New Stadium parking saga continues

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The Price of Greatness

While those driving to the new Yankee Stadium will get slapped with a $25 parking fee, the parking saga doesn’t end there. Last week, during a hearing on the parking structures planned for the new stadium, the Bronx Borough President, in an exceedingly rare move, issued a formal protest to the city’s Industrial Development Agency. For more on the parking subsidy issue, check out Streetsblog’s coverage of the debate. Yet again, a sports team is getting a mighty good chunk of taxpayer subsidies for a new sports stadium.

Posada on Second
The Price of Greatness
  • Mike A.

    Sports teams, particularly major league sports teams, should get a nice chunk of change from the taxpayers for new stadiums. Yes ticket prices are going up & yes it’s a pain in the ass to drive to the park, but in the grand scheme of things having a pro sports team is such a boost to the local economy. It’s like this everywhere, not just NY.

    What would you rather them spend the money on? High-tech parking meters or improvements to the public transportation system (which would only clog up traffic even more during lengthy construction)? I don’t mean to come off as a jerk, just putting in my 2 cents.

    • Ben K.

      Considering the state of certain ares of New York City, including the South Bronx, I don’t think a team as wealthy as the Yankees needs tax-exempt status to construct parking garages that will largely benefit just the team. No parking structure has ever been considered a neighborhood need or an upgrade. Furthermore, considering that the Yanks haven’t yet fulfilled their pledge to replace the parkland the borough lost when the Macombs Dam park was appropriated for the new Stadium, the parking subsides look even worse.

      I’m all for the Metro-North station; that actually serves a purpose in the South Bronx beyond game-day convenience. But the Yanks could build those parking lots without taxpayers shouldering the load.

  • Jersey

    Actually, the nation that having a sports team boosts the local economy is likely a myth. For starters, see:

    • Jersey

      I meant “the notion,” not “the nation.”

  • Barry

    Sports teams are a considerable boost to local and national economies, however, being a fan of a sports team and being the person paying for the team is considerably different. You can argue a lot about what teams do for areas, and we all love that they exist but the Yankees could step up and do a little bit more. Who knows, maybe without A-Rod’s salary next year(I think he’s Anaheim bound) they can afford to put in some decent park land on vacant lots where the land is just being wasted. I think we’re all a little pissed with the fact that they’re even building a new stadium and I think they could be doing a lot more for the Bronx and the fans. It basically all goes to the fact that players these days are a little too selfish, and fans bite the bullet for it.

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