Olney: Joba the wave of the future


There’s nothing in it that we don’t already know, but Buster Olney and ESPN The Magazine have hopped aboard the Joba bandwagon. In this upcoming magazine piece, Olney waxes poetic on young Mr. Chamberlain’s arrival in the Bronx, the impact this could have on the Yanks’ future and the way this symbolizes Brian Cashman‘s control over player development. And now you don’t even need to read it.

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  • Adam A


    Olney’s been Tooled by ESPN.

  • Mike A.

    Then again, the team’s first pick was 41st overall.

    Is it too much to ask ESPN, the self-proclaimed Worldwide Leader in Sports, to fact check? Sheesh…

    • dan

      mike, it says “first supplemental pick,” not first pick. i dont know why he needs to say it at all, but he didnt say first overall pick

      • Mike A.

        They changed it those fuckers! I copied and pasted the text in my last comment from the article!

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I like the title, “Yankees’ Plan forr the Future Currently on Dissplay.”

    I hear he’s working on a comparison piece re the Sawx:

    “Red Sawx Plan for the Future Currently on Display . . . In Florida, Cleveland, Texas, San Diego, etc.”

  • C-Note

    I agree with with MIKE A, if you read the article it comes off as if the Yanks 1st pick was 41 & they never thought JoBA would fall to them, when in fact they, as everyone who comes to this site knows, passed over JoBA to pick Kennedy with the 1st pick… for someone who gets paid a shit load of $$$ to write that is just plain sloppy— and basically the article states the obvious

    I like the Shelly Duncan part though

    Funny post from YANKEE FAN IN CHICAGO which happens to be true