A sobering thought

My initial reaction
Bradley Suttle can't buy a hit

This photo, an Associated Press shot from Sunday night, could be one of the photos from the last October victory at Yankee Stadium. While I have to believe the Yanks will be back in the playoffs next year, tonight’s loss could be the last ever playoff game in a baseball cathedral that has seen many, many classic moments. The Yanks really have to win next year and send the House That Ruth Built off in style.

My initial reaction
Bradley Suttle can't buy a hit
  • C-Note

    another fucking long winter…

    peace out RAB, I’m outta here til the spring, this year took it out of me

    see ya’s @ the stadium for JoBA’s first start in 08’…

  • Katy

    Blasphemy! What the hell kind of fan are you? The Yanks won’t make the postseason next year? What are you, a fucking Royals fan? I will hear no more of it.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Burn the place to the ground. Should’ve razed it, and sown the ground with salt, after the Sawx celebrated there in 04. It hasn’t been the same since.

    We can play at Shea next season until the new park opens. Time to exercise some demons. And playing at Shea worked last time around. When we moved into the “new” stadium in 76 we ripped off 4 pennants and 2 world championships in the next 6 seasons.

  • Jersey

    Jeez, way to stay positive about next year Ben!


    There, feel better??

    • Joe

      Ah late February… I can’t wait… The kids will be alright.

      Until then GO TERPS!!! BEAT DOOK!!! :)

    • NYFan50

      It’s possible Pettitte won’t be back. If Torre isn’t retained, I think that seals it.

  • http://puristbleedspinstripes.blogspot.com Rebecca

    Spring will be here before you know it.

    Chin up.

  • NYFan50
    • Count Zero

      Just say no…

      Duncan’s value doesn’t cancel out LaRussa.