Enough with the negativity

Bruney the only one shocked at postseason exclusion
It's the [Your Name Here] hot dog stand at Yankee Stadium

To all of you being so negative, enough. ENOUGH. We’re all fans of the Yankees; we’re all rooting for them to win. We all saw them be the best team in the Majors for a sustained period of time. We saw them beat good pitchers and good teams. If you don’t have faith in the Yankees and their ability to win in October, then come back in April. Sure, the Yanks might lose in the ALDS or the ALCS or the World Series. But they have as good a shot as any to win and deserve our support. Quit writing them off before an anthem is sung or a pitch is thrown.

Bruney the only one shocked at postseason exclusion
It's the [Your Name Here] hot dog stand at Yankee Stadium
  • dan

    I was at school all day, and the fuckers have this site blocked so I missed all the fun (anger?). I don’t get why everyone sounds pissed off, it doesnt make sense. Every team has flaws, if you only talk about those aspects of a team then the team wont look very good.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Exactly. They are some good parts and some bad parts to this team as there are to every playoff team. We can’t write them off yet. They didn’t come back from 21-29 for nothing.

      (Meanwhile, we’re blocked at school? That’s crazy talk. Watch out, Youth of America. River Ave. Blues is trying to corrupt your minds.)

      • dan

        Well they block almost everything that they don’t know about. Essentially any blog is blocked, facebook, game sites, etc.

  • bart

    Guess I was accused of being negative – sorry did not mean to come across that way — being a Ynakee fan is the best in all sports — “Thank God I grew Up a Yankeee Fan” could be a rip off the Johnn Denver song.

    This year has been awesome — from the lows to the highs — and this team seems to like the challenge and yet keep an emotional balance — the Yankees could dominate — No geative thoguht here to interfere with the karma –

    What I was trying to do was point out “weaknessess” the team has going into these playoffs and how decisions on the roster and on lineup choices might help mitigate those weaknesses. I was also pointing out that JT’s penchant for playing “experienced” players often overwhelms his mantra of “going with the hot hand”. Ohlandorf is superior to everyone they have in the BullPen except Joba and Mo — so would be Kennedy or Hughes — Hughes is superior at this time to Celmens – extent of injury unknown – and Mussina who only beat impatient teams in the 2nd half. Wang has had emormous trouble in the stretch. If you believe those are reasonable observations then how would you construct the team and lineup. Around Melky, Giambi, and Matsui failure to hit the last month. Much like last year where Melky faded and Matsui and Shefiled were ineffective coming off injury. There are choices and winning may depend on them

    Good pitching will usually dominate in the short championship series- and we need hitting in the event the good pitching gives up 4 runs a game. And we need some amount of balance or luck that allows the starters to go deep enough that Joba and Mo are enough.

    None of that says we can’t win, shouldn’t win, – The Yankees were the best team over the second half and (wishes aside) in a “normal” year would have had balanced picthing and hiting in the first half might well have been a “super team” as far as statistices and win-loss goes. It really deos appear that the American league teams are better than the NL. But this has been true for quite awhile and we have examples of the D’Backs, marlins, Cards prevailing

    So – yeah we should win – even dominate — but even 7 games is a short series and we need great decisions.

    Go Yanks —