A silver lining in the A-Rod cloud

Breaking: A-Rod to opt out
Moving forward: Posada, Mo on the horizon

Clearly, A-Rod’s opting out has provided a hot topic for discussion, and as the stellar conversation continues in the comments there, I want to offer up a short thought. While, short-term, the Yankees are worse off without A-Rod, in the long run, the Yankees are better off not signing A-Rod to a contract that would call for a 40-year-old to make in excess of $30 million a year. Thoughts?

Breaking: A-Rod to opt out
Moving forward: Posada, Mo on the horizon
  • Michael T

    Capitalist that I am it pains me to quote Keynes. In the long run we’ll all be dead.

  • Brian

    Anybody wonder what Boras’ long-run look at salaries would consist of?
    Absolutely the last couple years would be a little too rich for anybody’s blood. But the hope was that by that time, he’d have helped us pick up at least a couple championships. We can do it without him, too; and it will be that much more fun.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    another silver lining is that we’ll receive a first rd draft pick (and a sandwich round pick i think) when he signs elsewhere, hopefully with a shitty team (ahem, Dodgers) so it’s a high pick.

    • kanst

      The team can’t be too bad since if the pick is top 10 or top 15 its protected, we need a middle of the pack team.

      Its bad that I am already thinking about the draft the day after the world series

    • Rob

      What’s crazy about the picks though is that if the Sox sign A-Rod and the Yanks sign Lowell, the Sox would actually end up picking higher than the Yankees (cause they’d have the Yankee slots). Indeed, if the Sox go that route and opt to let Lowell sign elsewhere, they’d improve their first round regardless. Crazy.

      • pettitte’s stare

        Does anyone know if A-rod’s contract had the same opt out clause that JD Drew had? Remember the dodgers were not allowed to offer him a contract and therefore unable to get any picks when he opted out. Is this that same for A-rod or do we get the picks?

  • http://www.Nicks2Cents.blogpsot.com Nick

    I don’t know where to go for 3rd base. Lowell is getting old… Miguel Cabrera would be pricy and he drinks all day long so he’d be out of shape al lthe time… Maybe a Joe Crede type would be good. Cheap, good defense… but we have to use some cash to upgrade the power at other positions.. I love the guy but we can’t have Andy Phillips at 1st without A-Rod.

    I’m just glad we got to see A-Rod’s true colors before he signed for any longer with us. He’s not a man… he’s a phony.


    • Rob

      Well, first base has been the real problem these last few years. And everything cascades from there.

  • Bart

    The Yankees can afford $33M a year based on financials alone — it almost doesn’t matter what ARod does in the last 4 years – inflation will ltake care of reducing the value to a mangeable sum — real cost of the final 4 years– with insurance protection against injury it would be a safe deal aagainst all but a total breakdown in performance — or a total breakdown in MLB popularity. The bet is that he will decline more slowly that the the average 32 year old.

    I think they have been as stupid about this as they were about Beltran — they had the Rangers offset in the bank for closing a deal

  • Steve S

    I agree, I think the Yankees have handled this perfectly, so long as they dont jump in and overpay if they get wind of him going to Boston. I think this was the best situation for Alex because he would never be a financial burden to this franchise and the team could have continually spent with his massive salary. I think Arod and Boras have overstated his value to this team especially in the short term. So long as they can stay competitive for the next two years, the ratings and the attendance are insulated from the “Arod effect”. Next year will be the last year at the stadium, that guarantees them asses in the seats and eyes constantly. Plus the whole turnover of the team will attract a lot of attention. In 2009, again new stadium, so business wise, the Yankees again wont need one player to attract attention.

    However, going into the next decade, Arod’s value at 40 would merely be because of the homerun chase, that might possibly be worth it for the Yankees, but only if they arent competitive and they need a reason to attract people to watch the team. So long as that team is in the playoffs, YES and the franchise will maintain and continue to increase in value.

  • brxbmrs

    Nothing against A-Rod – he was great this year and worth the money + we paid him the last 4 – but, I’m actually looking forward to getting younger, cheaper and having fewer guys like Torre and A-Rod who overshadow the game.

    I’ve lived through the Yanks winning the WS in 76 & 77, seeing the Mets take over the town, our version of “Generation K” (Taylor\Kami\the other stiff), Xavier Hernandez and Pat Kelly and then the resurgence in the early 90’s.

    I’d like to see A-Rod back, but if he goes elsewhere, its cool as well. We won’t have to worry about what kind of player he will be at the end of his contract.

    Same thing with Torre, both him and A-Rod have become bigger than the team – I’m looking forward to a change – eventhough most likely we could stink for a long time.

  • Rob

    The other silver lining for me: The Yanks can move on now and not worry that they’re paying one guy (A-Rod) more than what they’re paying COMBINED to two stalwarts of the dynasty (Jorge and Mo). The off-season truly begins today and we already have an answer regarding the biggest possible drama. I hope it stays that way.

    As for A-Rod: I’m just disappointed in him, but not surprised. He could have had everything he’s ever wanted. Instead, he’ll wander the baseball terrain as a mercenary. I shouldn’t say it, but I hope the Sox sign him. More likely it will be the Dodgers.

    But I can’t agree on the phony bit. If he was REALLY a phony, he would have led the Yankees on for the next ten days, watch as the offer grew, then took those numbers around when he opted out. Yeah, I’m still defending him, but the man realized he didn’t want to play in NY. Hey, that’s life. Everybody moves on and I’m happy, plus it’s hard to throw insults around when someone like Barry Bonds is still looking for his next contract.

    Otherwise, I agree with everything Steve S. says.

  • usty

    Yeah, paying a 40 year old that would’ve sucked. But paying the 33, 34, and 35 year old and so on…definitely not full of suck. Playing Wilson Betemit at 3rd…full of suck.

  • Cam

    I hated this guy when he signed with Texas for all that money. Then, I had to get behind him when we traded my favorite player to bring him here. Then, with everyone else in NY booing this guy when he was striking out, I stood behind him, saying that we needed him to play his best because he could carry our team. What an asshole. A completely classless shithead. I hate the Red Sox but for him to try and make it all about A-Rod on a day when a truly good team is showing everyone that their non-deal for A-Rod was probably the best deal they never made, it speaks wonders for what kind of person he is. Get the hell out of New York as fast as you can. There will be a whole lot of people at the other end of that dark alley waiting for you if you don’t.

  • http://www.dapperdansofharmony.com Chuck M.

    It all keeps coming back to this, for me – the 1996-2001 Yankees only had one player, I believe, top 40 home runs during the run – Tino Martinez, in the one year that they didn’t win. Justice hit 20 with the Yanks & 40 total, one year.

    You don’t need A-Rod to win. You need players at 1B, DH & LF that can hit well enough to make up for the runs lost. And, perhaps, a pitcher that won’t get the snot beaten out of him in the postseason.

  • Barry C

    What has A-Rod brought to the Yankees since he came over from texas> The Yanks have not won a World Series, in fact we havent got out of the first round. A-Rod outs to much pressure to perform on himslef, he chokes the life out of his bat in the playoffs. We need to get back to small ball in NY take a pitch work the count, move the man over with a sac or a groundball to the right side. A-Rod is about A-Rod, not a team guy, good riddance.

  • Jamal G.

    Guys I have been doing alot of thinking and I have a couple solutions to the A-Rod departure for the Yanks…(sorry for long read but trust me its worth it)

    I have been pondering an A-Rod opt out since the season ended and my best conclusion is to move Robinson Cano to 3B (his arm at 2B is basically wasted, this man has a cannon and it would really be used well at the hot corner) where his slick fielding skills can have more of an impact. Also Cano’s power is developing nicely with 41 2Bs in back-to-back seasons and a career-high 19 HRs, 97 RBIs this year. Following that I would try to sign Tadahito Iguchi to play 2B (he already said he is not willing to move to 3B so that is out of the question) and as a scrappy type player, who can lay down the bunt, hit & run really well, and overall just knows how to handle the bat and will be a perfect player in Joe Girardi’s system (he is expected to be offered the job today and announced tomorrow). Also it would fill the need of a righty bat in our lineup that now without A-Rod, the only starting righty bat we have is Derek Jeter. Iguchi also brings great D to 2B and should make for a nice complement to Jeter (who’s range to left has always been a drawback of the HOF SS) because of his quickness. If that can not happen then we should think about other 2B options like Luis Castillo but after him it really makes no sense because there are no other valuable 2B options on the FA market this year. Alberto Gonzalez is a defensive whiz-kid at SS who was brought to NY from the Randy Johnson deal and he could be moved to 2B as a result of a Cano move to 3B. Gonzalez is major-league ready now on defense but offensively he may not do too much which is a problem.

    As of now the Yankees don’t have too much in terms of infield prospects. 3B Prospect Eric Duncan was rushed to AAA and his offense has suffered because of this, however he is only 22 at AAA which is a plus so that’s someone to keep an eye on. Another 3B prospect, Marcos Vechionacci is also a defensive mastermind with great speed but he is expected to start the 2008 season at AA Trenton. Bronson Sardinha, who was a September call-up along with Gonzalez has experienced at 3B in the minors (he is an OF now) where he was playing before the A-Rod deal which forced him to the OF (much like how Duncan was forced to 1B after A-Rod trade).

    As for trades, besides Miguel cabrera you have Joe Crede (Scott Brosious 2.0?) from the ChiSox and Adrian Beltre from the Mariners. Offensively not the best or nowhere near it but defensively these are two of the best not only in the AL but all of baseball.

  • dan

    I’d rather go with Betemit everyday than Crede. They dont have to give up anything to get Betemit, he’s making no money, he hits for power, and he walks a ton. If they trade for a hitter it should be for someone like Teixeira who can replace a lot of what arod did. I’d give some combination of like Marquez, Clippard, Jason Jones, Steven White, or Chase Wright (maybe 2 or 3 of those) to get him for the one year of arbitration he has left, and then sign him to an extension

  • JS

    I posted this elsewhere, but here’s why I’m not bummed:

    Don’t worry about Arod too much because we can replace him with an average player at 3rd (Betemit) and then find someone who can play first and hit. Hell, maybe we move Cano to first. Or maybe we sign Lowell for 2 years.

    BUT the key is the pitching and it always was. See below and you’ll sleep better tonight. The first number is offensive runs scored and the second is ERA+

    1996 871 Runs ERA+ 108
    1997 891 Runs ERA+ 117
    1998 965 Runs ERA+ 116
    1999 900 Runs ERA+ 114
    2000 871 Runs ERA+ 101
    2001 801 Runs ERA+ 111
    2002 897 Runs ERA+ 114
    2003 877 Runs ERA+ 109
    2004 897 Runs ERA+ 96
    2005 886 Runs ERA+ 93
    2006 930 Runs ERA+ 102
    2007 968 Runs ERA+ 99

    From 1996-2003, the Yankees scored 884 Runs per season and had an ERA+ average of 111. From 2004-2007, the Yankees scored 920 runs per season and had an ERA+ average of 97.5.

    Scoring runs is wonderful, but great pitching is the key to playing in the World Series 6 times in 8 years. It’s as simple as that!

    FUCK AROD. Use the money to get a good first-baseman and concentrate on pitching because good pitching beats good hitting.

    Just for sour grapes to make me feel even better (and I have NEVER said this about Arod before), just let me add that Arod was never a true Yankee.

  • barry

    Cough, I’ve never liked the guy. He’s always had that what about me and then no wait not me him attitude. If hes shinning hes there for the photos but when hes down and out he’s somehow not to blame. The guys an ass. My silver lining is that at least I know the yankees will go back to being the yankees without their mr. somebody.