• Relaunch

    Nothing came up when I hit the link

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Should be fixed now.

  • Mike R.

    Awesome…just awesome. How much is my share? Should I send a check?

  • NYFan50

    Almost perfect…I’d change one thing:

    All better than Daniel Bard. All with shorter criminal records than Clay Buchholz.

  • Count Zero


  • Jersey

    Nice. But I think the Nomaas message on Beckett’s page is still the best. =)

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      I almost shot coffee out of my nose when I saw their comment for Schilling.

  • dan

    look at Carl Pavano and Igawa. When did the hijacking of rival players’ pages start? its pretty funny, too bad you can’t sponsor minor league pages yet (Daniel Bard, we’re comin for you).

  • daneptizl

    Let’s just say he gets traded. What then?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Then, we change the message.