Coaching staff all but in place


Via PeteAbe, though he admits that it’s not official:

Pitching: Dave Eiland

Hitting: Kevin Long

Bench: Rob Thomson

Third base: Bobby Meacham

First base/catching: Tony Pena

Bullpen: Mike Harkey

I don’t know anything about Harkey and Thomson. If anyone has any info, e-mail me or leave it in the comments.

Good news on Long, Pena, and Eliand. And it’ll be neat to see Meacham back in pinstripes.

Update: Jason from My Baseball Bias has the skinny on the staff.

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  1. marc says:

    I know that thompson has been with the organization for 2 decades. has worked in player development, advanced scouting, etc. Torre praised him in the press interview that followed game 4 of the alds this year…

  2. NC Saint says:

    Seems a little odd that Pena wouldn’t get bumped up to bench coach, no?

    Whatevere happened to the rumor we’d be trying to snatch up Mazzone?

  3. Jersey says:

    Harkey was a minor-league pitching coach for about five years, and was Girardi’s bullpen coach in ’06.

    Harkey, Thomson and Eiland all seem to have a bit of minor-league player development experience, which is probably a good sign, right?

  4. Tom O. says:

    What about Bowa? Did I miss something?

  5. JMM says:

    Tom O.,

    Looks like Bowa will either accept the 3rd base coaching job in Seattle or join Torre with in LA.

  6. Mike R. says:

    Harkey was the bullpen coach in Florida and is currently the AAA pitching coach in San Diego. Dontrelle Willis speaks very well of him and credits him with fixing the kinks in his mechanics.

    Thomson has been with the Yankees 18 year in different capacities. After Girardi left Thomson had the responsability of taking game notes for future statistical analisys.

  7. Steve says:

    From Rob Neyer’s column on Joe Girardi

    “Depending on what the Yankees do this winter, next season might be sort of a down year for the organization as they try to sort out their young pitchers. But if the Steinbrothers are patient with Girardi, I believe he’ll be the franchise’s greatest manager since Casey Stengel. ”

    Maybe Hank wasn’t that crazy

  8. brxbmrs says:

    Anybody remember when Bobby M. let that ground ball go thru his legs? That seasled his fate and the Yanks got rid of him – always felt bad for him – that’s when the Boss was pretty crazed.

  9. Jamal G. says:

    It is great news on Long. The Post has been reporting for they last two days that the Yankees are close to signing Long to a 3 yr. deal for $1.1 million. They also reported yesterday that as soon as Jo-Gi agreed to manage the Yanks Cashman got on the phone and started talking to Long, the Yanks knew that Torre would have plucked him away ASAP.

  10. Jamal G. says:

    Also why are people so high on Dave Eiland. The three kids spent a total of 71.2 innings pitched in AAA last season with Kennedy getting the most time at 34.2 IP. Hughes pitched 28.2 innings and Joba was pitched 8.0 innings. I would have liked to seen Nardi Contreras as the pitching coach but then again his talents are probably best suited for the entire organization instead of just the major league level.

    • Kanst says:

      Part of it is that Eiland came up in september worked with Hughes then Hughes had one of his better starts. It doesnt even have to be those guys in specific he worked in the minors and many pitchers improved with him as the coach, young pitching is going to be our MO for next year so having a guy who works well with young pitching would be ideal

      • barry says:

        I agree, that was an easy decision to pick him. He’s got what it takes to do the job and he’s shown that he knows how to work with young pitchers, besides the big 3 we’ll probably have alot more youth pitching in the bullpen as well.

  11. Nick says:

    I don’t have a good feeling about Meacham as the third base coach. My main memory of him is the play where both he and Dale Berra were tagged out at home by Carlton Fisk. My high school baseball coach continually brought that up as an example of bad baserunning…ten years after the play occurred!

  12. Jamal G. says:

    Speaking about Bowa, Cano must be feeling pretty lonely right now. I know he’s got his boy Melky but first his “Big Brother” bails on him and now his mentor is walking out the door.

  13. JMM says:

    Hey Jamal,

    Apparently that “mentor” of Cano’s you speak of didn’t even bother to call him and let him know of his plans to opt-out. Some friend.

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