Pols decry playoff parking pricing

Bradley Suttle can't buy a hit
Yanks face end of an era, but which one?

A City Council member from Queens has asked the Department of Consumer Affairs to investigate the parking lots around Yankee Stadium that were charging $50 for playoff parking. My response: It’s a supply-and-demand issue. If people are going to drive and are willing to pay that much to park, then the garages will charge that much. If you don’t like it, take the subway.

Bradley Suttle can't buy a hit
Yanks face end of an era, but which one?
  • Jon

    Totally agree. Too good for public transportation so you wanna drive and sit in traffic for 3 hours? Pay the price. Hopefully soon gas will be $6 a gallon like in some other countries as well.

    • Count Zero

      I understand your point of view, but it’s a bit naive. I live in a small town in CT — there is no such thing as “public transportation.” I sometimes take the train to the game, but it means I have to:

      Drive 0.5 hours to the nearest Metro North station.
      Sit on the train for 1.8 hours to get to GCT
      Take the subway to the Stadium

      So all in all, that means 5 hours worth of commuting. It’s about 1.25 hours each way in light traffic; 2 hours each way in heavy traffic. I’ll be very happy once they open the new station right by the stadium, but until then, driving is actually about equal in terms of time and much, much cheaper for a family of four whose Metro North tickets alone come to $100.

      I don’t really mind the parking pricing but…$6 for a gallon of gas would cripple most of this country. And if you’re coming from an environmental perspective, I guarantee you that my well water, wood stove and 3+ acres of trees make my car far more carbon neutral than your NYC lifestyle. ;-)

  • JP

    I think you’re right on – people have a choice if they want to pay it or not. I can understand when they go after businesses that raise the price of water during a natural disaster, but come on, this is just supply and demand like you said.

  • mg

    I will say this. They should refund that in the event of a rain out. That’s the one place where those fans who drive in get unfairly screwed. I also understand driving from some places where public transport to the games adds an hour or two to the commute.

  • CT Mike

    I was at the game Sunday night – I come from CT so it is infanitely easier for me to drive – in the lot south of the Stadium near the bridge, I paid $28.

  • http://attyahoo pete

    My son and I make 12 games a year. We arive in the bronx an hr. before the gates open. We allways find a spot on Jerome ave to park. Its free. If you have the time get there early an enjoy the vibe. Its great and the time flies.