NoMaas on Brackman

Yanks, with assist from A-Rod, to enjoy record-setting attendance
Jays' Glaus received anabolic steroids

NoMaas’ Lane Meyer lays the smack down on all the Brackman haters. His last paragraph sums up everything I’ve been trying to say since he was drafted:

The truth is, none of us know what’s going to happen, and in a vacuum there is every reason to cast doubt on his signing. In reality though, the Yankees weren’t taking Andrew Brackman as the foundation upon which to construct the future, and then building atop and around him with subsequent draft picks. The foundation had already been built, and despite his status as the “first-round pick” Brackman was actually the last addition to the plan; the new wing to a well-built mansion. He is going to be the single most fun prospect to follow in the coming months, regardless of the ultimate outcome of his career. If he fails it’s not because the Yankees made a terrible decision, it is because the flaws that every prospect has prevented him from developing. It is for the same reasons that the majority of first-round picks never amount to anything significant. However if he succeeds…oh man if he succeeds…


Yanks, with assist from A-Rod, to enjoy record-setting attendance
Jays' Glaus received anabolic steroids
  • Count Zero

    I was initially pretty skeptical about the use of all that money on Brackman, but…I believe it was one of you guys here at RAB who convinced me. Bottom line:

    1) The Yankees have more money to spend than any other team in MLB
    2) For most of this millenium they have used that money on FA veteran pitchers, most of whom have been mediocre at best
    3) The Cashman era has decided that a better use of that money is to identify high-ceiling prospects that are available due to one or more factors that cause them to get overlooked early in the draft (cf. Joba)

    I can’t disagree with that strategy — a $4.5 million lottery ticket on Brackman is certainly better than $48 million for another Pavano. Or Igawa, or Vasquez, etc.

  • JC in MD

    Totally nailed it. It is going to be fun watching this kid the next two years … just like it’s been fun following Hughes and Chamberlain and Kennedy. Next year the Yankees will be getting back Mark Melancon, Humberto Sanchez, and J.B. Cox. The following season Brackman. Fun times … fun times.

  • steve

    oh man i got goosebumps thinking of how crazy good brackman can be …

    it’ll be interesting him and betances will probably coming up at the same time, or at least moving from station to station together (like joba and kennedy) that could be really cool to see.

  • Dude

    unfortunately it wont be the next 2 years but 4. 1-1.5 years before he fully recovers from TJ, then a while longer before he tastes the Show.