A low blow

Giambi raking his way back into the lineup
Don't start apologizing to Torre

Ben was digging through some stats earlier and noticed that the pundits over at Sons of Sam Horn have managed to grab the Baseball-Reference.com sponsorship for Phil Hughes’ player page. It reads:

Will be cubically transformed soon. Sincerely, The Fans of Phil Hughes‘s favorite baseball team; the Red Sox and their fans at SoSH.

Ouch, that kinda stings. We all think of Phil as our own; we’ve watched him grow from a little-known high schooler to a soon-to-be frontline pitcher, but the fact is that Hughes was a Red Sox fan before stepping over to the Dark Side, thanks to his family roots in Rhode Island.

Sawx phenom Clay Buchholz might be getting the call to pitch one end of Boston’s doubleheader Friday, and we could do something underhanded like sponsor his page with a message like “He stole 29 laptops from his high school and tried to sell them,” but nah, we won’t stoop to that level.

Reminding us of Phil’s Red Sox allegiance stings, but not as bad as potentially blowing a 14.5 game division lead.

Giambi raking his way back into the lineup
Don't start apologizing to Torre
  • http://mvn.com/milb-yankees Eric Schultz

    Take a look at Igawa’s page.

  • Zack

    Eh, means little. I have a feeling Phil’s first start in Boston and how, um, classy those fans are will change everything :)

  • Zack

    And while I’m on it, you have to pay to sponsor those pages, so if thats what they feel is the best use of their $, so be it. Me, I prefer to spend that $300 or so on post season tix :)

  • Zack

    Nerts, doesn’t look like my first post went through. In brief, I said that I imagine Phil’s first start in Boston and getting a taste of the “Nation’s”, um, classiness, will put such nonsense to bed once and for all…

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    To be fair, the Red Sox are in the process of blowing a 10.5 game lead. The Orioles and Blue Jays were in second place when the Yanks were 14.5 games out.

    Anyway, I’m voting for sponsoring Clay Buchholz’s page with a message that says “Phil, Joba and Ian are better.”

  • Zack

    Aww crap, now I double posted. I suck.

  • marc

    Or… “paybacks a dog without his boy parts”

  • dan

    joba’s page is in good hands, however

  • barry

    awful, just awful, well the good news is, after playing for the Yankees, he’s essentially a turn coat, and the player-hating sawx won’t have him back in the ledgers.

  • nettles

    It’s just gonna make it all the more delicious when he deals a four-hit shutout to the ChokeSox!

  • YoAdrian

    funnier comments now that we have another world series win and phil hughes is looking greeeeaaat