Rumors: Yanks to play exhibition at Virginia Tech on 3/18


Via The College Baseball Blog comes an interesting rumor: The Yanks are scheduled to play an exhibition game at Virginia Tech in March. The game, set for March 18, 2008, will, according to Brian Foley, “probably be a fundraiser for the Virginia Tech shootings.”

Update: As commenter Ralph notes, that the Yanks will play a game at VT isn’t a rumor. The Yanks confirmed it in May when they donated to VT. The rumor is that the game will be played on March 18.

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  • Ralph

    This isn’t a rumor. When the Yankees made their million dollar donation to the VT victims fund they announced that they’d play an exhibition game against the Hokies. Here’s an article from May 24th, saying the same thing.

    • Ben K.

      Thanks for the clarification, Ralph. I updated the post to reflect the accurate information.

  • Brian Foley

    Hey, Thanks for even more clarification….Hope your Yankees flame out in the playoffs though since I am a Red Sox fan.

    Stay well.

  • mg

    No way! I get baseball for my birthday? I may just have to travel down there. I’ve never been so lucky! This is way better than the war I got for my birthday a few years back.