Rookie hazing photos galore

Then there was one
Gillespie to leave Staten Island's helm

We’ve got more photos from The Wizard of Oz rookie hazing. Fellow blogger Jen has an entire flickr photoset of shots from after the game. Have fun identifying the Mayor of Munchkin City and one of the trees.

Meanwhile, relative newcomer Joblog Chamberlain has some shots too. Matt de Salvo represents the lollypop guild. But still no shots of Edwar as the Wicked Witch. What gives, folks?

Then there was one
Gillespie to leave Staten Island's helm
  • John

    We’ve got IDs for Joba (Lion), Phil (Tin Man), IPK (Dorothy), Shelley (Scarecrow), Wright (Glinda), DeSalvo (munchkin), Ohlendorf (guard), and Igawa (flying monkey!). Plus we know that Edwar was the witch.

    The AP says T-Clip was also a flying monkey.

    That leaves Alberto, and Bronson, right?

    I think Alberto is the tree and Bronson is the mayor.

    Newsday also says Igawa’s translator had to dress up.

  • Frank

    I gotta say I love this stuff. Makes you wonder who’s behind setting it up and choosing the “roles” since the leading parts were given to the players that have had the biggest positive impact.

  • Andrea

    The tree was Igawa’s translator and the mayor was the strength and conditioning coach or some such thing.

    Gonzalez was another member of the lollipop guild. I couldn’t find a picture but saw a real quick clip on TV. I’ve seen NOTHING on Bronson Sardinha.

  • Kyle

    The guy in the tree kinda looked like Jose Veras

  • Gustavo


    There’s a picture of him dressed up in the daily news!

  • linda boer

    I was there.. and it was a riot..i told Ian that his mother always wanted a girl.Shelly was so into the whole thing..he made the perfect scarecrow.I do wish it was bras and panties though..that would have been a real hazing..

  • mg

    The tree kinda looks like Britton to me and I think they mayor’s TClip.

  • mg

    Mayor is Dana Cavalea rookie strengh coach

  • mg

    And Joba dubbed himself Chamberlion!

  • Marsha

    For Wicked Witch pix, see today’s NY Times.

  • Joseph P.

    I doubt the tree is Britton. He’s not a rookie.

  • Marsha

    Where’s Toto?

  • Andrea

    Toto is in Ian’s basket.

    Britton isn’t a rookie. Neither is Veras, he was up last year.

    The talking tree was Watanabe (can’t remember his first name) Kei Igawa’s translator, and the Mayor is, as someone said, Dana Cavalea. Though he does look like Clippard. Tyler Clippard was another flying monkey.

  • Dave

    YES posted an article at the above link with a list of all the “characters”. Bronson is another guard. Hopefully someone has a complete set of pictures! It is good to see enough young guys to fill out all the roles…

  • zack

    Edwar looks a bit too good as the witch

  • Mike A.

    I don’t get it, why is Phil Hughes dressed up as Carl Pavano?

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