isn’t the answer. Find the A-Rod alternative if and when you need it, not mid-season.

    I haven’t heard a deal out there that excites me. So…wait until the last minute, see which teams decide to be sellers, then move someone if the right deal appears.