How well can Giambi hit given regular playing time?

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Time to even the season series with Boston

I think we’re missing an important aspect of the Giambi discussion that’s occurring in this thread (beyond the anecdotal nature of defensive abilities). How well do you think Giambi would hit if he was given regular time?

He’s not 29 anymore, and won’t contend for any MVPs. We don’t have much to go on him from this season, since he’s spent mos of it hurt or not playing regularly. Can he still muster .260/.400/.550? If so, I’d clearly play him. However, I’m just not sure that those are the numbers we’ll see from him in September and hopefully October.

But I suppose we should expect it from him until he proves he can’t. Or should we?

Olney: Joba the wave of the future
Time to even the season series with Boston
  • Ivan

    I think Giambi can be a devastating pinch hitter. He has experience over guys like Duncan and Betemet, has a great eye at the plate, takes pitches and etc. A guy like Giambi who has such a great eye might not need as much AB’s as others because of searching for that pitch in his zone that he can drive out of the ballpark.

    Plus, Giambi is the type of guy where he’s not going to moan and groan like a Sheffield last year or even Damon who like alot since coming here.

    The Line up already has enough power as it is and also Damon is a better defensive leftfielder than Matsui. Plus, when Damon goes and hits well (and I wasn’t worried when he was struggling unlike you guys because the guy is a winner) the team goes.

    Sure Giambi needs some couple AB’s to be sharp but not that much becuase of his eye and patience at the plate. Giambi fits more and is probably more valuable as a pinch hitter #1 then being a starter. Plus, Damon is more a guy who would start becuase of who is interms of not having as much power as Giambi and is more of a rhythem and speedy guy.

    I really like what Torre is doing with his bench right.

  • Frank

    I’d say they start him as much as they *have* to win games. They need all the offense they can get against better pitchers. And if they don’t make the playoffs he’s just as useless as if he gets hurt. He gets on base and slugs and his 1st base is tolerable. Plus, because they have trouble against better pitchers, you need him starting in October. His offensive potential is so great – one superb week and he could carry the team over that span – as he did in April.

    Against good lefties they sit him and Abreu for Phillips and Duncan.

    I say you gotta play him though. Glad to see him in there tonight. Just as folks wrote off Damon three weeks ago, they’ll regret writing off the Big G.