Turns out that Chris Britton isn’t sleeping with Cashman’s wife; he’s sleeping with Torre’s wife

Curtis Granderson stayed up past his bedtime
Memo to Joe Torre

From the Official Site:

The manager said he planned to speak with Henn, who has had two games end on this road trip while he has been on the mound. Henn is expecting the birth of his first child in the near future and has “a lot of things going on,” Torre said. … General manager Brian Cashman inquired about stocking the Yankees with another pitcher from the Minor Leagues, Torre said, but the early-morning telephone offer was rejected.

Isn’t this what the bereavement list is for? To let guys take a short leave to deal with personal stuff while allowing the team to call someone up in his place?

Get used to this Chris Britton (140 career OPS+), this is your life. Ridiculous.

(hat tip to NoMaas)

Curtis Granderson stayed up past his bedtime
Memo to Joe Torre
  • The Undertaker

    I agree with your point completely. I think, though, the bereavement list is for players who need to go to a funeral. Rest in peace, Chris Britton. We wish we knew ye.

  • Marc

    Hey Mike i have a question for ya…
    I was reading some Keith Law stuff from right before the 06 draft and he speaks of how quite a few teams medical teams said that there was some major hazard to drafting joba because of some serious medical issues… where they felt that his body would not hold up to make it thru the minors and into the big leagues before the injury showed up… any incite on this… kind of has me a bit concerned.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Joba had triceps tendonitis last year, and the weight concerns were more because of the past few years than last year. There’s always medical issues that aren’t made public, so it could very well be that Joba had some shoulder problems as Law stated.

      But he’s throwing 100 now, so it’s safe to say any shoulder trouble isn’t exactly trouble anymore. Don’t waste your time worrying about pitchers getting hurt, there’s nothing you can do about it and you’ll drive yourself nuts.

  • yankz

    Chris Britton can hit too? A fatass that pitches and hits…

  • The Undertaker

    Marc, don’t be concerned. If Keith Law knew so much, he’d be working for a major league team.

  • Matt

    I know that before the draft Joba had some tendonitis in his tricep, and he had weight issues. He lost the weight, and the tricep thing must be gone (100 mph pitches!!!)

  • http://www.pinstripealley.com John

    I looked up Britton numbers from last year against the Yankees. Maybe it’s as simple as Torre remembers him getting hammered a couple times and doesn’t want him on the team.
    vs NYY: 5.0 IP 7H 4BB 3R 4K.