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Game 158: Seriously, just win

Not too much going on with the farm system these days, but here’s some random tidbits:

  • Chad Jennings is counting down the 10 prospects who improved their stock the most this year. It’s a great list, which I’m sure you’ve come to expect from Chad. If you aren’t reading his Triple-A Scranton Yankees blog everyday, you really should be.

  • Baseball America is continuing to post their league Top 20 Prospects lists, releasing the Short Season NY-Penn League today. Dellin Betances came in at number 10, while Damon Sublett & Zach McAllister came in at numbers 17 & 18, respectively. SI Yanks’ sparkplug Justin Snyder didn’t even get an honorable mention, which suggests 4 things: a) don’t trust short season stats, 2) he played over his head, d) he’s not as good as every Yankee fans wants to think he is, and V.) don’t trust short season stats.
  • Speaking of Betances, he returned to the mound yesterday during Instructional League, tossing a 1-2-3 inning in his only inning of work, and reportedly touched 95 on the gun. The 2007 draft bonus babies (Carmen Angelini, Taylor Grote, Austin Romine, Chase Weems) also played; Romine went 4 for 5 with a double, 3 HR and 10 RBI. Okay, I’m just joshin’ ya, none of them did anything great. And besides, it’s just Instructional League, there’s nothing to get excited about.
  • The Hawaii Winter Baseball season starts on Saturday, with DotF returning to provide it’s usual daily updates. Sean McNally, is that really you on the 1995 Honolulu Sharks?
  • The Arizona Fall League season kicks off shortly thereafter, October 9th to be exact. As usual, Team USA will make a pass through in late October and play a bunch of games against the AzFL squads. This year though, the Chinese Olympic team will also make a trip through the desert, and are scheduled to play the Peoria Saguaros (where the Yanks’ kids are) on Oct. 29th. Baseball isn’t very big in China yet, so I suspect the AzFL teams to be more than just good competition for the China team, they’ll probably kick the living crap of ’em.

Speaking of the AzFL, longtime reader (and Arizona Native) JP will being joining RAB during the season to bring you AzFL updates that are far more exciting than anything else you’ll see on the worldwide netweb. Be sure to make him feel like one of the RAB family, and bash him endlessly for not liking a particular player.

BP writers, Banter bloggers NYC book reading
Game 158: Seriously, just win
  • http://jeteupthemiddle.blogspot.com Jeteupthemiddle

    I’m not gonna lie, but I am mildly amused that the Hawaii WINTER League kicks off before the Arizona FALL League.

    Ok, so I’m easily amused. Sue me.

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  • dan

    Now why would we ever bash someone for not liking a particular player?

    • JP

      I’ll do my best not to mention the Melk Man. But if Duncan was here again I think I may have gotten some ribbings. Looking forward to the season

  • http://www.baseballthinkfactory.org/files/rings/ Sean McNally

    Sadly, that’s not me… heck, I was still playing for my high school team at the time.

    I believe that’s this Sean McNally who now coaches the Duke baseball team.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      Bah. That woulda been cool, though.

      • http://www.replacementlevel.com/ Sean McNally

        Nah… I’m very happy I have no association with Duke.

  • Bergeneddi


    Minor correction for those readers who will follow them during fall/winter…Yank prospects are on the Peoria Javelinas. The Seguras are not the same squad.