BA’s All-Minor League All-Star Team


I got the latest issue of BA’s magazine in the mail yesterday, and it contains this season’s All-Star Team for the entire minors leagues. That means all of the minors. As in all 6 affiliates of all 30 teams. On the team you’ll find five pitchers (4 starters & a reliever), and of those five, THREE are Yankees (Joba, IPK & Edwar). Redonkulus.

But the Yankees have no farm system.

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  • Mac

    Edwar? Even with his current ERA and recent track record? I am an edwar supporter and all but, really?

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    It’s the MINOR LEAGUE all-star team, not the major league all-star team. Edwar tore shit up in the minors.

    • Mac

      Oh. Shit. Duh. My bad.

  • Bill

    I haven’t heard anyone worth listening to say we “don’t have a farm system” in quite a while. We are set up for a nice little run here.

    • Jersey

      Me neither. Does anyone say that anymore?

      It is amazing how fast we’ve got from a dud of a system to top-5 or -10 so quickly.

  • Rick in Boston

    I won’t be surprised if Trenton ends up being BA’s Minor League Team of the Year and the Yankees are the Organization of the Year.