Maybe Texas should have saved some of those 30 runs

A Suttle debut
Welcome back, Brian

The f!&*ing Mariners beat the Rangers tonight 9-4. So heading into a huge four-game set with the Tigers, the Yankees find themselves two behind Seattle for the Wild Card and three out on the loss side. The Yanks simply cannot afford to lose games anymore. Do or die.

A Suttle debut
Welcome back, Brian
  • Relaunch

    I have no idea how the Mariners are still in this.

  • Mike A.

    Glad to see you had to restraint to write “f!&*ing” as opposed to the uncensored word, especially less than a day after we had a post about banging Erin Andrews. ;)

  • NYFan50

    At least it appears that the Yanks have an advantage in the first 3 pitching matchups…Clemens/Miller, Wang/Bonderman, Hughes/Jurrjens. Wang/Bonderman may be a push, but Bonderman has struggled recently.

    The Mussina/Verlander matchup isn’t even close, though.

  • DKA

    Hate to brake it you, but odds are we are going to lose games between now and the end of the season.

    We need to win as many of the “must win” games as possible. We need to do what we did in the Bronx and take 3 out of 4 from the Tigers. We need to win both series against the Sox and our series against the Mariners. We need to be gaining the ground where we can gain it in bunches.

    And, no matter what happens, this has been one hell of a season. Most enjoyable Yankee season to me in a while.

  • Ben K.

    Well of course they won’t win every game, but they need to win most.