• http://www.pinstripealley.com John

    I was looking at this last night, too.
    Unfortunately, the Yanks have 23 games left against contenders, while the Red Sox only have 13 (although they do have another 4 games against the Twins). They play the D-Rays 12 times.
    While I think we can put a scare into the Sox, I doubt we can steal the division. But miracles do happen.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I think you’ve got to count the Twins as contenders John.

    I also think it’ll come down to our 6 games against the Sawx. If we can take 5 of 6, we’re in with a shout. And remember, we took 4 of the last 6 vs them, and it should’ve been 5 of 6 iirc, and that was when we were playing poorly and they were hot.

    Also, we have a rough couple of weeks, but then I believe our September schedule is even easier than theirs.

    If we’re w/in 4 or 5 come September 1, which we should be if we stomp them at the Stadium at the end of the month, I really like our chances.

  • Barry

    Yea but the red sox momentum hasn’t been on their side of late. We’ll see, hopefully something happens and the whole red sox teams gets a VD?

  • ralph

    The Yanks have a tough stretch over the next couple of weeks

    Let’s see how they fare then do the math

    I am pleaseantly surprised they have made it back this far; I just hope it does not prove to be fools gold!

  • Patrick

    The gauntlet has been thrown down at the feet of the Yankees.



    Let’s hope the Yanks can keep it up and make those Dirtdogs eat crow!

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