A-Rod blasts two as Mariners use every pitcher in baseball

Trenton masters "The Master"...again
2007 Minor League Awards

That was a fantastic game for the Yanks and a fun one to witness in person. A-Rod, playing with a sprained ankle, blasted two home runs in one inning as the Yanks sealed a series victory against the Mariners. With the wild card lead at 3 games with 22 left to play, the Yanks control their fate. Overlooked in the game will be Phil Hughes. He was fantastic. More on that tomorrow. Meanwhile, the line of the night goes to Peter Abraham in this post:

Somebody tell the Mariners that just because they have all those pitchers doesn’t mean they have to use them.

And on that note, I’m off to bed, dreaming of an October berth within reach.

Trenton masters "The Master"...again
2007 Minor League Awards
  • Freddy

    Phil was indeed fantastic. A rookie mistake (the 2-0 to Ibanez) but aside from that, it was very promising & I’m looking forward to his next start. A-Rod on the other hand, is on a whole other level. The guy is phenominal.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    In other news, John McLaren is a pussy. How do you argue like he did and not get tossed. Those situations were no time for a mild-mannered manager. You need Bobby Cox out there in those situations. All of which has me weary of Mattingly as manager. Can you see him getting in an ump’s grill?

    • Count Zero

      Agreed. On both counts. That situation called for a dirt-kicking, cap on backwards, all out temper tantrum — just to show your pitching staff that you got their backs. HP umpire was just awful.

  • brad k

    not just home plate. two different umps blew calls on Jeter’s phantom tag and then Ichiro again at first.

    ugly call

  • Marc

    Why was Washburn removed after giving up a solo sshot to the MVP and then a bad error by the 2B. The guy was rolling and only gave up a HR to the best hitter and his manager takes him out???!!!

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Why did McLaren feel the need to run through six pitchers in one inning? It was a textbook case in terrible managing.

  • stuart

    There were bad calls in the game but nothing like the bloomquist call that absolutely caused the yankees a loss..

    Hughes was great and that can be huge down the stretch.. he can get major leaguers out, he needs to trust his stuff and be aggressive….

  • steve (different one)

    you can kindof defend the Ichiro play at 2B b/c the throw beat him by so much and from the ump’s angle, he may have thought Jeter nicked him, but the play at 1B was just awful.

    and the strikezone was terrible all night, for both sides. the pitch Duncan struck out on was not a strike and Phil wasn’t getting the same pitch.