Our long national nightmare continues

Breaking: News could break at any time

The Yankees have not reached any sort of decision, GM Brian Cashman said after today’s meeting. Apparently, they are trying to solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem. I thought they were just trying to decide whether or not to offer their Hall of Fame manager a contract extension.

Update by Joe: PeteAbe is saying that Cashman has the backing of ownership with his A-Rod decree. That’s good news, I suppose. Now let’s see what kind of offer they make him.

Breaking: News could break at any time
  • Jamal G.

    Lol I was wondering if A-Rod does go to FA (which Im really thinking he won’t opt-out) is he considered an AA Free Agent or something extra so we could get like two supplemental picks?

    I was wondering because since A-Rod’s contract does include an opt-out for next year as well, if he does not opt out and signs an extension with the Yanks will that opt-out be rooted out?

    • mg

      As I understand it he can only opt out next year and the year after if we don’t offer him some sort of raise. A million or two a year. I forget how much. But if he doesn’t get that raise or isn’t the highest paid player in the game he can opt out. It’s an insane contract and I hope that any extension wouldn’t include such silliness.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    i remember Cash$ saying something during the summer that to his knowledge the Yanks would get a compensatory 1st rd pick if Arod departs via free agency.

  • The Scout

    I am not comfortable with drawing lines in the sand during negotiations. The outcome then becomes a matter of saving face for at least one side — hardly conducive to reasoned talks. I would have preferred it if Cashman has made his position known privately to A-Rod and his agent.

    • mg

      In this case a line in the sand makes sense. If A-Rod wants to play in New York I’m sure they can come up with an extension to the current deal that will provide him with a ton of money. A public stand will be a shot across the bow Boras will take notice of.

  • dan

    We’ve been hearing non-stop about a-rod; pettitte has said that he will probably pick up his option; mariano has made some public statements… why haven’t we heard anything about posada?

    Everyone, look over to the left side of your screen under “current yankees.” Posada has ONE post about him, and it wasn’t even baseball related. Darrel freakin’ Rasner even has two posts. I don’t mean this to be critical of Mike, Joe, and Ben, because if one can’t simply create news if there isn’t any (except arod, of course). Has anyone heard anything about Posada’s situation?

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      In our defense, I had every intention of writing a post praising Jorge’s amazing season. I just never got around to it because work got kinda crazy.

      Jorge’s such a pro and so low key that it’s hard to drum anything up about him. Just because we didn’t write much about him doesn’t mean we don’t love him.

  • Alex

    I love this team but they are officially getting on my nerves with this drawn out, dramatic crap. Enough is enough. Stop treating everyone like a damn moron, Yanks.

    • steve (different one)

      this sounds like more your problem than the failings of the FO.

      i don’t understand this notion that we as fans are “owed” this information in any sort of timely fashion.

      the Yankees have the most challenging off-season of the past decade. it’s understandable that they want to get their ducks in a row before they possibly commit $200-300M in salaries and commit to a manager.

  • Stephen

    I like the way Cash has handled the A-Rod negotiations. Makes sense that he wouldn’t want to lose the money from Tex. Also it puts the Yanks in the catbird seat in the negotiations to an extent (I just wanted an excuse to say “catbird seat.”) because A-Rod’s chances of landing 30+ m. on the open market is decreased significantly if the Yanks are not in the running.

  • Bart

    When deliberations are complete on St Joe’s future

    White smoke will come from BigStein’s chimmy if Torre stays; Black smoke if he is gone