Playoff math with the Yankees and Red Sox

Since May 31
PeteAbe: Yanks over slot with draft deals

With a great Angels’ victory last night, the Yanks find themselves six games behind Boston in the AL East. The Yankees, coincidentally enough, play the Red Sox six more times this season. Hmmm…

Since May 31
PeteAbe: Yanks over slot with draft deals
  • John

    I was looking at this last night, too.
    Unfortunately, the Yanks have 23 games left against contenders, while the Red Sox only have 13 (although they do have another 4 games against the Twins). They play the D-Rays 12 times.
    While I think we can put a scare into the Sox, I doubt we can steal the division. But miracles do happen.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I think you’ve got to count the Twins as contenders John.

    I also think it’ll come down to our 6 games against the Sawx. If we can take 5 of 6, we’re in with a shout. And remember, we took 4 of the last 6 vs them, and it should’ve been 5 of 6 iirc, and that was when we were playing poorly and they were hot.

    Also, we have a rough couple of weeks, but then I believe our September schedule is even easier than theirs.

    If we’re w/in 4 or 5 come September 1, which we should be if we stomp them at the Stadium at the end of the month, I really like our chances.

  • Barry

    Yea but the red sox momentum hasn’t been on their side of late. We’ll see, hopefully something happens and the whole red sox teams gets a VD?

  • ralph

    The Yanks have a tough stretch over the next couple of weeks

    Let’s see how they fare then do the math

    I am pleaseantly surprised they have made it back this far; I just hope it does not prove to be fools gold!

  • Patrick

    The gauntlet has been thrown down at the feet of the Yankees.

    Let’s hope the Yanks can keep it up and make those Dirtdogs eat crow!

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