Villone likely on postseason roster


In what basically amounts to a throwaway column, Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record implies that Ron Villone will make the playoff squad. Can’t say I’m surprised, considering the Yanks will carry at least 11 pitchers. I’m not happy, though, since we know a Villone implosion is always one pitch away. Says Villone of his probable role as lefty specialist:

“It’s not my ideal role, but I’ll do whatever’s needed.”

Ron is correct. His ideal role is warming various seats in the bullpen. Unlike many lefty relievers, he doesn’t even have favorable stats against lefty hitters. I will be quite white-knuckled should he make an appearance in a tight game.

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  • Jon

    If this comes at Ohlendorf’s expense, they will regret it.

    • mg

      No shit. The drop of from Ohlendorf to Ron “Inherited baserunners always score” Villone is pretty substantial. I’d rather see Igawa as our lefty specialist…. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch.

  • Mike A.

    My attempt at thinking outside the box: let Pettitte be the lefty specialist in the playoffs. Seriously, he can pitch to one batter on the days between his starts. As long as Torre doesn’t overdo, and only uses him for 1 batter, I think it can work.